What is the Best Way to Lower Blood Pressure Fast and Naturally?

What is the Best Way to Lower Blood Pressure Fast and Naturally? Finding the best exercise to lower blood pressure fast and naturally might be a moving target. Especially when there are so many exercise plans hitting the consumer stream these days. According to a new study published by the American Heart Association, one type of exercise has been proven to be the most effective at lowering blood pressure, and it’s one of the easiest too.


Lower Blood Pressure Fast and Naturally – 6 Serious Impacts of High Blood Pressure (#4 will surprise you)


High blood pressure has been identified by the World Health Organization as the deadliest but most preventable epidemic in all of history.


The results of untreated, long-term high blood pressure can be catastrophic, even if the elevation wasn’t very high or what would normally be considered to be a medical emergency.


Some effects are obvious (such as a stroke and heart attack), while others may have bothered you for years without you realizing it was high blood pressure that caused them.


Here are the six examples:


#1- Stroke/aneurism – high blood pressure weakens the arteries. Two things happen after that- either the vessel ruptures; causing blood to leak out into the brain as with a stroke, or the vessel herniates, bulging dangerously against brain tissue or even rupturing at a later point.


#2- Heart failure The constant assault that hypertension does to the blood vessels damages the tissue they are supposed to feed. In the heart, these damaged or enlarged tissues would be catastrophic.


#3- Dementia – Following the logic that everywhere your arteries lead to can be damaged if those arteries become weak and/or hardened, and thus limiting blood flow, it is easy to see how areas of the brain which cannot ever be repaired once damaged, can fall victim to cell death. A growing body of evidence has been showing that dementia– spectrum diseases are increasingly being linked to high blood pressure.


#4- Vision impairment – Even the tiniest of blood vessels, such as those that supply oxygen and nutrients to your eyes, will become damaged with the onset of high blood pressure. Every millimeter of the eye has a function in vision, and every millimeter depends upon a healthy blood flow. Studies are practically emerging every few months showing that many kinds of vision impairment can be found to be a result of hypertension.


#5- Erectile dysfunction Know what happens to the ‘man parts’ if the blood doesn’t flow effectively? They don’t work. Sure, there are drugs out there to help correct it temporarily, but they come with a litany of side effects – especially if you are already being treated for high blood pressure with other pharmaceuticals.


Instead of using pills, check out this natural way to eliminate Erectile Dysfunction, with no drugs- permanently…


#6- Bone loss – Many people wouldn’t consider this to be a life-threatening condition. But with bone loss comes the very dangerous problem of getting a fracture. People expect seniors to be at risk of falls or fractures because they are more fragile.


But many folks in their 50s and 60s who are hypertensive also are at a dangerous risk of having a fracture due to bone loss. And that’s dangerous, since this age group is still largely in the workforce.


This is especially risky for women going through their menopause. If you’re approaching or going through menopause, check this step-by-step guide out to make sure you come out healthy and strong…


The time to get your blood pressure under control is now – it doesn’t have to be hard or dangerous, as often the case with pills.


The easiest, most effective way to lower blood pressure fast and naturally is the use of simple blood pressure exercises. These exercises have been scientifically proven to drop blood pressure down to a normal level in as little as a day…


Lower Blood Pressure Fast and Naturally – The Best Exercises for High Blood Pressure (and the easiest too)


Finding the best exercise for lowering blood pressure might be a moving target. Especially when there are so many exercise plans hitting the consumer stream these days.


According to a new study published by the American Heart Association, one type of exercise has been proven to be the most effective at lowering blood pressure, and it’s one of the easiest too.


A meta-analysis of more than 90 trials was published by the American Heart Association, with researchers vetting the most effective exercises available.


Their findings were in part predictable- such as the fact that ANY exercise is better than no exercise in lowering blood pressure, both for people with hypertension and even for those without.


But other findings were not as predictable. The three types of exercises that were compared were shown to have interesting results.


Researchers looked at the effects of isometric exertion, dynamic aerobic, and dynamic resistance training on blood pressure levels.


– Isometric exertion exercises involved exerting a force on a non-moving object. An example would be the gripping exercises typically done in therapies after a stroke.


– Aerobic exercises are those that get the heart rate elevated, such as running, biking or swimming.


– Resistance exercises are slower but more weight intense, such as weightlifting or pull-ups.


Researchers found with the latter two, as the intensity increased, the effectiveness of lowering blood pressure is also increased.


However, the isometric exertion exercises were actually the most effective in a holistic lowering of blood pressure across all ages and race groups, and for both genders.


It might seem counterintuitive that sitting in a chair squeezing something would be more effective at lowering blood pressure than pumping iron or swimming every day, but in reality, the study has reinforced what natural health professionals have been saying for years- relaxation and elimination of stress are the key to lowering your blood pressure.


The blood pressure exercises I discovered years ago has helped thousands of people to bring their blood pressure down to a healthy level, and these are based somewhat on the same philosophy as the isometric exertion exercises in the study.


That being said if you want to lower blood pressure fast and naturally, our blood pressure exercises are even more powerful because many people manage to bring their blood pressure down to 120/80 on, he very first day. Learn more and test drive the online blood pressure exercises found right here…


Lower Blood Pressure Fast and Naturally – High Blood Pressure Misdiagnosed By The Wrong Measurement


A controversial new study looking at Mayo Clinic patients has been recently published, and it looked at what challenges most people – including doctors – in understanding when and how to have one’s blood pressure measured.


This could mean that millions of people have been unnecessarily put on dangerous blood pressure medications, when in fact their blood pressure was completely healthy.


Researchers at the Mayo Clinic looked at the medical histories of over 400 patients and found that having one’s blood pressure taken every time a patient sees the doctor could cause more damage than checking it once annually.


The reasons they cited included potential errors in over-diagnosis due to false positives, and that the staff was not following proper testing procedures and this thereby had the effects of “white coat syndrome.”


White coat syndrome happens when the blood pressure is temporarily elevated due to anxiety over simply having a doctor visit.


The researchers concluded that taking a patient’s blood pressure once per year (and then doing it properly) at the annual exam would eliminate the vast majority of false positives.


By extension, this would eliminate unnecessary follow-up tests or drug regiments.


Critics looking at the study results stated that the 7% error in finding actual hypertensive patients by screening only once annually was too big of an error margin and more frequent testing should be viewed as the safer route.


The battle underscores the need for frequent and properly conducted at-home screening. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that home meters, when used at the recommended 3-times-per-day interval and in the proper way, are a much more accurate gauge in understanding how a patient is faring than measuring blood pressure in the stressful environment that is the doctor’s office.


The proper way includes making sure the person being tested is seated, has been at rest for at least 5 minutes prior to the test, and that the testing arm is supported. Both sides of the controversial study agree that this is not being done in the doctor’s office, which accounts for many of the errors.


Repeated studies have also revealed that natural methods are always the best to lower blood pressure.


Now the bigger question is: What to do if your blood pressure is actually too high?


For more ideas to lower blood pressure fast and naturally, watch this video – How to Lower Your Blood Pressure in Minutes 

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