What is the Best Way to Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure?

What is the Best Way to Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure? How to Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Every Day for Just 3 Minutes? Turns out you might not have to run marathons or hit the gym 5 days a week to maintain healthy blood pressure. In fact, a new study from Melbourne, Australia has revealed the easiest exercise to lower your blood pressure without breaking a sweat.


How to Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Everyday for Just 3 Minutes?


Drop Blood Pressure 12 Points in 3 Minutes (easily)


Turns out you might not have to run marathons or hit the gym 5 days a week to maintain healthy blood pressure.


In fact, a new study from Melbourne, Australia has revealed the easiest exercise to lower your blood pressure without breaking a sweat.


Recent research shows that even sedentary couch potatoes who prefer sitting to sweating, can successfully bring their blood pressure into a safe range within 2-3 minutes.


In the study, overweight participants with type-2 diabetes were asked to sit for 8 hours and interject their sitting with a slow 3-minute treadmill walk or perform a few half-squats, calf raises, or toning exercises every 30 minutes.


Results showed a 10-point drop in the systolic blood pressure when they performed the walking intervals. Surprisingly, the toning exercises produced an even greater drop of 12-points.


Also, if you are in the category of being middle-aged, out of shape and just starting out on a program to lower your blood pressure, you will be pleased to know that light exercise at 40% of aerobic maximum has been found to be more effective than moderate exercise at 60% of aerobic maximum. In addition, light exercise is also kinder and gentler on creaky joints.


How It Works


Mild exercise, just like vigorous exercise, opens up the peripheral blood vessels, decreasing the effort your heart needs to expand to push blood out to your body. The effect lasts for a little while after your exercise session.


Over a long period of time, exercise lowers blood pressure by modifying the mechanisms that your kidneys use to control your fluid balance.


Regular exercise also calms your nervous system and relaxes the muscles that constrict the blood vessels. Furthermore, it stimulates your body to produce greater quantities of blood vessel-dilating nitric oxide.


Researchers recommend that incorporating gentle exercises into a long period of partaking in sedentary activity, such as working at a desk, attending classes or studying, can help reduce the health risks associated with being sedentary.


Next, we have easy exercises specifically focused on blood pressure.


These exercises are even easier than the ones used in the study. But as they’re specifically designed to lower blood pressure, they work even better.


In fact, almost everyone doing these blood pressure exercises manages to bring their blood pressure below 120/80 within a week – sometimes within the very first day.


To learn more about these easy blood pressure exercises and to try them out for yourself, click here now…


The 3 Vitamins that Can Help You to Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure


Three Vitamins Prevent High Blood Pressure Deaths


The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared high blood pressure as the number one underlying cause of death in the world, and traditional medical systems consider dangerous medications as the only solution.


But new studies from the top universities in the world have proven that three specific vitamins are even more effective at preventing blood pressure-related deaths than prescription medications.


Science has discovered another good reason for you to eat your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants – those free-radical-annihilating, cancer-fighting, anti-aging do-gooders found mostly in plant foods, can also lower your blood pressure.


Three vitamins in particular: vitamins A, C and E, can fend off high blood pressure by keeping your arteries healthy, supple, and free of plaque buildup.


Studies have shown that people who eat diets rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants tend to have lower blood pressure than their counterparts with antioxidant-poor diets. These antioxidant vitamins work in a number of individual and overlapping ways:


  • Vitamins A, C and E prevent LDL cholesterol– the bad form of cholesterol – from becoming damaged and sticking to the walls of arteries. Thus, they prevent plaques that increase blood pressure due to 1) narrowing of artery walls; and 2) the hardening of the arteries.


  • Supplementation with vitamin C has been known to help reduce the blood pressure-raising effects of peripheral artery disease (PAD). In this condition, free radicals in the bloodstream damage the delicate cells that line the arteries, causing them to lose the ability to expand and contract accordingly. When people with PAD exercise, their blood pressure increases to a higher level than ideal due to the stiffness of the blood vessels.


  • Another blood pressure-lowering effect of vitamin C is that it acts as a diuretic, encouraging your body to release excess fluids. Vitamin C is also an important component of collagen, which helps to form the walls of your arteries and veins.


  • Vitamins C and E prevent oxidative damage to nitric oxide, a signalling molecule that lowers blood pressure by telling blood vessels to expand. Vitamins C and E also stimulate your body to produce more nitric oxide.


  • Vitamin E has been found to help post-menopausal women to avoid having high blood pressure by keeping the artery walls supple.


  • Low levels of vitamin E are often found in people with metabolic syndrome, a combination of symptoms, including high blood pressure, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.


  • Vitamin A prevents white blood cells from absorbing cholesterol and forming foam cells, dangerously enlarged cells that burrow into the artery wall, impede blood flow and cause plaque formation.

On a cautionary note, if you supplement your diet with these vitamins, be aware that since they are fat-soluble, they accumulate in the body and excessively high levels of it can raise blood pressure.


For more ideas to maintain healthy blood pressure, watch these 2 videos:


How to completely cure blood pressure without taking any medicine


7 foods to help you control your blood pressure


Getting to the Source


Oranges are synonymous with vitamin C to most people, but did you know that a lot of common foods such as red bell peppers, broccoli, kale, strawberries and papaya provide more vitamin C per serving than a medium orange?


For vitamin E, almonds and sunflower seeds top the charts. Green vegetables, such as spinach, Swiss chard, turnip and beet greens are also great sources of this heart-healthy vitamin.


The orange colour of veggies like carrots and sweet potatoes is a sure giveaway that they contain large amounts of orange-pigmented vitamin A. However, you can also get almost 100% of your daily allotment of vitamin A in a generous helping of kale or mustard greens. You just can’t see the vitamin A in these vegetables because of the stronger green pigment of chlorophyll.


But if you’re serious about lowering your blood pressure naturally, you should be doing these 3 blood pressure exercises that are found here…


Why this Juice Can Help You to Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure?


This Juice Drops Blood Pressure and Protects Arteries


Researchers have just discovered that 2 cups of a particular tasty juice daily will keep your arteries flexible, your blood pressure down, and improve your blood flow.


And that’s just a few of the many benefits derived from this powerful juice.


You can get this juice in most supermarkets or buy the fruit and juice it yourself.


A study presented at the Cranberry Health Research Conference in Wisconsin brought good news to both cardiovascular disease sufferers and cranberry juice lovers.


The team made their subjects drinks 450 mL of cranberry juice, which was made by mixing cranberry concentrate with water. The participants received different concentrations of the juice, which ranged from pure water to pure cranberry concentrate.


All the subjects that drank the cranberry juice at a concentration of 25% and higher showed improvement in blood flow and arterial stiffness, and those who drank the highest concentration of cranberry juice also displayed a significant decrease in systolic blood pressure.


This is good news, as many commercial cranberry juices are composed of 25 to 27% of cranberries. However, if you also want the blood pressure decrease, you will have to buy cranberries and juice them yourself.


The authors attributed the power of cranberries to their high antioxidant polyphenols.


But what’s even more powerful than juicing are these 3 easy exercises found here which can drop high blood pressure below 120/80 – starting today…


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