What is the Best Way to Completely Reverse Type-2 Diabetes?

What is the best way to completely reverse type-2 diabetes? Does a Simple Diet Change Completely Reverse Type-2 Diabetes? In a new study published in the Journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, researchers have found remarkable benefits that affect type-2 diabetes, all stemming from one simple diet change. 90% of study participants drastically improved their type 2 diabetes, while many eliminated the need for medications. Read on to find out more.


Does a Simple Diet Change Completely Reverse Type-2 Diabetes?


In a new study published in the Journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, researchers have found remarkable benefits that affect type-2 diabetes, all stemming from one simple diet change.


90% of study participants drastically improved their type 2 diabetes, while many eliminated the need for medications.


The researchers identified 11 sufficiently rigorous scientific studies that were published between 1992 and 2017.


All the studies used subjects that had type-2 diabetes, or those who were well on their way to developing it.


Nine out of 11 studies found that those on the plant-based (vegan) diet managed to significantly decrease or completely drop their diabetes medications.


This was found to be a lot better than the other diets studied.


Other benefits of being plant eaters were:


  1. Psychological health benefits
    2. Physical well-being
    3. Lowered levels of depression
    4. Lowered levels of perceived nerve pain
    5. Objectively measured nerve damage
    6. Increased self-esteem
    7. Perceived control over nutrition
    8. Perceived control over life in general
    9. Increased rate of weight loss
    10. Decrease in fasting blood glucose.
    11. Decrease in total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, and blood fats.


In general, the subjects who adhered to their new diets best reaped the most benefits.


The diets with which they compared the plant-based diet ranged from low-carbohydrate diets to alkaline diets, to diets recommended by various official diabetes associations.


A plant-based diet consists primarily of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole grains, and generally avoids heavily processed foods, like refined grains. Some of the studies allowed their participants to enjoy an item that would be the equivalent of one plain yogurt per day.


Now if going vegan is not your cup of tea, then learn how thousands of readers have completely reversed their type-2 diabetes using these three simple steps


Completely Reverse Type-2 Diabetes – New Deadly Diabetes Complications Discovered


As if all the scary type 2 diabetes complications you’ve heard about weren’t enough (lost limbs, eyesight etc.), a new study from University of London reveals what may be the scariest one yet.


Their study appeared in the journal called Diabetes Care.


Fortunately, if you act now, you may be able to avoid this deadly consequence and even completely reverse your type 2 diabetes.


Scientists used English primary care data to estimate average blood sugar level for 85,312 type 2 diabetes patients from the years of 2008 and 2009.


Armed with all this information, they checked whether type-2 diabetics were more likely to suffer from infections than non-diabetics were, and whether people with poorly controlled diabetes were more likely to develop infections as compared to people with well-controlled diabetes.


They found the following:


  1. Compared to people without diabetes, diabetics with well-controlled diabetes were 41% more likely to be hospitalized with an infection.
  2. Compared to people without diabetes, diabetics with poorly controlled diabetes were 470% more likely to require hospitalization for an infection.
  3. Diabetics with poorly controlled diabetes were 270% more likely to be hospitalized with an infection than diabetics with well-controlled diabetes.


If you think this is bad enough, think again, because it gets worse.

Of those with poorly controlled diabetes, 46% of the infections were serious ones, such as bone and joint infections. These tend to be long-term and cause pain, swelling, stiffness, deformities, and permanent bone and joint damage, which could lead to disabilities.


A further 26% of infections involved endocarditis, an infection of the inner lining of your heart chambers and heart valves. This could destroy your heart valves.


24% of the infections were tuberculosis, and a further 21% were sepsis, a condition in which the infection is so bad that your immune system’s response to it is so extreme that it destroys your own body tissue.


Lastly, 16% of the poorly controlled diabetic patients actually died due to their infections.


All these infections were bacterial infections, which suggested that diabetes and incredibly high blood sugar destroy your body’s normal defence mechanisms against these infections.


In fact, diabetes coincides with impaired blood flow, especially to your extremities like your arms and legs. This would mean that the white blood cells of your immune system are unable to reach these locations to combat bacteria.


Furthermore, because diabetes damages your nerves, infection tends to worsen in diabetics because they do not respond as quickly to pain sensations as non-diabetics.


While this is scary news, the truth needs to be told as too many people suffering diabetes are not motivated enough to take any drastic action to manage it.


Fortunately, there is a simple, easy way to completely reverse type-2 diabetes – usually within 28 days. All you need to do is follow the 3 simple steps found here


To completely reverse type-2 diabetes, watch these 2 videos below:


Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines | Sarah Hallberg | TEDxPurdueU

Tackling diabetes with a bold new dietary approach: Neal Barnard at TEDxFremont

Completely Reverse Type-2 Diabetes -High Blood Pressure or Diabetes? Skip This Good Deed!


Doing good deeds is important.


It is especially important in cases when you need to inconvenience yourself in order to help others.


But in cases where you may actually lose your own life in the process of helping someone else, most people are willing to accept that there is no moral requirement for you to help.


For this reason alone, there is one good deed that you should not consider attempting, especially if you have type-2 diabetes or high blood pressure.


Medical specialists at a recent kidney conference in San Diego, California advised people with high blood pressure and type-2 diabetes to refrain from donating their kidneys to those in need. This statement followed a study by Dr. Hassan Ibrahim, one of the conference participants, on the health outcomes of those who have already donated.


According to his yet-to-be published study, people who have diabetes or high blood pressure are two to four times as likely as their peers to develop reduced kidney functions. If this reduced kidney function develops into kidney failure or end-stage renal disease, they will find themselves needing new kidneys.


This study is important, not only to save people from generous acts that may hurt them, but for two other reasons, too.


Firstly, as an increasingly large number of people develop high blood pressure or diabetes, the numbers of people who can donate kidneys are dropping.


Second, as seen from the other point of view, since diabetes and high blood pressure can cause kidney failure, a larger number of people with these conditions have led to an increase in the number of people who need new kidneys.


In other words, the waiting list is ballooning while donors are dwindling.


There is already an existing gap between the number of people who need kidneys and the number of people can donate them. For example, according to the US Renal Data System, 111,000 patients went on to dialysis and end-stage renal disease treatment in 2007, while only 17,513 kidney transplants were performed.


Luckily, the gap between those who ideally need transplants and those who receive them is not that large annually. However, the number of people with kidney failure and dialysis treatment is becoming a huge worldwide health problem.


The number of Americans treated for kidney failure has increased dramatically from 209,000 in 1991 to 472,000 in 2004 to 527,283 in 2007, reflecting an increase in its contributing factors; namely, hypertension and diabetes.


The discovery that diabetes and high blood pressure cause kidney disease is not new. The US Renal Data System lists both as the two main contributing factors. The new study contributes to the debate by showing just how poorly the health outcome is for people with diabetes and hypertension who donate kidneys are.


If you have hypertension or diabetes, this means that you are not able to donate a kidney to a close relative who suffers from kidney failure. In fact, many hospitals will not permit you to donate a kidney if you have one of these conditions, even if you do sign a consent form that states that you understand the risks. Furthermore, your country’s medical systems simply cannot afford to have you on dialysis, too. This can leave someone you love on dialysis and in poor health for years.


Equally worrying is the day when your type-2 diabetes or high blood pressure reduces your own kidney function to the point where you need to go on dialysis and need a transplant. Then there will be little help for you as well.


This, once again, shows the importance of curing your diseases naturally.


Here is the 3-step strategy that thousands of readers have successfully used to completely reverse their type 2 diabetes


And to lower your blood pressure, you can use these 3 easy exercises that are guaranteed to bring your blood pressure below 120/80 – starting today


This post is from the 3 Steps Diabetes Strategy Program. It was created by Jodi Knapp from Blue Heron health news that has been recognized as one of the top quality national health information websites. 


In this program, Jodi Knapp shares practical tips and advice on how you can prevent and cure diabetes naturally. She also dispels myths commonly associated with diabetes, like for example, diabetes being a lifelong condition. There are also lots of information going around that is simply not true and she’s here to correct it.


Diabetes is a disease, and it can be cured. This is just one of the important tips Jodi reveals in her program. Also she included several ways in preventing the onset of disease, choosing the right food to eat, recommended vitamin supplements, the right time of the day to take the blood sugar and many more.


But the most amazing thing would have to be her program which only takes 3 simple steps to completely reverse Type-2 diabetes. What it does is cure diabetes without having to rely on expensive drugs, diets that make sufferers crave for even more food they are not supposed to eat, and exercise programs that make people feel tired and depressed.


To find out more about this program, click on Completely Reverse Type-2 Diabetes Naturally

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