Cure Type 2 Diabetes Naturally – Can Diabetes Type 2 Be Reversed?

Cure Type 2 Diabetes Naturally – Can Diabetes Type 2 Be Reversed? Is it possible that one single supplement can cure type 2 diabetes naturally? A supplement that’s available in all health food stores! Yes, says a new study published in the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy.


Cure Type 2 Diabetes Naturally – This Supplement Cured Diabetes (study)


Is it possible that one single supplement can cure type 2 diabetes naturally?


A supplement that’s available in all health food stores!


Yes, says a new study published in the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy.


Traditional medicine often makes use of ginkgo biloba supplements, but their use in modern medicine is often laughed off as an ineffective fad.


A new study has just concluded that they might be effective in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, published in the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy.


In this study, the scientists first produced type 2 diabetes in a group of 40 rats, by feeding them a high-fat diet for eight weeks before injecting them with a low dose of streptozotocin, a substance that destroys insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas.


They then divided the rats into four groups:


– a control group without diabetes,
– a diabetic group treated with nothing,
– a diabetic group treated with a ginkgo biloba leaf extract, and
– a diabetic group treated with magnetic water.


Needless to say, the diabetic group treated with nothing remained sick.


But even though the researchers expected the groups treated with ginkgo biloba and magnetic water to improve, they were stunned when they noticed the size of the effect.


The pancreatic beta cells in these two groups started increasing in mass and in their ability to produce insulin. The ginkgo-biloba-treated rats, especially, displayed such an improvement in pancreatic beta-cell function that their pancreatic beta cells almost resembled the cells of the rats without diabetes

…meaning: you could say these rats were cured!


Both the treatments also reduced oxidative stress and oxidative damage caused by diabetes to pancreatic cells.


But results for rats and results for humans always differ a little. And although human studies have proved ginkgo biloba effective, it’s only a part of the type 2 diabetes cure puzzle.


To completely rid yourself of type 2 diabetes, you must follow these three simple steps to cure type 2 diabetes naturally, for four weeks…


Cure Type 2 Diabetes Naturally – Radical Type 2 Diabetes Cure That Works


Newcastle and Glasgow Universities recently did a revolutionary experiment on CURING (not just treating) their type 2 diabetes patients without medications.


They used drastic measures – for this drastic situation – but the results were that almost 50% of their subjects were completely cured in three to five months.


Not just that, specific part of the study group had amazing 86% success rate.


They recruited 298 adults who had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

They were all between ages 20 and 65 and their body mass index scores ranged from 27 to 45, meaning that they were all overweight or obese.


At the beginning, all the patients were taken off insulin and other anti-diabetic and blood pressure medications.


Half of the medical practices placed their patients on a radical 850 calorie per day diet for three to five months. And then weaned back onto normal food over a two to eight weeks period and encouraged to keep good diet and exercise program.


The other received general best diet practice advice for treating their type 2 diabetes.


Their diabetes parameters were tested at the beginning of the study and up to 12 months after that.


36 of the radical dieters lost 15 Kg (66 pounds) or more, a feat achieved by no one in the comparison group. This should not be surprising, as 850 daily calories are approximately half of a general daily recommended intake.


On average, the dieters lost 10 Kg (22 pounds) and the non-dieters lost only one (2.2 pounds).


Amazing 46% of the dieters achieved complete remission from their diabetes, while only 4% of the non-dieters did.


The effectiveness on their diabetes depended on the amount of weight lost.


Remission was achieved by:


  1. 7% of those who lost from 0-5 kgs,
  2. 34% of those who lost from 5-10 kgs,
  3. 57% of those who lost from 10-15 kgs, and
  4. 86% of those who lost 15kgs and more.


In other words, your aim is to lose 15 kgs and to keep it off.


This approach is different from the standard insulin treatment it addresses the root cause, instead of just managing blood glucose through drug use.


The drastic weight loss with so little calorie intake literally shocks your body back to normal glucose control so that no drugs are needed.


This study shows that almost everyone can CURE their type 2 diabetes without medications.


But if going on a 850 calorie diet for 3-5 months doesn’t seem too fun for you, I’ve a great news for you.


Here are the exact 3 steps thousands of readers have used to completely reverse their type 2 diabetes – usually within a month – without drastic diet change…


Cure Type 2 Diabetes Naturally – This Popular Tea Treats Diabetes (not green tea)


Have you sometimes read health studies on green tea and thought that the stuff was just too disgusting to drink, no matter how healthy?


Then you’ll be happy to learn that researchers from Mahidol University in Bangkok have recently published a study in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition that shows that another – much more popular tea – is just as good or even better for treating Type 2 Diabetes.


In fact, it prevents spike in blood sugar even after consuming pure sugar.

Researchers recruited 24 subjects 20-60 years old. Some of them prediabetic and the others with normal glucose control.


They gave them a sugar drink followed by either black tea, or caramel colored water with no health properties.


Those who drank the black tea had much lower glucose levels than those who drank the caramel colored water.


This relationship held for both the prediabetics and the normal subjects, but the effect was larger in the prediabetic group.


In other words, black tea can keep your glucose levels down, even after consuming sugar that will usually spike your blood sugar.


The compound in black tea responsible for this effect is probably the black tea polymerized polyphenol (BTPP), and from previous studies, the authors suggested that it has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and blood pressure-lowering effects, and that it apparently blocks our bodies from absorbing carbohydrates.


In fact, other studies have shown that countries (and areas) where black tea consumption is high have lower type 2 diabetes rate.


For more ideas to cure type 2 diabetes naturally, watch this video – 25 Best Foods for Diabetes Control | Good Foods for Diabetic Patients | 25 Diabetic Diet Food List


But drinking black tea alone is probably not going to be enough to cure type 2 diabetes naturally if you already have it. For that, you need to follow the 3-steps found here…


This post is from the 3 Steps Diabetes Strategy Program. It was created by Jodi Knapp from Blue Heron health news that has been recognized as one of the top quality national health information websites. 


In this program, Jodi Knapp shares practical tips and advice on how you can prevent and cure diabetes naturally. She also dispels myths commonly associated with diabetes, like for example, diabetes being a lifelong condition. There are also lots of information going around that is simply not true and she’s here to correct it.


Diabetes is a disease, and it can be cured. This is just one of the important tips Jodi reveals in her program. Also she included several ways in preventing the onset of disease, choosing the right food to eat, recommended vitamin supplements, the right time of the day to take the blood sugar and many more.


But the most amazing thing would have to be her program which only takes 3 simple steps to help you to control & treat type 2 diabetes. What it does is cure diabetes without having to rely on expensive drugs, diets that make sufferers crave for even more food they are not supposed to eat, and exercise programs that make people feel tired and depressed.


To find out more about this program, click on How to Completely Cure Type 2 Diabetes Naturally on Your Own


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