What is the Best Way to Maintain Normal Blood Glucose Levels?

What is the Best Way to Maintain Normal Blood Glucose Levels? By now you’re probably sick of being told to eat green vegetables and drink green juices to maintain normal blood glucose levels. Luckily, there is a genuinely pleasant, sweet, drink that both lowers cholesterol and manages blood sugar level for people with type-2 diabetes.


Maintain Normal Blood Glucose Levels – A Delicious Drink Heals Diabetes (Surprising News)


By now you’re probably sick of being told to eat green vegetables and drink green juices to manage your diabetes.


Luckily, there is a genuinely pleasant, sweet, drink that both lowers cholesterol and manages blood sugar level for people with type-2 diabetes.


A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine recruited volunteers who had previously almost completely abstained from alcohol, and who had their type-2 diabetes under control.


They were split into three groups.


– One group was told to drink a glass of water with supper.

– The second group was asked to drink a glass of white wine.

– The third group had to drink a glass of red wine.


After six months and again after two years, this group had their blood tested for cholesterol and blood sugar and were asked to complete a questionnaire about their diet, lifestyle, and other factors.


The result:


– The water drinkers reaped no benefit.

– The white wine drinkers, in particular only those who metabolized alcohol quickly, enjoyed a slight improvement in their blood sugar control.

– The red wine drinkers experienced a moderate increase in good cholesterol and in blood sugar control.


Now, the conditions or stipulations:


First: While they did not specify or limit the number of calories their subjects could consume per day, all of them were eating a Mediterranean diet with all its fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and unrefined vegetable oils. In other words, since all the subjects were on a healthy diet, the study cannot be generalized to people on the standard North American or any other unhealthy diet.


Second: Only one five-ounce glass of red wine per day is allowed.


Third: Those whose genetic tests showed that they metabolized alcohol quickly benefited substantially more than those who metabolized alcohol slowly. Only a genetic test can tell you this.


The researchers explained that both ethanol (alcohol) and the polyphenols in red grapes contributed to glucose control and that this was why both wines helped, but why red wine had a greater effect in helping to maintain normal blood glucose levels.


We know red wine is not a cure for type-2 diabetes. For that, you must follow a solid strategy to maintain normal blood glucose levels. Here is the precise 3-step strategy that has reversed type-2 diabetes for thousands of readers


Maintain Normal Blood Glucose Levels – Type 2 Diabetes Reversed With These Two Exercises


When we discuss type 2 diabetes, we’re often very focused on diet changes. After all, certain bad ingredients in our diets is generally the cause of type 2 diabetes.


However, exercise is important and can make a huge impact in your journey to curing type 2 diabetes.


A new study published in the journal Diabetologia revealed that a combination of two types of exercises was the very best way to reverse type 2 diabetes.


The researchers from University of Vienna, Austria, pooled data from 14 other studies, including the data of 915 people who suffered from type 2 diabetes, and compared the different types of exercises used.


They found that both aerobic exercises (swimming, running, jumping, etc.) and weight resistance exercises (lifting weights, gym machines) were individually very good for type 2 diabetes.


But the best results came from combining these two types of exercises. If you work out four times a week, then you should go running or swimming twice and hit the gym twice.


This combination was most effective in lowering blood sugar levels, overall inflammation, producing healthy cholesterol levels, and could lead to a general improvement in body weight.


What I take from this study is also that it is often the case that a combination of self-improvement strategies is crucial in treatment. There is no magical pill, ingredient or type of exercise that cures everything.

Therefore, to reverse your type 2 diabetes completely, you must follow a sound game plan. Here is the 3-step strategy for helping you to maintain normal blood glucose levels that thousands of readers have used to reverse theirs completely


Maintain Normal Blood Glucose Levels – High Blood Pressure and Type 2 Diabetes Cause By Storing Food


Keeping food fresh in the refrigerator or making it portable when you are on the go is a necessary part of our life.


But this could also lead to type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.


The recent evidence of these container-caused cases of high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes has been published in two journals, Hypertension and Endocrinology.


The evidence points to a chemical in plastic containers called phthalates, which is a key component in the production of most plastics, including everything from zipper bags to shower curtains.


It is also used in many cosmetic products, like makeup, soaps, and lotions.


Studies, cited by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), have shown convincing but alarming evidence that the presence of phthalates in the blood spikes blood pressure. There is also new evidence now that shows they also reduce insulin sensitivity, causing insulin resistance.


And it’s not easy to avoid products that contain phthalates. Even plastic pipes that are part of plumbing contain these chemicals.


It is important to make sure that when you use the microwave, you only heat food in or on glass or microwave-safe porcelain. This helps by being a little more environmentally-friendly as well.


It is impossible to completely eliminate exposure to phthalates, as simply isn’t realistic. However, there are other ways to not only reduce blood pressure but also completely reverse type 2 diabetes. And these methods are not difficult, nor should they be.


For more ideas on how to maintain normal blood glucose levels, watch this video – Tips to Avoid Blood Sugar Spikes | #Prediabetes | Control blood sugar levels


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Type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Thousands of readers have used this simple strategy to completely reverse their diabetes in less than 28 days


This post is from the 3 Steps Diabetes Strategy Program. It was created by Jodi Knapp from Blue Heron health news that has been recognized as one of the top quality national health information websites. 


In this program, Jodi Knapp shares practical tips and advice on how you can prevent and cure diabetes naturally. She also dispels myths commonly associated with diabetes, like for example, diabetes being a lifelong condition. There are also lots of information going around that is simply not true and she’s here to correct it.


Diabetes is a disease, and it can be cured. This is just one of the important tips Jodi reveals in her program. Also she included several ways in preventing the onset of disease, choosing the right food to eat, recommended vitamin supplements, the right time of the day to take the blood sugar and many more.


But the most amazing thing would have to be her program which only takes 3 simple steps to help you to control & treat type 2 diabetes. What it does is cure diabetes without having to rely on expensive drugs, diets that make sufferers crave for even more food they are not supposed to eat, and exercise programs that make people feel tired and depressed.


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