What is the Best Way to Manage High Blood Pressure Naturally?

What is the Best Way to Manage High Blood Pressure Naturally? The Wrong Way to Manage High Blood Pressure Naturally -There is one thing that is included in almost every institution’s advice with regards to managing your high blood pressure. However, a recent study has demonstrated that many people do this incorrectly, causing devastating effects.


The Wrong Way to Manage High Blood Pressure Naturally


There is one thing that is included in almost every institution’s advice with regards to managing your high blood pressure.


However, a recent study has demonstrated that many people do this incorrectly, causing devastating effects.


Most physicians and health institutions recommend that you buy a blood pressure monitor to keep at home for measuring your blood pressure, especially if it tends to be on the high side.


After all, if you know when your blood pressure tends to increase, and you understand the activities that raise it, you are in a better position to manage it properly.


In addition, the doctor’s office reading does not always reflect your true blood pressure, as most people tend to be more anxious or more relaxed in the doctor’s office than during the rest of the day.


At the American Society for Nephrology’s annual meeting in Philadelphia that took place in November, academics presented some interesting research on home blood pressure monitors.


They recruited 210 volunteers and compared the results from their home monitors with those of a mercury sphygmomanometer in a doctor’s office taken within a few minutes.


The results?


Of the 210 systolic readings, 63 were more than five mm/Hg different, and 16 were more than 10 mm/Hg different. That is to say, 30% of the readings were more than five points wrong, and 8% were more than 10 points wrong.


Diastolic discrepancies were worse: 32% of diastolic readings were more than five points wrong, and 9% were more than 10 points wrong.


Getting the measure wrong by five points may not be a big problem, but a difference greater than 10-points is.


For example, while 125 systolic reading is on the high side of normal, a 140 reading indicates a problem that must immediately be treated.


So, what should you do to get an accurate reading at home?


If you have not bought a monitor yet, you can ask your doctor whether there are any that he or she recommends.


If you have already bought one, take it to your GP’s office the next time you visit to have your blood pressure measured. If it gives the same result as the doctor’s reading, you should continue using it. Compare it with the GP’s device at least once annually to ensure that it remains calibrated.


If it gives a different result compared to your doctor’s device, take it along again next time to check whether it is at least consistent. These devices are like scales. If it consistently measures five points too high or too low, just subtract or add those five points to make sense of the reading.


If it measures inconsistently, you can send it back to the manufacturer to be recalibrated.


The American Heart Association and Blood Pressure UK both recommend automatic/digital over manual devices, which most home users will appreciate.


They also both recommend that you use devices that fit around your upper arm, as those tend to give more accurate readings than those that read from your wrist or finger. Just make sure that the cuff size is appropriate for the size of your arm before you buy it. Kids and weightlifters may need special cuffs.


That being said, measuring your blood pressure right does you no good unless you also lower it naturally.


By far, the easiest and best way to lower your blood pressure would be in 3 easy exercises guaranteed to bring your blood pressure below 120/80 – starting today


For more ideas on how to manage high blood pressure naturally, watch this video – How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally – 10 Things to Know

Manage High Blood Pressure Naturally – Live Food Lowers Blood Pressure


Believe it or not, you eat organisms that are alive almost every day, and keep many of them in your food cupboards and in your fridge.


Several scientific inquiries have discovered that these do lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.


You should, therefore load up as much as you can with them.


Probiotics are bacteria that encourage the growth of more bacteria in your digestive tract.


Yes, your intestines are crammed with bacteria, and many of them are quite unhealthy. This is why you need to consume probiotics; good bacteria that crowd out bad bacteria that are already growing in your intestines.


Probiotics are already understood to have numerous health benefits.

In fact, the first study that demonstrated the blood pressure-lowing effects of probiotics was performed in 1974.


One of the first properly well-controlled blood pressure studies was published in 1995. it concluded that 95ml of sour milk daily, for a duration of eight weeks, could reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure by around 10 and 5 mmHg, respectively.


This is almost as much as most blood pressure medications, but without having to deal with any of the side effects.


Recently, Chinese researchers have reviewed 14 studies with a combined total of 702 participants, all of whom were all fed sour milk.


They discovered an average reduction of 3.1 mmHg when they combined all the studies.


One study on mice found that the consumption of probiotics for just a period of seven days could reduce cholesterol by 38% and triglycerides by 40%. Studies on humans also found the reductions to be around 10% lower, which is still a massive reduction.


So, if you want to garner the benefits from probiotics, you have several options.


You can consume a lot of dairy and fermented products. This is ideal for both omnivores and vegans. Omnivores can get a lot of their probiotics from yogurt and kefir, while vegans would need to focus on tempeh and miso.


Other great sources include sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, bread made with sourdough starters, and almost any form of pickled food.


If you don’t like fermented food, or if you follow an alkaline diet which forbids dairy and fermented food, you can buy probiotic supplements.


However, you must ensure that it contains probiotic strains, like lactobacillus, strep, thermophilus, E. faecium, L. acidophilus, and so forth. These few are the strains that scientists have found to be effective in relieving blood pressure.


Now if you need to lower your blood pressure by a substantial amount, there are 3 easy blood pressure exercises that are more effective than probiotics that can be found here


Or if high cholesterol is your focus, cut out this one ingredient to get it under control in weeks


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