What is the Best Way to Cure High Blood Pressure Permanently?

What is the Best Way to Cure High Blood Pressure Permanently? You Have to Tackle This Cause in order to Cure High Blood Pressure Permanently - This Experience Causes High Blood Pressure and Other Diseases - When fighting cardiovascular diseases, type-2 diabetes, cancer and other modern diseases, we tend to focus on factors such as diets, exercises and even pollution. There are, however, events that might first look completely unrelated to these diseases but could directly lead to the developments of them.


You Have to Tackle This Cause in order to Cure High Blood Pressure Permanently


This Experience Causes High Blood Pressure and Other Diseases


When fighting cardiovascular diseases, type-2 diabetes, cancer and other modern diseases, we tend to focus on factors such as diets, exercises and even pollution.


There are, however, events that might first look completely unrelated to these diseases but could directly lead to the developments of them.


And when you look at the trend, you realize that this is something you need to be aware of on a daily basis.


A new study in the Journal of Neuroscience Research has just concluded that traumatic experiences can have potentially deadly physical health effects.


The European authors who uncovered this were specifically interested in whether different types of traumatic events have different health consequences, and in particular, whether terrorist attacks affected our health differently when compared to other traumatic events.


They recruited 84 subjects with diagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), with 39 having experienced a terrorist attack and the other 45 having experienced some other type of event.


They gave them the Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview, the Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale, and the Davidson Trauma Scale to discover the details of their PTSD, and performed detailed physical examinations and blood tests to investigate their physical health.


None of the subjects were being treated for their PTSD at the time of the study.


These were the findings:


  1. Those with PTSD stemming from the terrorist attacks were more likely to have cancer than those with PTSD caused by other traumatic events. This included both benign and malignant cancers.
  2. The longer the PTSD continued, the more likely the participants were to develop cardiovascular disease, regardless of the causal event.
  3. People with PTSD had a higher risk of type-2 diabetes than the general non-PTSD population.
  4. Victims of terrorism who developed PTSD had more physical illnesses than those who had developed it as a result of a different type of event.
  5. Heart health risks were more acute in men than in women with PTSD, and the cancer risk was worse for women than for men.


With the help of previous studies, the authors speculated that terrorist attacks might have worsened the effects of cancer because the psychological effects were different compared to those experienced after something like an accident.


A terrorist attack is unexpected, like an accident, but also involves a deliberate infliction of harm on innocent people. From prior studies, it has been shown that this characteristic caused more serious PTSD than unintentional events, which might explain why cancer becomes a risk.


Very little is known about the mechanisms underlying the link between PTSD and cardiovascular disease or cancer, but stress almost certainly plays a role, especially since it is acute and long-term in the case of PTSD.


However, this proves once again that stress is the number one enemy of your health, especially when it comes to high blood pressure.


And it doesn’t have to be traumatic events that cause stress. There are four types of stress:


1) Physical Stress – caused by diseases, heavy workout and other physical strain.
2) Mental Stress – caused by events such as difficult tasks at work.
3) Emotional Stress – caused by events such as divorce, the death of a loved one, or a terrorist attack.
4) Sensual Stress – caused by events such as loud traffic noises, TV noises, or being surrounded by a large number of people.


… and these stress factors accumulate. In fact, for a long time after the original stress factors are gone, your stress hormone levels will remain high – making you sick.


Since there is no way to avoid all forms of stress, the only way to counteract it is to give your mind and body what I call a “Focused Break”.


Focused Breaks reboot your system and drop your stress hormone level on the spot.


You can learn more about focused breaks and how I use it to drop high blood pressure and tackle other diseases here…


The Most Fun Way to Cure High Blood Pressure Permanently


High blood pressure is ultimately fatal, so we need it to be reduced as quickly as possible.


But if the task is too difficult or boring (like having to give up all the food you love), people are automatically going to resist it.


Watch this video to get more ideas to cure high blood pressure permanently –How to lower blood pressure quickly and naturally

That’s why scientists in Boston, Massachusetts have come up with a fun way to lower blood pressure. One that even touches the competitive edge in all of us.


Many people tend to think of doctors as superhuman who can memorize thousands of pages of medical texts, and we need them to come up with the right answer every time.


The pressure that we place on our doctors prompted scientists in Boston, MA, to investigate the best way for doctors to learn complex medical facts.


The study, published in Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, recruited 111 new doctors for the test. The information they wanted them to learn consisted of 32 descriptions of patients with high blood pressure, followed by multiple-choice questions with information on treating them.


The study participants were divided into two groups. One group was sent to a website where they had to read the information and answer the questions.


The second group was told to play an interactive game that contained the same information.


They received their questions by email every three days and could retire a question only by answering it correctly twice. They could also compare their scores with those of their peers.


Once they had learned the information and met the real patients, it took the traditional learners 148 days to lower each patient’s blood pressure, while the game players took only 142 days.


The scientists attributed the success of the game players to three factors:


First, the game was consistent with an educational theory, called spaced education, whereby information is presented and reinforced at regular intervals.


Second, the fact that game players could compare scores and compete with each other helped.


Finally, the new doctors said that instead of sitting at their computers for a conventional studying session, they could play the game anywhere, such as while waiting in line at Starbucks.


The bad news is that what the doctors were learning was how to use dangerous drugs with loads of side effects to force blood pressure down.


What if the same doctors were taught how to use natural things like diet and lifestyle changes to achieve the same goals?


The real result of this study for me is simply the fact that if I want to obtain a goal, it has to be fun. I think that’s the main reason why so many people succeed with our blood pressure exercises.


Not only are they effective and easy but they are also fun and enjoyable. Learn more about our blood pressure exercises and try them out for yourself here…


Is it Possible to Cure High Blood Pressure Permanently Without Medications?


These Blood Pressure Medications Cause Heart Attack


The main reason doctors prescribe blood pressure medications is to avoid stroke and heart attack.


But a new study from Denmark has shown that one of the most common blood pressure medications can actually double your risk of stroke and heart attack.


In looking at 55,000 patients and their histories, it was shown that those who were taking beta-blockers were at an alarmingly higher risk of dying from stroke and heart attack during non-cardiac related surgeries.


Wait – what?


Aren’t these meds supposed to prevent those very complications?


Many years ago, doctors started prescribing beta-blockers (like metoprolol) to patients routinely before many types of surgery.


This was supposed to lower their blood pressure in an effort to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack during the course of the surgery.


However, a trend started to develop over the years, which is the likely reason why the doctors in Denmark wanted to study it. This trend was related to the troubling question on whether the drugs were causing more harm than good.


And it turns out that their suspicion was spot on.


The study found that patients on beta-blockers had more than double the risk of suffering a major cardiac event during surgery when compared to their cohorts that were not on the medication.


Lesson to be learned: if you want to lower your blood pressure, do it naturally!


The safest and easiest natural way to lower high blood pressure would be three easy exercises that are guaranteed to bring your blood pressure below 120/80 – starting today


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