What is the Best Way to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally Quickly?

What is the best way to lower blood pressure naturally quickly? Avoid these So-Called “Healthy” Drinks if You Want to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally Quickly - These drinks apparently boost your health and energy. Some people swear to by the effectiveness of these drinks and can’t live without them. But there is a darker side to these “healthy” drinks.

Avoid these So-Called “Healthy” Drinks if You Want to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally Quickly


Healthy Drink Spikes High Blood Pressure and Heart Attack Risk by 74%


These drinks apparently boost your health and energy. Some people swear to by the effectiveness of these drinks and can’t live without them.


But there is a darker side to these “healthy” drinks.


New studies have shown them to be deadly as they spike your blood pressure and cause sudden death by stroke and heart attacks.


With the average American consuming 1.2 gallons of energy drinks per year and sales topping $10 billion annually, the energy drink industry is enjoying a high that shows no signs of decreasing.


Manufacturers produce their stimulant cocktails by combining caffeine, sugar, herbs, vitamins, amino acids, and just about any other non-controlled substance reputed to have energizing effects.


In fact, the term “energy drink” is not recognized by the FDA and is actually a marketing ploy devised by the beverage industry itself.


What’s in There?


Energy drink companies often point out that their beverages contain less caffeine than a typical coffee shop drink. Likewise, any other single ingredient in a typical energy drink may not be harmful by itself or in moderation.


However, the combination of these ingredients can interact in dangerous ways. Energy drinks spike your blood pressure and can keep it elevated for 6 hours or more. They also raise your stress hormone levels and greatly increase your risk of heart attacks.


In one study, participant’s blood pressure was increased by 6.4% and adrenaline levels were increased by a startling 74% after consuming an energy drink that contained 240 mg of caffeine – about the amount in 2.5 cups of regular coffee. The drink also contained 2000 mg of taurine – four times the recommended daily serving of this particular amino acid.


Not Knowing When to Stop


The amount of caffeine in that drink is not exceedingly high for an adult by many standards, but it is the combination of caffeine with taurine that could be the issue.


Though taurine has been known to decrease blood pressure, it can also decrease the effects of caffeine, contributing to a post-drink energy crash that drives users to consume more in order to achieve the boost they are looking for.


This could lead to them consuming hazardously high levels of caffeine and, depending on the particular beverage, other stimulants, in the process.


Even in healthy young adults, a group that should be most resistant to their detrimental effects, energy drinks have been found to interfere with the transmission of electrical impulses to the heart.


As a result, increasing the use of energy drinks has led to dangerous irregularities in heart rhythm in some instances, as well as other situations where the blood supply and oxygen to the heart are suddenly and drastically reduced.


And while habitual energy drink users report increased vigor and decreased fatigue, objective tests often tell a different story, one that finds that performance on coordination and concentration tests do not improve and, in fact, worsen over time.


The best way to naturally increase your energy and alertness and at the same time lower your blood pressure would be to decrease the stress hormone production in your body.


Our easy blood pressure exercises drop blood pressure below 120/80 by reducing the amount of stress hormone your body releases. Learn more and try it out for yourself here…


Read on if you are still keen to lower blood pressure naturally quickly.


3 Weird Causes of High Blood Pressure and How to Tackle Them Naturally


Scientists recently discovered three weird causes of high blood pressure. Unfortunately, these causes are already in effect in your life and there is nothing that can be done about them.


But there is the fourth cause, and this is more devastating than the other three combined. And the great news is that you can easily tackle this fourth one and completely cure your high blood pressure.


Scientists that were studying what makes a person more likely to develop high blood pressure (HBP) wanted to look beyond preventable lifestyle issues, such as diet and exercise.


In the study, they looked at health factors for more than 1,000 people that were born in the early 1970s.


What they found was that after adjusting for the lifestyle issues, there were some genetic trends that still played a factor.


Traits that sufferers can’t control but that contributed included:


– Being underweight at birth
Being the first-born
– Being male


While none of these, (or even all of them) are a guarantee that a person will suffer from HBP as an adult, these traits can be used as a red flag for screening purposes, so a person can get down to the serious business of controlling it.


And the truth is, those blood pressure factors we CAN control were found to be much more destructive than those we can’t.


A chief factor among them was stress.


The biological stress of being overweight, the environmental stress of pollution and noise, and emotional stress of work, moving, divorce, etc. all cause high blood pressure.


To put it plainly, you need to manage and lower your stress in order lower blood pressure naturally quickly!


With so many assaults being launched at your body’s system while it attempts to maintain equilibrium, it’s important to know how to undo the damage safely and effectively. And wouldn’t it be great if this remedy was also 100% natural and effective?


There is a way, and it fits all of these requirements. These 3 easy exercises are the best way I know of that can drop high blood pressure below 120/80 – in a matter of minutes…


The Most Effortless High Blood Pressure Exercise (and it works) to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally Quickly


“Well,” the New York Time’s health blog made waves when it answered a reader’s question regarding the best exercise for the reduction of blood pressure.


To get more ideas to lower blood pressure naturally quickly, watch this video – How To Reduce High Blood Pressure Naturally | How To Prevent High Blood Pressure Naturally

For the answer, the author turned to Dr. Glenn Gaesser, the director of the Healthy Lifestyles Research Center at Arizona State University and a prolific researcher on exercise and blood pressure.


According to his research, it wasn’t the normally recommended types of exercises that lowered blood pressure the most. Rather, it was a much easier type of exercise.


He answered that any frequent, light exercise could reduce blood pressure, including simply standing up.


According to his research, exercise primarily lowers blood pressure by reducing the stiffness of your blood vessels, so that your heart can pump blood through them with less effort.


Accordingly, he recommends that you engage in light exercise multiple times a day, as your blood vessels are most flexible immediately after exercise.


Exercising only once a day allows your blood pressure to creep back up as your blood vessels tend to stiffen after 8 to 24 hours without exercise.


In a study published in the 2012 edition of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, for example, he compared the blood pressure of subjects who exercised for 10 minutes three times a day with those who exercised for 30 minutes only once a day, while noting that all the subjects were prehypertensive.


Both groups experienced a drop in blood pressure during the day and evening, but the night time systolic blood pressure of only the three-times-a-day exercise group dropped.


Thus, the best way to lower your risk of high blood pressure and possible death during the night would be to exercise multiple times a day.


The obvious question thus becomes how on earth the average person can find the time to exercise multiple times a day, especially between work, household chores, family time, and so forth. This is where the research gets good.


Dr. Gaesser authored another article in the same journal in 2015, measuring the blood pressure of overweight subjects after four different types of eight-hour workdays:


1) a day in which they sat all day,
2) a day in which they stood up between 10 and 20 minutes every hour, without moving; Just standing up,
3) a day in which they walked for one mile per hour for 10 to 20 minutes per hour,
4) and a day in which they cycled for 10 to 20 minutes per hour.

In the last two tests, they performed the exercise on treadmills and bicycles fitted under their desks so they could continue working.


Unsurprisingly, their blood pressure was the highest during the days on which they sat. However, the other results were not as predictable.


Of the three exercise conditions, cycling lowered their blood pressure the most, followed by walking, then standing. There are two interesting findings here.


Firstly, even though the researchers ensured that the cycling was performed at a pace that equalled the energy expenditure of the walking, the cycling group still benefited the most, even though they essentially sat down while moving their legs.


Cycling was also the only exercise that reduced both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, while the others only reduced only systolic pressure.


Secondly, compared to sitting, standing along without moving reduced their systolic blood pressure by four points. And that was without any effort or movement.


Therefore, the next time friends invite you to the gym, inform them that the intensity of exercise is irrelevant to blood pressure.


Even standing and “lazy,” easy exercises like slow cycling, work. Buy yourself a standing-height desk and/or a stationary exercise bike and prove it!


In fact, the most effective exercises known to lower blood pressure are also completely effortless. This is a set of 3 easy exercises that are guaranteed to bring your blood pressure below 120/80 – starting today…


This post is from the High Blood Pressure Exercise Program. It was made by Christian Goodman Blue Heron health news that has been recognized as one of the top quality national health information websites.  This program will provide you the natural high blood pressure treatments, natural recipes to cook healthy meals and useful strategies to build a healthy diet with the aim to help you to maintain, stabilize and lower your blood pressure naturally.


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