Extremely Effective Blood Pressure Exercises – How Can I Lower My Blood Pressure Immediately?

Extremely Effective Blood Pressure Exercises – How Can I Lower My Blood Pressure Immediately? Extremely Effective Blood Pressure Exercises – When it comes to lowering blood pressure, we have been told that exercising is an important factor. But what are the best exercises for high blood pressure?


Extremely Effective Blood Pressure Exercises – A Fishy Vegetable Beats Blood Pressure Drugs (Study)


The reason blood pressure medications are so popular is that they force blood pressure close to or down to a healthy level.


The bad news: they come with a litany of side effects, most often so serious that they outweigh the benefit of the drugs.


The good news: new research, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, reveals a vegetable that works exactly like the most effective blood pressure medications, without the side effects.


The British and Irish researchers analyzed 100 previously conducted studies on the heart benefits of seaweed.


Their survey unearthed the fact that many sea vegetables are low in calories and fat (good for weight loss), high in minerals such as calcium, iron, copper, and iodine, and extremely high in protein (up to 47 percent of their weight) and that they contain plenty of proteins called bioactive peptides, which hold extraordinary heart health benefits.


They found that these bioactive peptides had effects similar to ACE inhibitor drugs, which are commonly prescribed to lower blood pressure.


ACE inhibitors inhibit your body’s production of angiotensin II, a chemical that constricts blood vessels and thereby elevates blood pressure. If you have less angiotensin II, your blood vessels can relax, dilate, and allow blood to flow through them at lower pressure.


The only problem? They can also cause headaches, dizziness, inflammation, fatigue, nausea, renal failure, and a build-up of potassium that can cause cardiac dysfunction.


Sea vegetables are the first natural substances discovered that can have the same health effects without these harmful side effects.


At this stage, most people get their bioactive peptides from milk, where they appear in much smaller amounts than in seaweed. Manufacturers of packaged soups and sauces also often include them in their products, but these products contain so many other, harmful ingredients that it probably ruins the potential benefit.


Your local Asian supermarket should be a treasure trove of healthy sea vegetables. Here is a sample of what you can expect:


  • Nori are the dried, often toasted, sheets in which your sushi is wrapped. You can cut the sheets in strips to eat as noodles or add to a stir-fry.


  • Agar is available in bars, flakes, and powder. It is handy as a sauce thickener or a vegan substitute for the gelatin found in pie fillings and jams.


  • Kelp is the common brown seaweed found on most beaches. It is normally sold in powder form to use as a salt substitute or seasoning.


  • Hijiki looks like spaghetti and is sold in dehydrated form. Soak it for 20 minutes, and then toss it in stews and stir-fries. Limit your consumption to once a week, as it does contain some arsenic.


  • Dulse can be bought as a dry powder, but the dried leaves need only five minutes of cooking and are great in salads and stews. When lightly pan-fried, it becomes crispy like potato chips.


  • Arame turns black when it is dried, the form in which it is usually sold. Soak for 10 minutes before adding it to cooking dishes.


  • Kombu, sold as dried strips, is a good seasoning agent in almost any dish. Soak for 15 minutes before cooking for about 40 minutes more.


Most of these double in size when they cook, so they are good value for money.


But chewing on seaweed is probably not enough to bring your blood pressure below 120/80. For that, you need the three easy and extremely effective blood pressure exercises found here…


Extremely Effective Blood Pressure Exercises – The Best Exercises for High Blood Pressure


When it comes to lowering blood pressure, we have been told that exercising is an important factor.


But what are the best exercises for high blood pressure?


Researchers from Michigan University and the American Heart Association decided to put three different types of exercises to the test.


After investigating thousands of different studies of alternative ways to tackle high blood pressure, the researchers highlighted three specific kinds of physical exercises proven to drastically lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health.


These exercises work by improving blood vessel activity and lowering the sympathetic nervous system’s (SNS) reaction, thus contributing to lowering blood pressure.


Here are the three most powerful physical exercises, verified by the researchers, listed in order of their effectiveness:


1) Aerobic exercises and endurance training.


Many studies have shown that aerobic exercises are the most effective type of physical activity to lower blood pressure.

They strengthen and tone the heart. The stronger the heart is, the less effort it takes to pump blood. Therefore, the force on the arteries is significantly decreased, resulting in lower blood pressure.


These powerful exercises include dancing, swimming, cycling, running, and fast walking. If you want to get the maximum benefits, perform these activities five times a week for at least 30 minutes at moderate intensity.


2) Resistance exercises or weightlifting.


For quite some time, weightlifting was considered to be harmful to blood pressure due to the rapid and abrupt activity of an exercise.


However, according to the investigators, weightlifting is listed as second only to aerobic exercises in effectiveness to lower blood pressure.

Weightlifting helps build up muscle and therefore makes you and your heart stronger. With more lean muscle mass, you need less effort for your everyday tasks. You don’t need to strain your heart as much, and, as a result, you will have lower blood pressure.


Another important benefit of weightlifting is its ability to improve insulin sensitivity. High levels of insulin cause salt retention, which leads to fluid withholding, resulting in high blood pressure.


Studies have revealed that the more muscle mass used during a weightlifting workout, the better the blood pressure response.

It is recommended to do weight training at least two to three times weekly for 25 to 30 minutes, using 8 to 10 different muscle groups.


3) Isometric exercises.


Isometric exercises are the type of exercise where the muscles don’t move much during the exercise. For example, squeezing a rubber ball or pressing against a wall.


Because of how simple and easy these exercises are, the amazing effect they have on high blood pressure has really surprised researchers.

Just four weeks of exercising by squeezing a ball impressively lowered blood pressure by 10 percent in both systolic and diastolic measurements.


It is easy to perform this exercise. You will need either athletic grippers or any kind of rubber ball, such as a tennis ball (both found in all sporting goods shops).

Squeeze the ball and hold for five seconds, and then let go. Repeat for a few minutes.


The research reports that the recommended routine for blood-pressure-lowering results is 15 minutes at least three times a week for a period of 8 to 12 weeks.


I highly recommend practicing any kind of physical exercise and workout – preferably on a daily basis.


The most effective exercises to lower blood pressure, however, require absolutely no physical effort. Anyone can do them, no matter what age group you belong to or your physical state.


These exercises were specifically designed to lower blood pressure – and have been proven to help most people reach the target goal of 120/80 within a week…sometimes even the very first day.


Learn more about these powerful and extremely effective blood pressure exercises and test-drive them online here…


Extremely Effective Blood Pressure Exercises – High Blood Pressure Cured with This Ancient Technique


Heart-related illnesses are at epidemic levels all over the world. Millions have high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems, and when most of them visit the doctor they come away with powerful medicines that can cause troublesome side-effects.


But science and modern medicine are catching up to the fact that it’s not just about pills anymore.


Research published in “Current Hypertension Reviews”, shows that Transcendental Meditation can deliver some pretty impressive health benefits.


It’s been around for so long because it works, and practitioners know that it reduces stress, combats anxiety and fights depression. But what wasn’t known before now was that it can also play a role in improving cardiovascular health.


It’s not just the relaxing effects that help to lower high blood pressure. It’s also great at clearing arterial plaque, so between them, these two effects significantly reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.


Not to mention that it can fix heart pain, which is a blessing for heart failure patients.


If meditation has a side effect, then it’s probably this: people who did it regularly were found to be less likely to use harmful substances like alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. So, even the side-effects are good for you!


Researchers say that it works by allowing the body to reach a deep state of rest, even though the mind is still awake. This combination of resting while being alert lets the body attend to “repairs” without the need to fall asleep. Not that it takes the place of sleep, but it does add an extra restorative power to the body’s recuperation toolbox.


Meditation isn’t an exotic skill that only specialists can practice. It’s a tool for self-healing and well-being that all of us can use.


If you can spare 15-20 minutes out of your day and you have access to a quiet place, then you can easily get started. Begin by focusing on your breathing, and if it helps to listen to sounds of nature or calming music, then you can do this.


There is no right or wrong way, so you can experiment to find what suits you. Some people repeat prayers while others prefer to recite positive affirmations, such as, “Love, peace, gratitude”.


The difficult part is doing it. It sounds very simple, but many of us are so used to lives filled with noise that the act of sitting calmly and peacefully and focusing without distraction can be hard at first.


But with practice you will find your groove, and even after your very first session you will feel calmer and more peaceful. You may even find that your blood pressure drops.


This study is one that we welcome because our own mind/body exercises (which resemble meditation) have helped thousands of clients to help themselves.


But it’s worth pointing out that our exercises were designed to blood pressure drops, so they’re even more effective than meditation.


They are so effective that most people with high blood pressure experience see those drop below 120/80 inside a week. Some people manage this even on the first day.


And the beauty of this approach is that there is nothing to learn, because all you need to do is follow along with the guided audio.


For more ideas on extremely effective blood pressure exercises, watch this video – Nitric Oxide Dump Exercises – Best Exercise for High Blood Pressure (Nitric Oxide Blowout)

You can find out everything you need to know about these extremely effective blood pressure exercises right here…


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