How to Lower Your Blood Pressure and Boost Health

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Lower Your Blood Pressure and Boost Health – This Oil Cures High Blood Pressure (no, it’s NOT olive oil)

Some lifestyle changes are very difficult to commit to. Others are decidedly more simple—even as easy as switching out the oil you normally buy.

Today we will look at a study researching the effects of an oil whose popularity is rising at breakneck pace, and for good reason.

A group of scientists in Brazil recently offered up convincing proof that an easy-to-find oil has very powerful effects on lowering blood pressure.

The biotechnologists at the Federal University of Paraiba wanted to see if there was any merit to the recent claims that coconut oil has positive effects on blood pressure.

What they found was clear and convincing. In their study, rats were separated into four groups: those that were fed coconut oil into their diets but were sedentary, those that were given no oil but exercised, those that were fed coconut oil and exercised, and those whose diets and exercise didn’t change at all.

What the scientists found wasn’t altogether surprising. They saw a drop in hypertension (high blood pressure) in rats who exercised, which they knew would happen. They also saw a drop in blood pressure for the sedentary coconut-oil-fed rats.

But the biggest drop—in fact, the cure—occurred when rats were made to both exercise and consume coconut oil at the same time.

The scientists have attributed the positive effects to the medium chain fatty acids in the oil. These act as extremely powerful antioxidants, eliminating the oxidative stress of free radicals attacking heart and blood vessel tissue.

Moreover, scientists found that the rats were more resistant to stress of all kinds in the coconut oil group, leading the researchers to conclude that there was an insulating effect in the baroreceptors in the heart tissue.

Coconut oil, due to its rising popularity, is becoming more easily available on store shelves all over the world. People use it in their salad oils, recipes, and even in smoothies. You can also replace butter in most cases with coconut oil.

With all this in mind, it is highly recommended that you use coconut oil as often as you can.

But how about exercise? How do you use it to double down on the nasty effects of high blood pressure?

The easiest, most effective way to lower blood pressure is by using three easy blood pressure exercises. Thousands of readers have used these exercises to bring their blood pressure below 120/80—sometimes from the very first day.

Learn more about these easy blood pressure exercises and try them out for yourself here to lower your blood pressure and boost health…

These Beans Lower Your Blood Pressure and Boost Health

Beans have long been praised for having various health benefits. But a new study from Mexico shows exactly how one particular type of bean beats high blood pressure with a knockout blow.

Not only does it load your body with antioxidants that lower blood pressure, it also removes dangerous chemicals that cause high blood pressure and other diseases.

Many of the most heart-healthy recipes flying around social media sites recommend the use of black beans.

From hot dishes to cold salads, these beans seem to be almost magical in not only their culinary versatility but also in the incredible health benefits they provide.

Researchers from the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico recently isolated two very powerful proteins in black beans—fasolina and pectin—both of which were found to have extremely powerful antioxidant properties.

Blood pressure increases when the body undergoes any kind of stress. In environmental stress, for example, free radicals from an unhealthy habit like smoking can attack heart and blood vessel tissue. This is oxidative stress. Antioxidants combat the free radicals, stopping the cycle of destruction.

This, in turn, causes blood pressure to drop because the threat has passed.

Researchers also found in computer models looking at the proteins that they also have a chelating effect, meaning that they can remove heavy metals from the body.

These are just two explanations as to why black beans have always been so effective at reducing blood pressure. Experts have for a long time been able to observe their benefits, but hadn’t been able to understand, until now, the molecular processes behind the reaction.

Many health-conscious people already incorporate high amounts of black beans in in their diets because they are an incredible source of delicious protein that doesn’t come with the added calories found in high-protein alternatives such as meat, eggs, or nuts.

You should be able to find black beans in your local supermarket or health food store. If not, most other types of beans also hold tremendous health benefits.

But eating beans may not be enough to completely cure high blood pressure. For that, you need a set of three easy exercises.

These easy blood pressure exercises have been proven to lower blood pressure below 120/80—starting today…

Lower Your Blood Pressure and Boost Health – This Safe Herb Cures High Blood Pressure Better Than Drugs

Stunningly, a cheap, safe, common herb has now been proved to be as effective as one of the leading blood pressure medications, without any side effects.

What’s more, in this double-blind study, the herb also optimized cholesterol levels in participants – whereas the drug had no effects on cholesterol.

Olive oil is famed for its heart health abilities but other parts of the olive tree may be even more effective.

In a study published in the medical journal Phytomedicine, a group of people with stage-1 hypertension were recruited. For eight weeks, half the group received the ACE inhibitor drug Captopril while the other half received 1000 mg of olive leaf extract daily.

ACE inhibitors are the most common blood pressure medications in use. They’re also some of the most dangerous in terms of side effects.

Just a few examples of common side effects are dizziness, headache, drowsiness, diarrhea, low blood pressure, weakness, cough, and rash. More serious side effects are heart attack and stroke, exactly the causes of death that they are supposed to prevent.

After eight weeks, all the subject’s blood pressure was measured, and as expected, the drug group had lowered their blood pressure. However, the olive leaf extract group had also lowered their blood pressure, and by just as much.

But that was not the end of the story.

Researchers also measured the triglyceride levels in all the subject’s blood.

Triglyceride is sometimes called “the third cholesterol” in addition to LDL and HDL cholesterol, and it’s considered the worst of them all.

The oil leaf group had significantly lowered their triglyceride level whereas the ACH drug showed no improvements in cholesterol level.

So, if you have high blood pressure, it’s your choice:

A dangerous blood pressure drug with a long list of side effects; or a safe herb that, in addition to giving the same blood pressure benefits as drugs, also improves cholesterol levels and many other health markers.

The fact remains that with all the side effects blood pressure medications bring, they almost never manage to bring people’s blood pressure down to a healthy level: 120/80. Neither do herbs.

The ineffectiveness of drugs is one of those “secrets” everyone in the medical system knows, but never really admits, in order to fill the pockets of everyone involved.

If you want to heal your high blood pressure, you also need to make some lifestyle changes.

By far the simplest and most effective method I know to heal high blood pressure is a set of 3 easy blood pressure exercises.

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