How to Lower Both Mild and Severe High Blood Pressure?

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Lower Both Mild and Severe High Blood Pressure – Headaches, High Blood Pressure, and How to Eliminate Both

High blood pressure is usually considered symptomless. That’s why it’s often called “the silent killer.” But there is one symptom often connected to high blood pressure:

Frequent headaches!

However, a new study from Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore revealed another cause of headaches. One that is also a cause of high blood pressure.

If you suffer frequent headaches and high blood pressure, you can kill two flies with one swat by cutting down on this one ingredient, which causes both.

Salt in high doses makes high blood pressure worse. And high blood pressure is often blamed for frequent headaches.

But the head researcher at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Lawrence Appel, wanted to know if they could cut out the middleman in the formula. Maybe it’s the high consumption of salt that causes BOTH high blood pressure and headaches.

To test his theory, Dr. Appel controlled the diet of 390 study participants for 30 days. Half were kept on a traditional American diet, while half were put on the DASH diet.

The DASH diet is high in fruits and vegetables and low in fat. It’s the diet recommended by the FDA for people with high blood pressure.

But it didn’t end there. For both the traditional diet and DASH diet groups, Dr. Appel broke the 30 days into three periods. Randomly, each person was directed to use a very high amount, medium amount, or very low amount of salt during a certain period. They then switched during the next period until they had tried all three versions of salt consumption (low, medium, and high).

After each period, the participants were asked how often they had headaches.

The results were stunning.

There was no difference between the frequency of headaches in the traditional or DASH diet group. So general diet didn’t seem to have any impact on them.

However, there was a huge difference in salt consumption. Using the highest amount of salt caused 1/3 more headaches than using the lowest amount. That’s significant.

Salt is, of course, found in the highest amounts in highly processed food, which also includes other chemicals. So, part of the results may be due to cutting out these foods to lower salt consumption. But since they used the somewhat healthy DASH diet for comparison, it’s safe to assume that a high dose of salt does contribute to frequent headaches.

The purpose behind revealing this study is to prove that diet has a direct impact on normal headaches as well as migraines. So, by taking simple actions, you may avoid this horrible annoyance.

In my studies, I’ve found that most headaches and migraine attacks are caused by the lack of one single ingredient. By loading your body with this ingredient, you can eliminate almost all headaches and migraine attacks.

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Lower Both Mild and Severe High Blood Pressure – When It’s Fun and Effective to Treat High Blood Pressure

Have you ever had the kind of fun, light-hearted doctor that we see on TV?

You know, the one that jokes around while also being caring, which always makes the visit pleasurable.

To be that kind of doctor, I suppose, the job also has to be fun. And a new method developed to treat high blood pressure does just that. It’s fun for both the physician and patient.

And it is much more efficient than traditional methods.

In a study from the Veteran’s Affairs Boston Healthcare System and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, 111 new physicians were either assigned to read traditional material or use a fun phone application game to learn to treat high blood pressure.

Then they were sent out on a mission to help people manage their blood pressure.

The traditional learning group took 148 days on average to get their patient’s blood pressure under control. Whereas the computer game group did it in 142 days on average.

The bad news is that both groups used dangerous blood pressure medications with serious side effects to manage their patients’ conditions. I hope that soon there will be an educational game that teaches doctors to control blood pressure using natural methods.

But there is a fun, easy way to naturally drop your blood pressure below 120/80—starting today.

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Lower Both Mild and Severe High Blood Pressure – This High Blood Pressure Trend Is Killing People (be warned)

There is a current trend in treating people with high blood pressure, and this trend has been shown to be both ineffective and dangerous.

In fact, it is so much of a concern that the issue has recently been discussed and debated heavily in the British Medical Journal.

You absolutely must know about this issue if you are taking blood pressure medications or if your doctor is pushing you to take medications.

High blood pressure is treated with medication. This is nothing new.

However, in recent years, more and more people with mild or pre-hypertension have also been prescribed drugs, and this is not good news.

Before we go any further, let us see what mild hypertension is. Severe high blood pressure is diagnosed in those with readings of 160 or higher (systolic) and 100 or higher (diastolic). Those with mild hypertension have systolic pressure in the range of 120 to 159 and diastolic pressure of 80 to 99.

Here is the blunt truth that they don’t tell you—there has never been any conclusive proof that medications are useful for mild hypertension in any way to prevent death from stroke and/or heart attack.

Among the population reported as suffering from high blood pressure, about 60% of cases have only mild hypertension. More importantly, some readings are typical examples of “white coat hypertension!” In other words, blood pressure has this wacky habit of shooting up just in the doctor’s office, while it normally wouldn’t anywhere else.

It is baffling why these patients are prescribed medications for a condition that can be cured with lifestyle changes. Yet most doctors don’t even mention this to their patients.

To make matters worse, these drugs come with risky side effects, including muscle weakness and vertigo. This is particularly dangerous in elderly people, who can suffer serious falls due to the side effects.

The side effects of high blood pressure medications have even been proven to cause heart attack and stroke (exactly what they’re supposed to prevent), leading to an early death.

So, if you’re suffering from mild hypertension, discuss it with your doctor and find out if you can replace medications with exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes. And always measure your readings at home to get more accurate values!

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