How to Eliminate Stress and Other Causes of High Blood Pressure?

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Eliminate Stress and Other Causes of High Blood Pressure – EVERYONE’S Blood Pressure Dropped When Using This Herb!

One way is to put people under lots of both mental and physical stress—something that would normally skyrocket their blood pressure.

The next step is to give them an herb and see what happens.

This is exactly what researchers from the University of Nottingham did, and the results were remarkable.

EVERYONE’S blood pressure dropped when using this herb!

Cannabinoids are chemicals that bind to your body’s cannabinoid receptors.

The best known is THC, the psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant. THC’s lesser known cousin that is also found in marijuana is called CBD (cannabidiol).

Unlike THC, CBD lacks the psychoactive properties that make THC so unpopular with government authorities.

Researchers recruited nine male volunteers who were given either a one-off dose of 600 mg oral CBD or a fake treatment (placebo) on various occasions throughout the study.

First, they tested their subjects’ resting blood pressure and found that CBD lowered systolic pressure by six points on average.

So far, so good. But what would happen if the researchers raised the stress level?

They decided to put their subjects under two kinds of stress: extreme mental stress and physical exercise stress.

CBD lowered everyone’s systolic blood pressure under these stressful circumstances compared to the placebo, and six of the nine subjects had lowered diastolic pressure.

The study was, of course, small but promising.

You may however struggle to gain access to CBD because it’s still forbidden in many countries and states. But where it’s allowed, you can often get coconut, hemp, and various other oils enriched with CBD.

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Eliminate Stress and Other Causes of High Blood Pressure – Hidden Cause of High Blood Pressure

For decades, it has baffled researchers why African Americans overall have a higher tendency of developing high blood pressure.

Even after taking into account factors such as diet, lifestyle, and genetics, African Americans still surpass other racial and ethnic groups in susceptibility to hypertension.

A new study published in the journal Hypertension may finally explain this phenomenon.

And the answer lies in a factor that affects people of all races and ethnic groups.

For their study, the researchers analyzed the information of 1,845 African-American participants in the Jackson Heart Study, a study that investigates cardiovascular disease among African Americans in the tri-county area of Jackson, Mississippi. All participants were between ages 21 and 85.

All participants presented at the clinic for three visits: first between 2000 and 2004, then between 2005 and 2008, and again between 2009 and 2013.

During the first visit, the participants reported the level of discrimination from which they suffered. They also reported their demographic information such as age, sex, education level, and socioeconomic status.

During the first and the two follow-up visits, the researchers performed a detailed clinical examination to measure the participants’ blood pressure and the factors that put them at risk of high blood pressure to ensure that the latter element would not interfere with the findings.

None of the participants had hypertension during the first visit, and they were classified as having hypertension during the follow-up period if they took blood pressure-lowering medication, if they had a systolic blood pressure score of higher than 140 mmHg, or if they had a diastolic blood pressure score higher than 90 mmHg.

During this follow-up period, 52 percent of the participants developed hypertension, with lifetime discrimination playing a clear role.

Compared with those who reported low levels of lifetime discrimination, those who reported medium levels were 49 percent more likely to develop hypertension in the subsequent period.

The scientists attributed the conclusion to the stress that discrimination caused and the well-known link between stress and hypertension.

Regardless of whether discrimination is the cause of a particular person’s stress, this study again proves that stress is one of the main contributors to high blood pressure.

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Eliminate Stress and Other Causes of High Blood Pressure – This Fatty Drink Stops High Blood Pressure and Diabetes in Their Tracks

Doctors and nutritionists have been telling us for decades to drink less of this beverage because it allegedly contains saturated fat that clogs our arteries and raises our blood pressure.

These claims were, however, completely debunked in a new study published in the Journal of Nutrition written by a joint team of Singaporean, Chinese, and American researchers.

In fact, this drink can protect you against type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

The researchers analyzed information collected by the Singapore Chinese Health Study between 1993 and 2017, with each of the 37,124 Chinese men and women having been observed for at least 10 years.

The subjects were all asked to complete food questionnaires and were all subsequently interviewed to identify physician-diagnosed health conditions.

By the end of the period during which they were observed, all subjects were between 45 and 74 years old.

Those who drank 240 milliliters of milk had a 12 percent lower risk of diabetes and a 6 percent lower risk of hypertension than those who drank no milk.

When milk was excluded from the analysis and only other dairy products were considered, people who ate 252 grams of dairy products per day had a 7 percent lower risk of hypertension and a 10 percent lower risk of diabetes than those who consumed no dairy products.

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