Type 2 Diabetes Prevention –How Can I Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Naturally?

Type 2 Diabetes Prevention –How Can I Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Naturally?  Type 2 Diabetes Prevention - Too often when talking about healthy living, we have to give up on the food and things we love the most. So, I love it when new studies come out proving the most delicious things healthy. A new study, published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, reveals a specific, delicious candy that can significantly fight type 2 diabetes.


Type 2 Diabetes Prevention – Type 2 Diabetes? Don’t Be Scammed with These Kidney Supplements


Did you know that around 40 percent of people with diabetes go on to develop chronic kidney disease?


No? Well, it’s one of the most common and most serious consequences of type 2 diabetes.


Obviously, this is a nasty cycle that needs breaking to avoid any serious fatal secondary diseases related to diabetes.


Previously, it was thought there were a number of supplements that could help prevent kidney disease in diabetes sufferers, but a new study published in the Journal JAMA has just debunked this.


Kidney disease is serious. It means that your kidneys can no longer properly remove waste and fluid from your body. The consequent buildup of waste is toxic.


Many previous studies have shown that vitamin D and fish oil supplements have anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, and other properties that may prevent the occurrence of kidney disease in diabetes sufferers, and researchers were keen to find out whether this was true or not.


They recruited 1,312 patients with type 2 diabetes who had no obvious cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, or cancer. The researchers followed them for five years, testing their blood and urine before the study to establish their glomerular filtration rate.


The participants were divided into four groups: one received real vitamin D and fish oil supplements, one received fake vitamin D and fish oil supplements, one received a real vitamin D but a fake fish oil supplement, and one that received a real fish oil but a fake vitamin D supplement.


They found an average decline in kidney function of around 12-15 percent over the five years, and this did not differ between the four groups.


Therefore, these two supplements cannot help to preserve kidney function in people with type 2 diabetes.


That’s not to say that Vitamin-D and Omega-3 is not helpful for other complications of type 2 diabetes. They’re just no good for kidney disease.


Type 2 Diabetes Prevention – Avoid kidney failure altogether. Here is the exact 3-step strategy hundreds of readers have used to completely reverse Type 2 Diabetes in 28 days or less


Type 2 Diabetes Prevention – This Candy Halts Type 2 Diabetes


Too often when talking about healthy living, we have to give up on the food and things we love the most.


So, I love it when new studies come out proving the most delicious things healthy.


A new study, published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, reveals a specific, delicious candy that can significantly fight type 2 diabetes.


…even if your diet is not so healthy!


They discovered that a compound that naturally occurs in cocoa can fight off type 2 diabetes.


The researchers extracted data cells from rats and injected them with various flavanol compounds derived from cocoa.


While the cells injected with a complete cocoa extract and with oligomeric or polymeric procyanidin-rich extract showed no improvement in function, those treated with a monomeric catechin-rich extract immediately started producing more insulin.


To add to their findings, they fed this monomeric catechin compound to rats on a high-fat diet and compared them with rats not given this substance.


The treated rats had lower blood sugar levels and were less obese than the untreated ones… despite the bad diet.


There are a few problems with simply eating cocoa, however.,


  1. When they used a complete cocoa extract, it failed to work, which probably means that the amount required to stimulate your beta cells is higher than you can obtain when eating cocoa or cocoa chocolate. It was only one part of cocoa, monomeric catechin, that improved diabetes.


  1. Cocoa is bitter and normally becomes appetizing only once you mix it with a lot of sugar. Sugar is the substance that increases blood sugar and compromises insulin secretion the most, which is then completely self-defeating for a diabetic to consume.


So, if you’re going to consume cocoa, try to get very dark (preferable over 90%) chocolate.


Then combine that chocolate with other foods high in monomeric catechin. Such as green tea, apples, pears, red wine, guavas, blackberries, raspberries, and cherries.


Type 2 Diabetes Prevention – But if you really want to get serious, follow the 3-steps, found here, that thousands of readers have used to successfully reverse their type 2 diabetes in 28 days or less…


Type 2 Diabetes Prevention – Curing Type 2 Diabetes – Without Diet or Exercises


Danish researchers recently revealed, in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, a common syndrome that increases your risk of type 2 diabetes by a scary 400%.


What’s more, it has nothing to do with bad diet or lack of exercise…

…meaning that you may be able to cure your type 2 diabetes without changing your menu.


Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are more likely than the general population to be overweight and struggle with insulin resistance.


Consequently, Danish researchers decided to find out whether women with this condition are more likely than others to develop type 2 diabetes.


PCOS happens when a woman develops small cysts on her ovaries that cause them to produce too much androgens (male sex hormones).


This interferes with her ability to ovulate, and causes the growth of body and facial hair, acne, obesity, infertility, and irregular menstrual periods.


The researchers picked 18,477 women with PCOS and 54,680 without PCOS from the National Patient Register.


They were checked for levels of insulin, glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, and testosterone at Odense University Hospital.


Eight out of every 1000 women with PCOS developed type 2 diabetes in the subsequent 11 years, while only two out of every 1000 of the women without this condition did so.


This means that those with the condition were four times as likely as those without the condition to suffer from diabetes.


Women with PCOS are often prescribed the oral contraceptive pill or other hormonal treatments to fight their condition. This will most likely help for type 2 diabetes as well since it tends to reduce BMI and improve insulin sensitivity.


But for the most of us, who don’t have PCOS, we need to look for other methods to cure type 2 diabetes.


For more ideas on type 2 diabetes prevention, watch this video – BTD – The National Diabetes Prevention Program: Changing Lifestyles to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes Prevention – Fortunately, here is a simple 3-step strategy that thousands of readers have already used to completely reverse their type 2 diabetes in 28 days or less…


This post is from the 3 Steps Diabetes Strategy Program. It was created by Jodi Knapp from Blue Heron health news that has been recognized as one of the top-quality national health information websites. 


In this program, Jodi Knapp shares practical tips and advice on how you can prevent and cure diabetes naturally. She also dispels myths commonly associated with diabetes, like for example, diabetes being a lifelong condition. There are also lots of information going around that is simply not true and she’s here to correct it.


Diabetes is a disease, and it can be cured. This is just one of the important tips Jodi reveals in her program. Also, she included several ways in preventing the onset of disease, choosing the right food to eat, recommended vitamin supplements, the right time of the day to take the blood sugar and many more.


But the most amazing thing would have to be her program which only takes 3 simple steps to help you to control & treat type 2 diabetes. What it does is cure diabetes without having to rely on expensive drugs, diets that make sufferers crave for even more food they are not supposed to eat, and exercise programs that make people feel tired and depressed.


To find out more about this program, click on Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

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