What is the Best Way to Drop Your Blood Pressure Starting Today?

Drop Your Blood Pressure Starting Today - How does one tiny grain manage to do so much in such a small amount? There’s one “miracle” grain that lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and according to a study published in the Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology journal, it even cures type-2 diabetes.


Drop Your Blood Pressure Starting Today – Miracle Grain Lowers Blood Pressure & Cholesterol, and Even Cures Type 2 Diabetes

How does one tiny grain manage to do so much in such a small amount?

There’s one “miracle” grain that lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and according to a study published in the Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology journal, it even cures type-2 diabetes.

Oats are amazing! They’re packed with the very nutritive benefits that are effective in eliminating some of the most devastating and stubborn diseases.

Oats are an excellent source of magnesium, which is critical for vascular, muscle, and digestive health. Studies also show that a deficiency in magnesium can cause high blood pressure and even irritable bowel syndrome.

They’re also packed with zinc, which helps improve heart and vascular health.

To drop your blood pressure starting today, follow these simple exercises

Oats are also an incredible source of dietary fiber, which is critical for the metabolism of fats in the diet and are one of the best weapons in the fight against plaque-causing cholesterol.

To take control of your cholesterol in as little as 21 days, you need to follow this step-by-step plan

Oats also help eliminate inflammation, in the pancreas and insulin resistance – the two things directly linked with diabetes.

Oats also increase Peptide Y-Y, a powerful appetite control hormone, which helps eliminate a massive diabetes risk factorobesity.

Oats are also very high in vitamin B1, a vitamin critical in the metabolism of carbohydrates for energy.

Gluten free varieties help celiac disease sufferers get necessary grain-based fiber and other nutrients they can’t get because of eliminating other whole grains.

Avoid ‘quick oats’, as these are highly processed and full of sodium.

Whole, un-kilned versions are the best – who knew the humble oat was so powerful?

Here are the exact 3 steps my mother took to completely reverse her type 2 diabetes in 28 days

Drop Your Blood Pressure Starting Today – A Blood Pressure Lowering Tea That Even Helps You Sleep

“You might benefit from a diuretic for blood pressure, and a sedative for anxiety”, your doctor says. But instead of being happy with their “remedy”, you’re frustrated their answer is limited to conventional drugs and nothing else.

But the good news is there’s a solution, and it involves a nightly cup of hot delicious tea.

Linden tea…sound familiar?

Probably not!

Linden tea doesn’t only fight inflammation, it’s also a powerful diuretic, has calming powers, and can even thin mucous enough to help out with a cough or cold.

Although it’s gaining popularity, it’s still not readily found in stores, but it can be bought in supplement form.

Containing a powerful chemical called farnesol, which is known to be a vasodilator, Linden tea prevents edema and water retention in our sleep by relaxing blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, and calming the mind and body, which in turn helps you get that quality sleep you need each night to remain healthy.

Want to learn even more powerful methods to defeat sleeplessness? Check out this simple audio that will knock you out in 10 minutes…

Drop Your Blood Pressure Starting Today – AND to lower your blood pressure, discover how 3 easy exercises drop blood pressure below 120/80 starting today…

Drop Your Blood Pressure Starting Today – Tracking High Blood Pressure – Have We Got It All Wrong?

More evidence is emerging that highlights a common but critical mistake people make when tracking their blood pressure.

And this mistake is even causing patients and doctors alike to miss key warning signs for strokes

Because it’s not the high blood pressure that is the biggest problem.

One of the most common mistakes in managing high blood pressure is to only take a reading once a day or only at the doctor’s office. The problem with this is that these infrequent readings don’t give a clear picture of what is happening with your blood pressure throughout the day.

So, what you miss is the fluctuation from your lowest reading to your highest. Blood pressure fluctuates slightly during waking hours, but not drastically. However, if you have hypertension and experience frequent spikes in blood pressure, damage is being done that can and does lead to stroke.

New research shows people that regularly experience large fluctuations in their blood pressure are most at risk of a stroke.

A lot of times this happens when a person is under high stress, exerting oneself, or in pain, and likely already having problems with high blood pressure. These factors contribute to the spikes. But valleys and hypotension can occur right after taking the maintenance medication. It might not be so low as to cause fainting, but this frequently occurs, especially in seniors.

So, we come back to the original problem – if periodic readings during the day are not taken to get the full picture of how your blood pressure is fluctuating, you could be missing critical data that would be important for you and your doctor to consider when creating your treatment plan.

For more ideas to drop your blood pressure starting today, watch this video – Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Drop Your Blood Pressure Starting Today – The good news is these simple blood pressure exercises don’t just lower overall blood pressure, they’ve also been proven to balance the fluctuation of blood pressure throughout the day…

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