What is the Best Way to Get Healthy Blood Pressure Readings?

What is the Best Way to Get Healthy Blood Pressure Readings? How to Get Healthy Blood Pressure Readings? A new study, published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, shows that a specific type of oil can be used to drastically lower blood pressure. But you don’t eat the oil to lower your blood pressure. The effects come through a different way of using it.


Get Healthy Blood Pressure Readings – Good Smelling Oil Lowers Blood Pressure


A new study, published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, shows that a specific type of oil can be used to drastically lower blood pressure.


But you don’t eat the oil to lower your blood pressure. The effects come through a different way of using it.


The study followed 83 people for 24 hours.


Of those, 28 were treated with a blend of essential oils. The others were split into groups that were either treated with a placebo or not treated at all.


Those who received the essential oil treatment immediately started to show lower levels of cortisol and other stress hormones.


The scientists concluded that relaxation therapy that utilized essential oils for blood pressure control and prevention is highly recommended.

What are essential oils?


Not everything that is labelled ‘essential oil’ is the real stuff. And often products get labelled “aromatherapy” just because they contain fragrance.


In fact, it is not just the smell that makes the therapy work. It is the tiny molecules of the essential oils that enter the bloodstream that will do the work. So, make sure you find pure essential oils to work with.


The following essential oils were used in the study mentioned earlier:


– Lavender
– Ylang-ylang
– Marjoram
– Neroli


How to use the oils




You can use carrier oils, like almond oil or coconut oil, and add just a little essential oil (a drop or two per ounce). Massage any part of the body with the oil.




When you massage with oil, you will automatically inhale the oil as well. You can also add drops of essential oil to steaming water or use a dispenser to inhale oils during the night.


The real conclusion of this study would be that to lower blood pressure, you must lower your stress hormone level. And although essential oils are good, they’re not enough.


Our simple blood pressure exercises have been proven to lower stress hormone level and blood pressure in as little as 9 minutes. To get healthy blood pressure readings, learn more and try them out for yourself right here


Get Healthy Blood Pressure Readings – Lower Blood Pressure 8 Points in 30 Minutes


Unbelievable but true, this simple natural therapy has been found to effortlessly lower blood pressure by 6-8 points in just a few minutes.


What’s more, it is 100% safe, natural, and causes absolutely no side effects. Moreover, it’s completely effortless on your part.


And the results are long lasting, even permanent!


What it would require, however, would be for you to find a specific doctor that is available in most cities and towns around the world. Also, for a weird reason, you may or may not want to participate.


Researchers at the University of California-Irvine wanted to establish whether electro-acupuncture could lower blood pressure.


For subjects, they used 65 hypertensive people with a systolic reading of between 140 and 180 and a diastolic reading of between 90 and 99. None of these subjects were taking blood pressure medication.


They randomly assigned their subjects to one of two groups. The first received electro-acupuncture treatment on their inner wrists and legs just below their knees, and the second group received it on their forearms and lower legs.


The researchers had hypothesized that the first group might experience a drop-in blood pressure, as previous studies had identified those acupoints as the ones that are most likely to decrease blood pressure when stimulated with needles.


This was indeed the case, and 70% of the subjects had systolic readings that dropped by six to eight points and diastolic readings that dropped by four points.


Even better, the effect lasted for six weeks following an eight-week treatment of one 30-minute session weekly.


The subjects who responded well received follow-up monthly treatments for a period of six months and their blood pressure dropped even further.


The research was published in the journal Medical Acupuncture.

Electro-acupuncture stimulates the same points on your body as traditional acupuncture, but the needles that the practitioner inserts through your skin would be attached to a device that produces low-intensity electrical pulses.


The frequency and intensity of the pulses are adjustable, depending on the condition for which you are receiving the treatment for and your own sensitivity to it.


For more ideas to get healthy blood pressure readings, watch these 2 videos below:


Acupressure : Acupressure & High Blood Pressure

Foods rich in potassium to control Hypertension | High Blood Pressure Diet

If you have a phobia of needles, like most of us, and want to get healthy blood pressure readings, then there is a better option to cure your high blood pressure. All it takes are these 3 easy exercises that are guaranteed to drop your blood pressure below 120/80 – starting today


Get Healthy Blood Pressure Readings – The Health Promoter that Causes High Blood Pressure


Researchers at Australia’s Monash University have discovered a major cause of blood pressure.


If they are right, it could lead to a brand new type of treatment.

The explanation is particularly surprising, as the system that causes it is precisely the one that is supposed to keep us healthy.


Researchers at the university discovered that high blood pressure might be just another autoimmune disease, which would be a case where your white blood cells (immune fighters) mistake your healthy cells for invaders.


They caused high blood pressure in mice by stimulating certain types of B cells in their immune systems, before bringing their blood pressure down by inhibiting those same B cells.


To build an even stronger case, they bred mice that had very low levels of that type of B cell. Even when these mice were subjected to the kind of lifestyle that normally brings about high blood pressure, their blood pressure did not rise nearly as high as the normal mice with the same lifestyle.


What is going on here? Are active immune cells not supposed to ensure great health?


This is true in most cases. However, the stimuli that cause hypertension, like stress, make these B cells too active in a situation where there are no foreign organisms to attack. They then produce excessive numbers of antibodies that would attack your arteries.


The research team found great numbers of these antibodies inside the walls of the mice’s arteries, leading to an inflammatory response that hardened and stiffened those arteries. This increased their blood pressure because their arteries were no longer flexible enough to respond properly to blood flow.


This discovery is important, as it would suggest that potential treatments could focus on blocking the activity of the B cells that produce antibodies in a situation where threatening foreign organisms are absent. Drugs that do this are already prescribed for people with rheumatoid arthritis, which is caused by a similar B cell overreaction.


This does not free us from the responsibility of adopting a healthy lifestyle to prevent high blood pressure, of course. The treatment that blocks the B cells would likely consist of a synthetic drug with its own side effects and toxicity. Some experts have already warned that the universal blocking of types of B cells would be too crude a solution for autoimmune diseases. They are essential immune cells, after all.


It’s also a fact that many lifestyle factors can trigger the aggression of these immune cells. Thus, by managing those factors, we can heal our autoimmune diseases naturally.


One of the biggest factors that trigger this would stress. Any kind of stress – be it physical, mental, emotional, or sensory – can trigger this type of response.


And the best way to lower our stress hormone level and this overreaction of the immune cells lies in a set of 3 easy blood pressure exercises that can be found here…


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