What is the Best Way to Bring Your Blood Pressure Down?

What is the Best Way to Bring Your Blood Pressure Down? If You Want to Bring Your Blood Pressure Down, Avoid This New High Blood Pressure Technology Which Is Deadly (Be Warned). If you are the type of person that cannot keep your hands off your smartphone or tablet, this warning is for you. If you want your smartphone to be a help in healthcare instead of a dangerous hindrance, recent studies can tell you which technology to use and which types to avoid.


If You Want to Bring Your Blood Pressure Down, Avoid This New High Blood Pressure Technology Which Is Deadly (Be Warned)


If you are the type of person that cannot keep your hands off your smartphone or tablet, this warning is for you.


If you want your smartphone to be a help in healthcare instead of a dangerous hindrance, recent studies can tell you which technology to use and which types to avoid.


A Boston-based research team published a study in the Journal of the American Society of Hypertension, in which they reviewed the top 107 mobile blood pressure apps that were supposed to measure blood pressure.


None of the apps that used “finger pressure” or other “non-blood pressure cuff” methods were able to accurately measure blood pressure. And none had been approved by the Food and Drug Administration or by the US Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation.


Keeping in mind that even the FDA approved home blood pressure cuffs are not always 100% accurate, it makes sense that you absolutely should not trust a questionable blood pressure app for such an important test.


There is, however, room for mobile apps in your blood pressure management. For example, some makers of approved, home blood pressure monitors have their cuffs connected to mobile apps for long-term tracking. And some even send the recorded info directly to your doctor.


This is very beneficial, as one, two, or twenty readings don’t tell you much. But if you take your blood pressure three times a day for a month, you’ll have a pretty accurate picture.


But you can do the same just with a normal blood pressure monitor, and a piece of paper.


However, the most important thing would be is how you’re going to bring your blood pressure down. To do that, we have 3 easy exercises, guaranteed to drop your blood pressure below 120/80 – starting today…


Bring Your Blood Pressure Down – Common Berries Heal High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Native to parts of Europe and Asia are beautiful shrubs that bear dark purple berries.


The deeply pigmented berries from these shrubs boast chart-topping levels of health-promoting phytonutrients, such as anthocyanins, flavonols, and phenolic acids.


These compounds protect the plant from pests and parasites and give protective properties, which include antioxidants, antimicrobials, and anti-inflammatory activity to those who consume them.


But the most important thing for us would be that these berries can heal both high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.


In addition to the antioxidant properties, blackcurrant seeds are famous for their high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids, notably the essential fatty acid gamma linolenic acid, or GLA. Blackcurrant has been used in traditional herbal medicine to treat a wide range of health conditions, including high blood pressure and diabetes.


Recently, scientific studies have found evidence confirming these health claims.


Blood Pressure-Lowering


A number of researchers have been particularly interested in the potential of blackcurrants and other high-phytonutrient berries as a therapeutic option for high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.


A study that included women between the ages of 18 and 75 years found that participants who consumed higher levels of anthocyanins and flavones – an amount equivalent to 1-2 portions of berries daily – was found to have suppler arteries and significantly lower blood pressure.


Certain compounds contained in blackcurrants have been found to lower blood pressure through exerting their effects on the blood pressure regulating system in the kidneys, which is known as the renin-angiotensin system.


These compounds inhibit an enzyme that fuels signalling pathways that lead to increased blood pressure.


In a clinical trial, researchers enriched commercially available mixed berries juices with blackcurrant extract and found that the enriched juice produced significant blood pressure-lowering effects, and there was an even more pronounced benefit occurring in participants with hypertension when they were compared to their normal blood pressure cohorts.


Furthermore, the blackcurrant-enriched juice reduced blood pressure variability, making it more stable.


Furthermore, in a study that measured blood pressure spikes in response to psychological stress among volunteers that had reactive hypertension, blackcurrant seed oil received high marks for blood pressure-lowering benefits.


Reactive hypertension is a form of high blood pressure in which patients are susceptible to rapid and dangerous increases in blood pressure when they experience anxiety or stress.


Researchers reported that blackcurrant seed oil inhibited blood pressure reactivity by more than 40%. The berry extract also produced a significant overall drop in diastolic blood pressure – the lower number of the blood pressure ratio signified the pressure in the arteries in between beats when the heart is relaxed.


Diabetes Management


A number of laboratory studies have revealed the potential benefits of blackcurrants for the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes.


In a study on mice, blackcurrant extract reduced obesity-associated inflammation. Over time, these low-grade, chronic inflammations can trigger metabolic disturbances that lead to impaired blood sugar control.


When treated with blackcurrant extract, the mice displayed lower levels of key inflammatory markers, lower blood glucose levels, and lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels – all of which were important predictors of diabetes risk.


Researchers concluded that blackcurrant consumption might, therefore, help counteract the detrimental effects of high-fat and high-cholesterol diets.


A compound in blackcurrant called cyanidin-3-rutinoside (C3R) showed potential anti-diabetes effects by inhibiting carbohydrate-digesting enzymes, thereby limiting the digestion of carbohydrates.


Researchers of one study concluded that C3R might be useful in the prevention of high post-meal blood sugar spikes that characterize type 2 diabetes.


The same benefits of C3R might also occur in people with some forms of insulin-resistance and pre-diabetes, which could possibly be used to help those individuals avoid developing the disease.


For more ideas to bring your blood pressure down, watch this video – 3 Pressure Points That’ll Instantly Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally – by Dr Sam Robbins

But eating berries may not be enough to completely reverse your type 2 diabetes. For that, you would need the solid 3-steps found here…


And to lower your blood pressure naturally, discover how these three easy exercises can bring your blood pressure down to below 120/80 – beginning today…


Bring Your Blood Pressure Down – 4 Preventable Causes of High Blood Pressure


The World Health Organization has declared that high blood pressure affects more than a billion people worldwide.


The global health watchdogs estimate that at least 1 in 3 adults over the ages of 25 suffer from some level of hypertension.


It’s the #1 killer.


But why?


What causes it in the first place? If we are to turn things around and end high blood pressure, we have to know where to fight it.


Today, we will look at the 4 most common causes of dangerous high blood pressure and how to get to the root of the problem in order to end it.


Physical Stress:


The first cause we will look at is biology. Biological causes of high blood pressure include examples like co-morbidities; or in other words, other diseases.


Diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney trouble, even asthma can all be biological stressors that lead to high blood pressure.


Deficiencies in key nutrients, vitamins, and minerals can also spike blood pressure to unsafe levels. Making sure you are on a quality supplement that will optimize nutrition for your personal needs will go a long way in the correction of this.


Pollutants in the air or water, and even in the certain medications we take, can all be sources of poisons to the body and can stress out the blood vessels and heart. This hypertension cause is known as an environmental stressor.


Sensory Stress:


Another source of HBP is related to the senses: foul odors, painful stimuli on eyesight or skin, really loud noises like a blaring TV or living too close to an airport or railway crossing…all these are examples of sensory stress stimuli.


Emotional Stress:


Ever having a bad breakup and you just felt terrible- day and night, body aches, racing heart, depression, and so on?


Emotional stress, like what you would experience when experiencing a divorce or starting a new job, is a key trigger for high blood pressure.


These life events are normal and just part of the human condition. However, getting this one under control can be hard to do.


Psychological Stress:


Are you studying for a huge exam? Are you chronically under-rested? Did you just get moved to a different department at work and have to learn a whole new cache of skills?


Even reading a thrilling novel can spike blood pressure. These examples are something that is a little more under a person’s control than something like a genetic disease, but it there can also be difficulties limiting or overcoming this.


What do these 4 causes all have in common? Was there a common thread you saw in each of the examples?


That’s right – stress. It comes in many forms, and the body’s reaction to it over time determines whether a person will suffer from high blood pressure.


The great thing about this is that countless studies have been done on the mind/body connection, and can help to crush stress and completely reverse high blood pressure.


People who use all-natural mind/body methods to control their body’s reaction to stressful stimuli consistently test better in BP levels than their counterparts who don’t use these methods or those who are on dangerous blood pressure medicines.


By far, the most effective mind/body method to bring your blood pressure down comes from these 3 easy blood pressure exercises that can be found here. These are guaranteed to bring your blood pressure below 120/80 – starting today…


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