What is the Easiest and Best Way to Break Free from Anxiety Disorders?

How to Overcome Anxiety Disorder & Start Living Life Again?


Easiest and Best Way to Break Free from Anxiety Disorders – This Anxiety Disorder Causes Stroke and Heart Attack

Anxiety feels horrible in every way possible. But in most cases, it’s not considered dangerous to your physical health.

Except it is, according to a new study published in the journal Sleep.

A specific type of anxiety disorder causes high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack.

Psychologists call frequent nightmares that cause distress, prevent a quick return to sleep, and create a fear of going to sleep a nightmare disorder.

It is an anxiety disorder because nightmares are usually related to threats to your safety or survival.

It often, but not always, co-occurs with PTSD, and approximately four percent of Americans are thought to suffer from it.

The researchers recruited 3,876 military veterans who have served since September 2001. 73 percent of them had one or two tours of duty, and their average age by the time of the study was 38. Men made up 78 percent, while 48 percent of them were African American and 48 percent of them were white.

31 percent of the subjects met the conditions for PTSD as diagnosed by the clinical interview designed by the American Psychological Association.

33 percent of the participants reported frequent distressing nightmares, defined as two to three times a week.

29 percent of them had high blood pressure, 6.6 percent had diabetes, six percent had heart problems, 1.2 percent had had heart attacks, 0.7 percent had had strokes, 0.5 percent had atherosclerosis.

When they crunched the numbers, they established that those with frequent nightmares were more likely to have high blood pressure, heart attacks, and heart problems than those without frequent nightmares.

These relationships held even when they excluded PTSD from the results, meaning that frequent nightmares alone without PTSD put the veterans at risk of heart disease.

The reason why frequent distressing nightmares place people at risk of heart disease is unknown, but the researchers did speculate:

1. Such nightmares cause extreme anxiety, with sweats and pounding heartbeats that can contribute to heart disease.

2. When the nightmares are very distressing, they cause anxiety during the day with obsessive thoughts about images from the dreams. This can cause chronic anxiety and thereby heart disease.

3. Such nightmares disrupt sleep and often prevent a quick return to sleep. Many previous studies have linked poor sleep with heart disease.

4. They may cause sufferers to be afraid of going to bed, which leads to sleep deprivation. This has also been linked with heart disease.

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Easiest and Best Way to Break Free from Anxiety Disorders – Vertigo and Anxiety Both Eliminated in One Blow

Over half of people suffering vertigo also experience anxiety or panic attacks, and researchers started to wonder if one leads to the other.

In a new study published in the International Journal of Research Science and Management, a team of scientists used a simple method to eliminate one condition, and the other disappeared with it.

According to one of the studies cited in the literature review of the new paper, around 45 percent of people with vertigo have anxiety disorder, while 15 percent tend to have panic disorder. The concern exists that these problems may become worse and even permanent if the vertigo is not treated quickly.

For this reason, two Indonesian researchers decided to examine whether anxiety and agoraphobia scores improved after treatment of vertigo patients with the canalith repositioning procedure (also called the Epley maneuver).

The researchers recruited 38 people who had been diagnosed with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) through a physical examination of the years and through eye-movement tests during head movements.

All participants were all 18 years or older. Those who were on medication, who suffered from any other ear or balance disorder, and who were known to suffer from anxiety or agoraphobia before the study were excluded.

After the BPPV diagnoses, the subjects were given questionnaires to complete for assessment of their anxiety and agoraphobia scores.

They then underwent the canalith repositioning procedure and were told to return for re-evaluation 7 and 14 days after the procedure.

Those who benefited from the treatment, which was pretty much all of them, also experienced a reduction in agoraphobia and anxiety.

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Easiest and Best Way to Break Free from Anxiety Disorders – Obesity and Anxiety Connection

In many places, the majority of people are obese.

And it seems like almost everyone is suffering some level of anxiety these days.

But until now, no connection has been made between the two.

A new study published in the journal BMC Medicine found that those who were obese were more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety – a dangerous and potentially lethal combination.

The study was performed on Swedish children and teenagers. The researchers first identified those who had received treatment for obesity between the ages of 6-17.

Subsequently they checked how many of them were treated for depression or anxiety.

They compared depression and anxiety treatments between obese and normal-weight children. They established that people who were obese as children were more likely to suffer from depression or anxiety disorders later.

Another research team conducted a review of all the scientific literature on the relationship between obesity and anxiety – this included 16 studies, 14 observational studies, and 2 longitudinal studies.

Overall, the observational studies showed that people who were obese were 40 percent more likely to suffer from anxiety disorders.

Obesity causes anxiety because it is socially undesirable and leads to criticism, because it interferes with hormones and neurotransmitters that cause anxiety, and because it interferes with one’s career and economic status.

Anxiety can also cause obesity because people with anxiety disorders spend more time at home without exercise and they engage in overeating to make themselves feel better.

So, to fight both anxiety and obesity, we need to fight these two conditions on two fronts.

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