Cure Vertigo Within a Week – What Cures Vertigo Fast?

Cure Vertigo Within a Week – What Cures Vertigo Fast? Cure Vertigo Within a Week – Researchers at the Amsterdam University Medical Center have discovered a new treatment for vertigo that not only eases symptoms; it also prevents episodes. You can do this treatment at home, without a doctor or drugs. And it causes no side effects. Read on to find out more.


Cure Vertigo Within a Week – A New Treatment for Vertigo Discovered (when all else fails)


Researchers at the Amsterdam University Medical Center have discovered a new treatment for vertigo that not only eases symptoms; it also prevents episodes.


You can do this treatment at home, without a doctor or drugs. And it causes no side effects.


The program is called Balance Retraining and the basic idea behind it is to teach the brain to work with scrambled balance information.


The most common cause of vertigo is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. It occurs when calcium crystals fall into the semi-circular canals in your inner ear. The solution is to take your head through a series of movements to make those crystals fall out again.


But what if your vertigo is caused by something that cannot be corrected?


In that case, your only solution is to do various exercises to retrain your brain.


This is called vestibular rehabilitation. Basically, if you feel dizzy when you turn your head to the right, repeat this movement over and over again until the dizziness subsides.


322 subjects over the age of 50 who regularly experienced vertigo were divided into three groups.


One group received online vestibular rehabilitation with home visits and face-to-face physiotherapeutic support, another received online vestibular rehabilitation without extra support, and the other received whatever normal care their doctors provided.


Afterwards, the volunteers who used the online program with and without physiotherapy support reported experiencing less dizziness than before the treatment, fewer dizziness-related disabilities, and less anxiety.


And the good news is you can do all of this at home, without a doctor or drugs!


But there are easy vertigo exercises that can actually cure vertigo within a week, not just treat the symptoms. I’ll explain them in detail here…


Cure Vertigo Within a Week – It Worked for Migraines and Now for Vertigo


Although they don’t always go hand in hand, migraine and vertigo are very closely related conditions. So, the things that help for one often help for the other.


So, a new study published in the journal Neurology decided to test a simple FDA approved method that has helped migraine sufferers for years on vertigo patients.


The results were out of this world.


Electric stimulation of the vagus nerve through the skin of the neck can reduce the pain that migraine sufferers experience during attacks, but since migraines often coincide with vertigo, the research team decided to find out how well this treatment worked to reduce the severity of the vertigo attack associated with the migraine.


As subjects, they used 18 people who visited a medical centre for help between November 2017 and January 2019. 14 of these had vestibular migraines, the type that has dizziness as one of its symptoms. The other four had dizziness without a clear cause that was resistant to previous treatments.


They used a questionnaire to evaluate the severity of the vertigo before the vagus nerve stimulation and 15 minutes after it.


In the 14 patients with vestibular migraine, only one patient did not improve as a result of the treatment.


Two of them reported a complete cessation of their vertigo symptoms and five reported a 50 percent improvement.


Six others reported a significant improvement and the average improvement across the whole group was 46.9 percent.


All of them reported an improvement in pain. The average improvement in pain across the group was 63.3 percent.


This definitely implies that electrical vagus nerve stimulation is a good treatment for the vertigo that accompanies migraines.


The problem is that this method only “improves” migraines and vertigo (and then only a specific type of vertigo), but it doesn’t cure it.


The easy vertigo exercises can cure vertigo within a week, found here, eliminate all types of vertigo as soon as today…


And if you suffer from migraines then very similar exercises found here eliminate migraines for almost everyone…


Cure Vertigo Within a Week – This Food Heals Vertigo When All Else Fails


Some cases of vertigo are strangely treatment resistant.


They respond to treatment, but slight vertigo remains after the treatment has been completed.


Italian researchers have just discovered that a specific supplement can clear up this residual dizziness. Their study appears in the journal Clinical Pharmacology: Advances and Applications.


The researchers recruited 258 patients whose vertigo had not completely disappeared upon the completion of their treatment.


They split them into two groups: 127 people who received the polyphenol supplement for 60 days, and 131 people who received no medication.


At the beginning of the study, after 30 days, and again after 60 days, the scientists evaluated their subjects using several different measures.


They gave them a questionnaire to measure their own subjective experiences of their vertigo symptoms. They also gave them a questionnaire to measure their nausea and vomiting.


In addition, they asked them to complete the dizziness handicap inventory scale to assess the severity of their dizziness-related impairments.


On top of all these questionnaires, the researchers also gave them an objective test of dizziness, called static posturography. This normally involves a set of conditions and movements and sensory triggers to which they are exposed, during which specialists observe their ability to remain upright with their heads stabilized.


After 60 days, compared to the subjects who had received no treatment, the subjects who had received the supplement reported feeling less dizzy and nauseous. They also reported an improvement in vertigo-related impairments while accomplishing daily tasks.


This seems to suggest that a polyphenol supplement is a relatively effective way to mop up those last vertigo symptoms that remain after treatment.


To consume enough polyphenol, you can buy a polyphenol supplement, but make sure that the supplement is food-derived and not synthetically produced in the laboratory.


You can also simply eat as many polyphenol-rich foods as you can fit into your diet.


These foods include:


  1. Red wine.
  2. Dark chocolate and cocoa powder.
  3. Seasonings, especially cloves, dried peppermint, and star anise.
  4. Berries, especially blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, red raspberries, and black chokeberries, if you can find them.
  5. Other fruits, such as blackcurrants, plums, sweet cherries, and even the humble apple.
  6. Black and white beans.
  7. Nuts, especially hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, and pecans.
  8. Artichokes, red onions, spinach, any form of soy, and black and green tea.


Stack your diet with these foods and see if it helps.


For more ideas on how to cure vertigo within a week, watch this video – What is Vertigo | How to Stop Vertigo Fast | Vertigo Treatment-Home Remedies for Vertigo

Now, if waiting for weeks to see if polyphenol works for you doesn’t sound too appealing, then, luckily, there are easy vertigo exercises that can cure vertigo within a week, found here, that work for almost everyone – often within minutes…


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