What are the Most Effective Vertigo Home Remedies?

What are really the most effective vertigo home remedies? Looking for the Most Effective Vertigo Home Remedies? This Chair Cures Vertigo - You definitely know that when vertigo attack happens, the only thing to do is to sit or lie down and wait till the spinning ends. But could a special kind of chair permanently cure vertigo?


Looking for the Most Effective Vertigo Home Remedies? This Chair Cures Vertigo


You definitely know that when vertigo attack happens, the only thing to do is to sit or lie down and wait till the spinning ends.


But could a special kind of chair permanently cure vertigo?


Yes, say Danish scientists who presented their new study at the 6th Dubai Otology Conference.


The most common form of vertigo is called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo and the most successful treatment for this type of vertigo is called Epley Maneuver.


Watch this Video – Epley Maneuver: Performed on a Real Patient suffering from Vertigo

This usually involves a physical therapist who moves the head of the patient in a very specific way.


For this therapy to be successful, the movements need to be carried out with impressive precision. And that’s not easy.


To make it easier, various companies have now developed biaxial chairs that can move the patient 360 degrees along the route of each of these semi-circular canals. In this particular study that was presented, the Danish scientists put one of these chairs to a test.


They tested 75 people who were referred to the Tertiary ENT Dizziness Clinic at Aalborg University Hospital.


On average, it took 2.23 treatments for patients to be treated successfully: 1.8 treatments when only one semi-circular tube was affected and 3.13 treatments when more than one had to be cleared.

It worked equally well on patients that previous treatments had failed, which was a pleasant surprise.


It is therefore a good idea to check if these chairs are in your doctor’s office if you’re planning Maneuvers treatment. This would not only be better but also because then you know you’re dealing with a professional focused on vertigo.


But something that works better than Maneuvers would be these simple home exercises that have been proven to eliminate vertigo from as soon as the first day. Learn more and test-drive these vertigo exercises here…


Looking for the Most Effective Vertigo Home Remedies? New Persistent Vertigo Type Finally Treatable


Most forms of vertigo are extremely responsive to treatment and are generally not hugely problematic in the long run.


However, since the 1980s, neurologists have become aware of a persistent form of vertigo that involves psychological, behavioural, and biological symptoms and has not been as easy to treat.


Recently, two separate studies have appeared, in the journals Current Treatment Options in Neurology and Otology & Neurotology, respectively that reveal a remarkable natural treatment option for this type of vertigo.


The pessimistic part…


Firstly, while antidepressants like selective serotonin uptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) are commonly prescribed, the evidence that they are effective has been very weak.


Moreover, since they have extremely destructive side effects, such as constant nausea, serious sleep disturbances, and sexual dysfunction, patients have been reluctant to remain on them, as it will ruin their quality of life even further.


Secondly, benzodiazepines are not effective at all. This is a class of drugs for the treatment of anxiety.


Now, the positive part…


Thirdly, Vestibular/balance rehabilitation therapy makes a valuable contribution to the treatment.


This type of therapy uses movements to desensitize you to whichever movements trigger the symptoms. Through repetition, it literally trains your brain to start perceiving the movements differently to the normal movements, rather than its original interpretation of it as a confusing sensory mishmash that causes dizziness.


Fourthly, cognitive-behavioral therapy is also effective.

This therapy addresses the psychological and behavioral aspects of the disorder.


For example, if you are anxious and expecting the worst when you move around, the symptoms of dizziness are more likely to occur, leading to further anxiety and caution, which could then lead to more severe symptoms and a downward spiral of fear and physical dysfunction.


By teaching you to view your symptoms more positively and to increase your control over them, you can break this damaging cycle.


And for people who are looking for the most effective vertigo home remedies, the best news is…


Our simple, easy vertigo and dizziness exercises have been proven to be extremely effective for this new “untreatable” type of vertigo. Learn more and test-drive them for yourself here…


Looking for the Most Effective Vertigo Home Remedies? The Most Effective Vertigo and Dizziness Treatment (New Study)


One of the first things doctors usually do when you complain about dizziness or vertigo would be to prescribe medications such as antihistamines, cortisone, Valium, and so forth.


However, a new study published in a Russian journal Zhurnal Nevrologii I Psikhiatrii Imeni SS Korsakova has proven that drug-free treatments are actually extremely effective; in fact, it is at the point of being effective in 100% of the cases.


The researchers collected the names of 599 people who were referred to neurological practices with dizziness, all of whom had received neurovestibular examinations in order to try to identify the source of their vertigo.


A neurovestibular examination examines your brain and ears in order to locate the source of dizziness.


Before these examinations, 44% of the patients had been diagnosed with vertebrobasilar insufficiency, which would be a stroke or mini-stroke, due to decreased blood flow to the brain.


Encephalopathy, another form of brain damage that is due to high blood pressure or atherosclerosis, was incorrectly diagnosed in 35% of cases.


Other misdiagnoses were also common, but strokes and brain damage definitely seemed to be the most common guesses before any proper examinations were done.


Once the neurovestibular examinations had been done, the results were as followed:


39% were diagnosed with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (a condition involving the balance system in the ears), 29% had phobic postural vertigo (a psychological condition), 14% had Meniere’s disease (another ear/balance condition), 11% had vestibular neuritis (inflammation of a nerve in the inner ear), and 5% had multisensory dizziness, a condition that mostly affects elderly people.


Watch this Video – Vertigo, Balance, Meniere’s and Dizziness Solutions

It is quite amazing that almost all the stroke and brain damage diagnoses fell away once a proper examination was performed. Hopefully, that makes you feel better the next time you have a vertigo attack.


For the benign paroxysmal positional vertigo patients, basic repositioning maneuvers were effective in 90.2% of cases after the first treatment and were effective in 100% of the cases after the second treatment.


Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo happens when calcium carbonate crystals accidentally fall into semi-circular canals in your inner ear, so basic head movements would easily remove these from the canals.


Furthermore, patients with vestibular neuritis, Meniere’s disease, and phobic postural vertigo also significantly benefited from vestibular exercises and training on a stabilo platform that had biofeedback.


A stabilo platform with biofeedback is a way to train your brain and ears to stop sending incorrect balance signals in response to perfectly normal movements.


To do this, you repeatedly perform the actions that make you feel dizzy while a computer program shows you stabilized images of you and your environment.


This clearly shows that natural methods are enough to treat vertigo and dizziness.


The very best method for all types of vertigo would be simple head balance exercises that can be found here…


This post is from the Vertigo and Dizziness Program, which was created by Christian Goodman. This is an all-natural system created for people who are looking for the most effective vertigo home remedies, that utilizes the power of exercises to permanently cure your vertigo and dizziness. This will help to eliminate tension and improve your blood flow and balance. From this Vertigo Relief Program, you will learn to strengthen your tongue, achieve whole-body balance, relieve tension and enhance your overall well-being.


To find out more about this program, click on Most Effective Vertigo Home Remedies Revealed Here

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