What is the Best Way to Cure Vertigo Attacks?

 What is the Best Way to Cure Vertigo Attacks? Read on here to find out more about this Vertigo Relief Program that can permanently heal your vertigo in just 15 minutes.
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How to Cure Vertigo Attacks Caused by Inner Ear Rocking-Rocks


Vertigo/Dizziness are conditions that have long baffled the traditional medical system.


There are surgeries and there are medications but these invasive methods just don’t seem to provide any permanent results other than side effects.


Recently, however, more naturally focused researchers have discovered the underlying cause for at least 20% of vertigo cases – especially for elderly patients.


The best part is, the way to cure vertigo attacks requires no drugs or surgery.


Our balance system is an extremely complicated and delicate function. It’s based on interactions between the inner ear, the eyes, the position of the body and more. Then the brain takes all this information and coordinates all our senses and movements from this.


If one small thing goes wrong you’ll feel dizzy and experience vertigo in a second.


One of the things that can go wrong is one of 1000 small rocks (made of calcium) in the inner ear moving from the utricle houses (small are in the inner ear) into a much bigger inner ear canal.


You see, these rocks are supposed to move in just a small, isolated area and fire neural signals as we move. When they move to the much bigger area, the signals also become much bigger and we feel like our heads are being spun in circles – VERTIGO!


The trick is to move those calcium stones from the inner ear canal to areas where they don’t create neural signals and the immune system can clear them out. The best way to do this is using a simple head moving technique.


In the following video, physical therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate how to do this technique. For best results, get a physical therapist to do it for you but as you can see, it’s so simple that anyone can help you after watching this video a couple of times.


The downside of this technique is that it requires you to sit up for 48 hours. It also only works for about 20% of vertigo cases (see test in the beginning of the video).


You should feel a little bit better immediately after doing the technique (before holding your head for 48 hours) so if that’s not the case, the moving stones are probably not your problem.


The good news is there are different kinds of exercises that help almost everyone cure their vertigo. They open up the inner ear, increase blood flow to the head and help with balance between what the eyes and ears sense. And you can do these exercises without anyone helping.


To cure vertigo attacks, learn more about these simple vertigo exercises here


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