What is the Best Way to Prevent Vertigo and Dizziness?

What is the Best Way to Prevent Vertigo and Dizziness? Why You Have Dizzy/Vertigo Spells and How to Prevent Vertigo and Dizziness? Read on here to find out more about this Vertigo Relief Program that can permanently cure your vertigo in just 15 minutes.
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Why You Have Dizzy/Vertigo Spells and How to Prevent Vertigo and Dizziness?


You’ve experienced this: standing up from a chair or a bed, all of a sudden everything becomes foggy, and the room even begins to spin.

This is called vertigo and is the most frequent health complaint of people over 65 and the most common cause of falling and broken bones.


But why does this happen and how can you prevent vertigo and dizziness? There are two major causes of vertigo:

1) Not enough blood flow to the brain
2) Miscommunication between the balance receptors in the eyes and ears


And as you’ll learn in a second, there is often the same underlying cause for both of these.


Your body is an amazing machine. Blood delivery throughout the body is calculated and monitored in fractions of a second, millions of times per day.


When sitting or lying down, your brain considers you in a relaxed state and lowers your blood pressure. It doesn’t need the same pressure to deliver blood to the brain as when you’re in action.


But as you stand up, a quick signal is sent to increase blood pressure and blood delivery to the brain.


When we get older, these reflexes get slower. And since the message takes longer to transit, for a few seconds, not enough blood is delivered to the brain.


The brain deals with this by sending out a vertigo response to slow your movements down. It figures, while you have vertigo, you’re not going to be walking. As soon as the brain has caught up with enough blood flow to match your movements, the vertigo signal is reversed, and you feel fine.


Low blood pressure is a major cause of this kind of vertigo. If you have low blood pressure, make sure you drink enough water and check if you’re iron deficient.


High blood pressure also causes this kind of vertigo. It thickens the arteries in the neck, which makes them less flexible. Therefore, the transition from low blood flow (while sitting) and more blood flow (standing up) is slower. When you manage to bring your blood pressure to a healthy level, the arteries soften up again, and the transition will be smoother.


Blood pressure medications (and other medications) are also a common cause of vertigo. Some cause dehydration, which leads to less blood flow to the brain. Other times, medications force your blood pressure too low when it needs to be pumped up (during exercises or standing up). Make sure that your doctor is not overmedicating you if you suffer frequent vertigo.


High and low blood pressure and many other things can cause tension in the muscles that control your balance system in the ears, eyes, and neck.

This tension blocks blood flow but it also causes miscommunication between different balance sensors- another very common cause of vertigo.


To prevent vertigo and dizziness permanently, you must loosen up the muscles around your balance sensors. This increases blood flow to the head and creates a synchronicity between the sensors.


I’ve developed a set of simple exercises that do just that. Numerous readers have successfully used these easy exercises to overcome vertigo completely.


Watch this vertigo-related Video – 5 Effective Ways To Prevent Vertigo Attacks

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