What is the Best Way to Stop Vertigo and Dizziness?

What is the Best Way to Stop Vertigo and Dizziness? If you are in search of the best way to stop vertigo and dizziness from ruining your life, read on here to learn about this vertigo relief program that can help you to permanently cure your vertigo and dizziness.
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How to Stop Vertigo and Dizziness from Ruining Your Life?


If you suffer frequent vertigo and dizziness, when you’re not having an episode, you’re probably dreading when it will hit you next.


It’s extremely stressful not to know when you’re going to have to stop the car, sit down, take a day off from work or activities or however else this condition ruins your life.


A study recently published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, reveals one quick thing you can do to stop vertigo and dizziness from affecting your life so negatively.


It’s something you can do right now and doesn’t cost a dime.

Many studies have shown that people who suffer from vertigo are substantially more likely than the general population to suffer from depression, anxiety and somatization.


This study wanted to find out which people were handicapped the most by their vertigo:


– those with depression,
– those with anxiety,
– those with somatization,
– or those without any of these psychological conditions.


By the way, somatization is a condition in which people with psychological disorders experience those disorders as physical symptoms, like anxiety presenting as nausea or pain without there being an underlying physiological condition that gives rise to the nausea or pain.


They recruited 111 patients with vertigo and measured their vertigo-related disability at the beginning of the study and after a period of 12 months.


They also measured their depression, anxiety, and somatization.

All three psychological problems caused the vertigo-related handicap to be worse than in those who experienced no psychological distress. Depression had by far the strongest aggravating effect.


To put it simply, those who worried the most about their vertigo were also the most limited by their disease. And this had nothing to do with the level of their condition.


So, if you can pep yourself up and focus on the positive things, your vertigo may not get better but the limitations it puts on your life will be less.


Watch these 2 Videos below –


Dizziness and Vertigo – How to Stop Dizziness Instantly – Dizziness Treatment


How To Stop Vertigo – Best Tips To Treat Vertigo Fast

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