What is the Best Way to Eliminate Vertigo Symptoms?

What is the Best Way to Eliminate Vertigo Symptoms? Do you want to eliminate vertigo symptoms? Why are so many people suffering from frequent bouts of vertigo and dizziness? It didn’t use to be like this. The answer may lie in new technology, particularly something that used to be only found in shopping malls and other public areas but is now sneaking into your home. Read on to find out more.


Eliminate Vertigo SymptomsVertigo and Dizziness Caused By This “Silent Sound”


Why are so many people suffering from frequent bouts of vertigo and dizziness?


It didn’t use to be like this.


The answer may lie in new technology, particularly something that used to be only found in shopping malls and other public areas but is now sneaking into your home.


It’s even so powerful that it’s now used for crowd control and weapons. No wonder it makes you dizzy.


A British academic from Southampton University published an article in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society A that casts doubt on the existing guidelines for high-frequency ultrasound use in public areas.


Professor Tim Leighton used smartphone and tablet apps to obtain readings of high frequency/ultrasonic fields (VHF/US) fields in a couple of public areas where people had complained of dizziness, nausea, migraine, fatigue, tinnitus, and so forth.


These places included sports arenas, shopping malls, schools, libraries, museums, and railway stations.


He discovered that people were often exposed to VHF/US levels over 20 kHz, to which many people have been found to be sensitive to. He particularly highlighted that children and people between the ages of 40 and 49 were also sensitive to these high frequencies.


He warned that the guidelines for such exposure were more than 40 years old and that they did not take into account the levels to which people are now exposed to or the amount of time for which they are so exposed. As such, he recommended that new guidelines be formulated.


This is likely to be a problem in any place where there are devices like loudspeakers, door sensors, modern humidifiers, and public address systems; in other words, just about everywhere. And you don’t know whether you are being affected, because you cannot hear those high-frequency sounds.


Most people can hear sound waves only up to 20 kHz, but there are clearly exceptional cases where people can detect it and are made ill by it.


In fact, a lot of research is currently being conducted to use high-frequency ultrasound to deter teenage troublemakers.


Other researchers have been tasked with developing high-frequency ultrasound crowd control weapons to make political and economic protesters fall ill, obviously as a way to make them go home and stop the protests.


Police in several countries around the world, including the United States, have already begun to use these. They have also been used on pirates to deter them from attacking ships.


In other words, everyone agrees that these waves can make people sick; that is why they are being used as weapons. The problem is that they also have so many useful applications that are used to make our lives easier.


The key would thus be to formulate new guidelines to protect people who are sensitive to these frequencies.


This problem is now more acute than ever, not just because of all the users of high sound frequencies in public areas, but also because the technology is being extended into people’s homes.


For example, if you connect your mobile phone to your television or sound system through, for instance, Google Chromecast, you are using these high sound frequencies.


If you are sensitive to sound frequencies, there is little you can do at this stage aside from avoiding areas with all the ultrasonic activity.


Alternatively, you can buy a set of industrial earplugs used by workers in industries where high-frequency ultrasound waves are used.


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