Revealing Here How to Deal with Signs of Anxiety Disorder

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5 Common Problems That Can Be Signs of Anxiety

It’s perfectly normal to experience some anxiety as we go through life.

In fact, it would be abnormal if we didn’t.

But sometimes people experience excessive anxiety over a particular stimulus, and the anxiety itself becomes a huge problem.

There are many types of anxiety disorders, and they present themselves via a variety of signs and symptoms such as the ones listed below.

It should be noted that these signs are not anxiety-specific, though if you tend to exhibit two or more of them over a period of time, then chances are; you might be experiencing an anxiety disorder.

1) You Experience Persistent Headache

Tension headaches are frequent among people with anxiety disorders.

In some cases, the aches get so bad; they turn into acute dizzy spells.

Some anxiety disorder sufferers claim that the aching discomfort is like having an enormous pressure wrapped tightly around their heads, and it gives them a somewhat unreal feeling when they are moving about.

Although easier said than done, it is imperative that you try—as best as you can manage—to remain calm when you get hit by a tension headache triggered by anxiety.

2) You Experience Frequent Shortness of Breath

Lately, have you been experiencing regular bouts of breath shortness and you’re not even a smoker?

Like hyperventilation, shortness of breath is also a customary sign of an anxiety disorder.

The former is characterized by fast and heavy breathing, while the latter feels like your lungs are just not taking in enough air, despite deep and regular inhaling.

3) You Experience Persistent Stomach Discomfort

People who are prone to anxiety disorders often experience a condition known as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

A wide variety of symptoms are exhibited by this condition including diarrhea, constipation, food intolerance, cramping, bloating, and more.

Ask any experienced medical practitioner, and it’s likely that he or she will tell you that it is absolutely possible for severe anxiety to inflict persistent stomach distress and digestive issues.

There are even cases where the severity of the anxiety actually causes reflux and burning sensations in the stomach.

4) You Have Difficulty Focusing Your Attention

Inability to focus is fairly common in people with acute anxiety or depression.

Quite a number of sufferers out there have reported that being focused is extremely difficult for them, that even the simplest thing such as talking briefly to someone becomes too troublesome of a task.

Someone could utter a simple sentence to you, but your mind just goes completely blank.

Or, you might enjoy reading in the past; but that activity is no longer pleasurable because you just can’t seem to maintain your focus long enough to get through even a single page of a book.

And let’s not forget that poor focus can result in poor work performance.

Consequently, you become stressed out and that will further deteriorate your ability to focus—it really is a vicious cycle.

5) You Have Difficulty Sleeping

You place your head on a soft, cushy pillow, and all set to wander through dreamland but…it’s not happening!

You can’t seem to doze off because your mind is darting all over the place as you think about a ton of different matters.

Heck, you could be thinking about that one specific matter repeatedly.

You take a quick gander at the alarm clock on the nightstand, and to your utter shock, there are less than 4 hours left before the alarm starts to ring!

We’re looking at yet another vicious cycle as anxiety causes you to be deprived of precious sleep, and sleep deprivation only serves to aggravate your anxiety disorder.

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Written by Haley Wells


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