How to Cure Your High Blood Pressure without Side Effects?

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Cure Your High Blood Pressure without Side Effects – This “Paper Clip” Cures High Blood Pressure (this one is strange)

Sometimes the medical world is just too weird. This was demonstrated when scientists discovered how to use a specific “paper clip” to cure high blood pressure.

It works for people who have been unsuccessful with blood pressure medications, and the results are permanent.

Plus it’s very easy to implement.

Implanted in the upper thigh, this new “paper clip” device developed by ROX Medical, clips together an artery and a vein.

The implantation is quick and easy and only requires 40 minutes under local anesthetic. It’s also 100% reversible if any complications arise, and the blood pressure-lowering effects are immediate.

Plus, it seems to be a permanent solution, so you don’t have to take a daily dose of medication.

Researchers from Queen Mary University put this device to the test in a new study.

The results were a drastic drop in blood pressure. This is especially helpful for those who have been resistant to blood pressure medications or suffer side effects that make medications unsuitable.

But, there is a catch!

Almost 1/3 of those receiving the “paper clip” developed leg swelling, which called for another procedure. This shows again that all treatments via surgery or drugs come with side effects or the risk of a complication. There is no way around it.

For this reason, if you really want to cure your blood pressure without side effects, you must implement lifestyle changes instead of relying on drugs and surgery.

The simplest method I know to lower blood pressure naturally is the use of 3 easy exercises. Thousands of readers have used these exercises successfully to bring their blood pressure below 120/80, sometimes, from the very first day.

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Cure Your High Blood Pressure without Side Effects – Deadly High Blood Pressure Caused By This “Safe” Med

We tend to think that over-the-counter medications (that you don’t need a prescription to obtain) are pretty safe to take.

But if you have high blood pressure, you must avoid this one type of over-the-counter medication.

Otherwise, it can skyrocket your blood pressure with serious consequences.

Flu season is in full blast, and when it hits, millions of people flock to their local pharmacy to buy over-the-counter flu meds.

For most people, these flu meds are safe to use for a short period. But for those who suffer from high blood pressure, many of those flu remedies can cause a BP spike.

And a spike in blood pressure can land you in the emergency room with a heart attack or stroke.

As if that weren’t enough, when you have the flu, your body is loaded with inflammation to fight off viruses and/or bacteria. Furthermore, this inflammation increases the risk of stroke and heart attack and raises blood pressure. So you must be doubly careful when you have the flu.

There are many other over-the-counter medications that raise blood pressure, such as pain killers. Energy drinks are another example. Read the warning labels carefully and consult your doctor before taking any pills or stimulating drinks.

The best prevention is to get your blood pressure under control before the flu hits you, or before you consider any type of over-the-counter medication.

However, you must use a natural method to lower your blood pressure, as traditional drugs come with numerous side effects that will hurt you in the long run.

The best natural method I know for lowering blood pressure is using three easy exercises. Thousands of readers have used these exercises to get their blood pressure under control.

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Cure Your High Blood Pressure without Side Effects – Most Powerful Blood Pressure Veggie on Earth

Researchers are proving again how one incredible vegetable ends high blood pressure even more effectively than prescription medications.

And it’s not only alternative health and wellness experts or natural healers who are singing its praises.

Experts and scientists in Western medicine have joined the choir, to the dismay of pharmaceutical giants.

Researchers in the UK from Queen Mary University in London recently released the results of a study looking at the effect of beets on blood pressure.

What they found was what researchers all over the world have been saying for decades— that beets are the solution for ending high blood pressure.

The study followed two groups of participants: those who had untreated chronic hypertension (high blood pressure), and those who were taking prescription hypertension medications but were unable to reduce their blood pressure to a healthy level.

The groups were then divided again, with half the participants from each group drinking one cup of beetroot juice every day and the other half of each group drinking only a placebo.

It was no surprise that after 4 weeks of the study, the beetroot group in BOTH sets of participants (untreated and prescription-resistant) ended up with a whopping 8 mmHg drop in systolic blood pressure, on average.

This was enough to completely normalize blood pressure for most of the participants in the beetroot group. The placebo group saw no change in blood pressure over the 4 weeks.

Not only did the participants wind up with healthier blood pressure, but their overall vascular health improved as well, with nearly 20% improvement in blood vessel dilation and a 10% reduction in arterial hardening. These two factors characterize atherosclerosis, a condition known to cause heart attack and stroke.

If you are convinced that beets are the way to go, be advised. The best benefit comes from juicing the raw beet, but it’s not advised to drink it straight. The study participants had a diluted mixture. Drinking it full-strength can cause pain and numbness in the throat and esophagus, as well as other problems.

The best way to prepare beetroot juice (after scrubbing everything), is to run a beet through a juicer with an apple, a couple stalks of celery, and about a cupful of baby spinach or cucumber. This is a healthy way to dilute the beet juice.

For best results, drink the juice immediately. Storing it reduces the levels of vitamins and nutrients that are responsible for the blood pressure-dropping benefits.

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