What is the Best Way to Completely Reverse Gout Naturally?

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Completely Reverse Gout Naturally – This Leaf Heals Gout (better than drugs)

In a new study, this leaf was proven to be just as effective as leading gout drugs, but without any side effects.

What’s more, if you’re lucky enough, this leaf may grow wild near you. If not, you can get extracts with the same benefits at your local health food store.

This study was presented in the Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Sustainable Innovation 2020: Health Science and Nursing.

Very few people have heard of a plant called Acalypha indica L., even if I use its better-known name: anting-anting.

Some people also call it Indian Copperleaf, Indian Mercury, or Indian Nettle.

It occurs naturally in tropical locations like Indian Ocean islands, West Africa, North Africa, and even in India, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. It doesn’t even have to be farmed, and it grows absolutely anywhere with disturbed soil.

It is especially rich in flavonoids, which drew the attention of the researchers responsible for this new study.

In particular, it contains plenty of quercetin and kaempferol, two flavonoids that the team noted have been linked to a reduction in uric acid.

Since uric acid is responsible for causing gout, they thought that anting-anting leaf could be a good candidate as a gout treatment.

To explore this question, they obtained an ethanol extract of anting-anting leaf and enrolled 25 rats in their study.

They divided the rats into five groups:

1. A group that was not given any medication.

2. A group that received allopurinol, one of the most common drugs that doctors prescribe for gout.

3. A group that received 3.15 grams of extract per kilogram of body weight (g/kgBW).

4. A group that received 6.3 g/kgBW of extract.

5. A group that received 12.6 g/kgBW of extract.

The researchers first measured the uric acid levels in all the rats, after which they induced high uric acid levels in all 25 rats by injecting them with caffeine.

They then measured the rats’ uric acid again. They administered the treatments for nine days, during which they kept on measuring the rats’ uric acid levels.

They performed the last uric acid measurements more than a week after the treatments ended.

Based on all this information, they determined that both the 3.15 and the 6.3 g/kgBW doses of anting-anting extract worked to lower uric acid—but the star of the show was the 12.6 g/kgBW dose that was given to group 5.

This amount of anting-anting worked just as well as the allopurinol that was given to group 2. This drug is usually given to people with gout.

The only problem that now remains is that this extract is not commercially available. If future studies confirm these findings on human subjects, it might become available.

Until then, you will have to settle for quercetin and kaempferol, the two flavonoids that are probably responsible for most of the effect.

You can find quercetin in commercially available capsules and in green tea, red wine, onions, apples, and berries.

Kaempferol is abundant in kale, spinach, broccoli, beans, and tea.

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Gout’s #1 Cause Discovered (completely reverse gout naturally)

If you have been diagnosed with gout, you have probably been told to cut down on acidic food like meat, which is not bad advice.

But a study published in the latest edition of JAMA Network Open reveals the #1 cause of gout. Without addressing this one factor, all other methods are in vain.

The good news is that this factor can be fixed easily, using simple lifestyle changes to completely reverse gout.

A team led by researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School examined previous studies finding that a high blood urate level was the primary causal factor behind gout.

In addition, they reviewed studies showing that high urate levels could be lowered by tackling obesity, unhealthy diet, alcohol consumption, and diuretic use.

These two facts prompted them to examine exactly how many gout cases could be prevented by addressing these four factors. They designed a new study to find out.

They mined the Health Professionals Follow-up Study for data. This is a study of 51,529 male health professionals who were recruited in 1986 and had submitted a questionnaire every two years on their health, diets, and lifestyle habits.

The authors of the new study excluded subjects who had gout at the beginning of the study and for whom information was incomplete. Eventually they had a sufficiently large sample of 44,654 subjects.

They checked which of these subjects developed gout between 1986 and 2015.

1. Obese men with a BMI of 30 and up were 265% more likely to develop gout than those with BMI scores lower than 23.

2. Compared to those with BMI scores below 23, those with a BMI of 25–29 had an increased risk of 90% and those with a BMI of 23–24.9 had an elevated risk of 29%.

3. Diuretic use increased the subjects’ risk of gout by 210%.

4. Men who consumed at least five grams of alcohol per day were 20–110% more likely to develop gout, depending on the amount they drank.

5. Those who ate the perfect DASH diet with vegetables, fruit, low-fat dairy, and very little red meat were 26% less likely to develop gout than those who scored the worst on the DASH diet.

This means that 77% of these gout cases could have been prevented by having a BMI below 25, following the DASH diet, and refraining from diuretics and alcohol.

But here are the most important findings. DASH dieting and abstaining from diuretics and alcohol could have prevented 79% of cases among men with a BMI of less than 23, 69% of cases among men with a BMI of 23–24.9, 59% of cases among men with a BMI of 25–29, but only 5% of cases among men with a BMI over 30.

This shows clearly that weight is the single most important thing you must tackle to prevent gout. If you do everything else right but are still obese, your efforts will most probably be in vain.

But the scientist didn’t actually test for the real cause of gout. Because this cause isn’t well-known. But it’s one that’s very easy to completely reverse gout naturally —so you can cure gout for good, as I explain here…

And if you need to lose weight, you can do that in a breeze using the third element of weight loss. I explain this all here…

Completely Reverse Gout Naturally – The Misdiagnosis of GOUT

Gout is often treated as an afterthought in the medical system. Rather than a stand-alone disease, it is considered a consequence of one or more coexisting diseases.

Doctors therefore tend to focus on the primary disease rather than gout, leaving gout mistreated at best.

But a new study from the University of Gothenburg, Lund University, and the University of Auckland reveals that gout is much more serious than previously thought—and this changes everything about diagnosing and treating it.

The researchers consulted a Swedish population-based health survey to find people with gout and to investigate what co-occurring conditions they had. They were specifically interested in obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other fats, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney dysfunction, pulmonary dysfunction, smoking, and the use of diuretics.

With all of this health data at hand, they could divide their gout subjects into five distinct clusters.

1. Cluster 1 had no serious comorbidities. There were 16,063 people in this cluster.

2. All of the subjects in cluster 2 had kidney dysfunction but none had cardiovascular disease. There were 750 people in this cluster.

3. All of the subjects in cluster 3 had cardiovascular disease and 74% of them were smokers. There were 528 people in this cluster.

4. Cluster 4 had the highest percentage of obese people (34%) and 74% of them had high cholesterol or other fats in their blood. There were 3,673 people in this cluster.

5. In cluster 5, 51% had diabetes, 54% had high blood pressure, and 52% used diuretics. There were 1,043 people in this cluster.

So, what can we learn from this?

1. 73% of people with gout have either no comorbidities or few that are serious.

2. 17% of people with gout have a problem with obesity, cholesterol, or high blood fats.

This does not mean that the people with no or few comorbidities would not have developed comorbidities later, of course. But it does at least serve as a warning to basically healthy people that they should not discount gout as something that cannot happen to them.

This shows that gout is usually a stand-alone independent disease that needs to be addressed on its own.

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