What is the Best Way to Keep Chronic Kidney Disease from Getting Worse?

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Keep Chronic Kidney Disease from Getting Worse – When Chronic Kidney Disease Drugs Kill

Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

And that seems to be the case with many chronic kidney disease mediations according to a new study from the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

Even worse, the side effects become more and more severe the longer that people took the medications. Doctors tend to prescribe chronic medications for chronic conditions, which is unfortunate because the harmful effects of drugs tend to be cumulative, i.e., they increase in quantity or degree the longer that patients take the drug.

And some of the side effects even include kidney failure and death.

The most common medications prescribed for chronic kidney disease are renin–angiotensin system inhibitors, antithrombotic agents, and diuretics.

The first of these interferes with the system that controls blood pressure and fluid and electrolyte balance, the second reduces the formation of blood clots, and the third increases the amount of water and salt patients excrete in the form of urine.

The subjects of the new study all had non-dialysis chronic kidney disease; 65 percent of them were male, and the average age was 69. They all had an estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) of less than 60 mL/min/1.73 m2 (milliliter per minute per square meter). The researchers obtained their data from the Chronic Kidney Disease-Renal Epidemiology and Information Network.

Over just two years, 536—18 percent—of these subjects experienced 751 negative drug reactions, with 150 of these serious and 16 of them fatal.

The scientists obtained details of the negative drug reactions from hospitalization records, complete medical records, and participant interviews. They could then calculate whether these consequences stemmed directly or indirectly from the drugs.

Two-thirds of these negative reactions were renal and urinary problems, especially acute kidney injury and hemorrhages. It’s ironic when drugs for kidney disease actually cause kidney damage.

Problems in the gastrointestinal, muscular, skeletal, and connective tissue systems were also fairly common.

Incredibly, the patients were prescribed an average of 8 different drugs, with some of the patients receiving more than 12.

Those with an eGFR of less than 30 mL/min/1.73 m2 were 56 and 82 percent more likely than the rest of the study population was to suffer negative or serious negative reactions, respectively.

Compared with those who took five or fewer drugs, those prescribed more than 10 drugs were 1.6 times more likely to suffer negative reactions and 2.1 times more likely to suffer serious negative reactions.

Therefore, although they seem to be simple solutions to serious health problems, remember that drugs cause their own problems that can, as in 16 of these cases, be deadly.

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Keep Chronic Kidney Disease from Getting Worse – How Chronic Kidney Disease Is Ruining Your Quality of Life

Chronic kidney disease sufferers are okay until they require dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Well this is the common view, but new research published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology states something quite the opposite.

In fact, it goes as far as saying that people who have the earliest stage of kidney disease are also suffering – often without realizing it.

Indian scientists analyzed information collected by the Indian Chronic Kidney Disease Study whose objective it was to record patient’s quality of life every year.

This included information about both physical and mental health, the negative impact the disease had on their lives, symptoms, and any other problems.

The quality of life was measured on the Kidney Disease Quality of Life, which is a 36-item measurement index.

The subjects received a score from 0 to 100 and were tested at the beginning of the study and every subsequent year.

On average, participants scored 43/100 in the physical health, 48/100 in mental health, 61/100 in the negative impact part, 87/100 in the effects, and 90/100 in the symptoms.

Physical and mental health scales tested general health, available energy, ability to accomplish tasks, depression, and anxiety, so they should have scored higher.

The negative impact (burden) scale tested the interference of the disease with their daily lives, the frustration it caused, and the burden they felt they posed to others.

Here they should have scored lower. The same goes for the symptoms and problems component, which measured pain, sore muscles, cramps, and so on.

All of this is important because a poor quality of life actually has been shown to contribute to the health problems of sufferers.

Patients with mild-moderate kidney disease, who had low physical and mental health scores, were happier than their peers that suffered cardiovascular events and experienced a faster progression in their kidney disease.

Therefore, mild kidney disease can ruin a patient’s quality of life, which then feeds back into the system, causing their kidney disease to progress even faster.

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Keep Chronic Kidney Disease from Getting Worse – Eating this Halts Kidney Disease

There are five stages of kidney disease.

In stages 1-3, the people may not even realize they’re suffering from a dangerous disease. But when it progresses to stage 5, kidney failure is unavoidable.

So, it’s not so much about finding a cure for kidney disease as to finding a way to prevent it from progressing.

And a new study published in Preprints now reveals food a widely available food that prevents kidney disease from progressing to the next stage.

Kidney function is assessed via a measurement called glomerular filtration rate. It indicates the amount of blood filtered by the glomeruli per minute. The glomeruli are tiny capillaries in your kidneys that filter water and waste products out of your blood while retaining blood cells and other useful larger substances.

A score above 90 is normal, while a score below indicates some level of kidney dysfunction. This score drops naturally as people age.

Researchers wanted to find out whether folic acid could increase anti-oxidative activity and prevent deterioration in kidney function.

They wanted to know whether prominent antioxidative systems, PON1 activity and homocysteine levels in our blood could stop our glomerular filtration rate from dropping.

There were 113 participants who had been diagnosed with kidney disease at stages 4, 3b, and 3a. Stage 4 is very low kidney function with stage 5 signifying complete kidney failure.

The treatment consisted of three consecutive months of folic acid for one group, while the other group received no treatment.

Their study proved their hypothesis correct – folic acid prevented glomerular filtration rates from dropping further.

It even worked for stage 4 kidney disease sufferers. Best of all, it did not just prevent their kidney function scores from dropping, it also improved them.

Folic acid is almost exclusively sold as synthetic drugs that can have harmful side effects like numbness or tingling, mouth and tongue pain, weakness, confusion, hives, and nausea.

The best way to consume it is through food, where it is called folate or vitamin b9.

Foods especially rich in folate include beans, peas, lentils, asparagus, beets, eggs, citrus fruits, papaya, nuts, seeds, spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli.

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The CKD solution shows a step-by-step guide that gives you the tools needed to put what you’ve learned into action. These comprise of food lists, meal plan samples, dietary recommendations, supplement guides, exercise guidance, and more.

The CKD Solution is designed to support small lifestyle changes without medications, drugs, exotic herbs, treatments, or even hospital visits. That said, individuals are to continue their frequent hospital visits to assess their health, especially if this is something that has been going on for some time.

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is a guide that motivates consumers to make lifestyle changes that can help ease CKD-related symptoms. By targeting issues including inflammation and poor gut health, many of its linked illnesses are expected to disappear, especially the ones that could further deteriorate one’s kidney function.

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