What is the Best Way to Reverse Your High Blood Pressure Naturally?

Reverse Your High Blood Pressure Naturally - What is one of the first things a good doctor recommends when you are diagnosed with high blood pressure? Diet and exercises, right? But which exercises?
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Reverse Your High Blood Pressure Naturally – How The Internet Cures High Blood Pressure (study)

High blood pressure is so widespread it’s unknown how many people suffer from it.

Despite the lack of knowledge regarding the statistics, there’s one thing that is fact – not all sufferers can get to the doctor.

Some avoid doctor’s checkups out of fear, whilst others can’t visit due to one reason or other, such as immobility or living in remote places.

And those that do get to see their GPs often find themselves leaving the surgeries dissatisfied with the information they received.

Drugs – drugs – and more drugs. While doctors are handing out high blood pressure drugs like candy, people are becoming more skeptical, which has led patients to seek answers and safer alternatives elsewhere – the Internet included.

Teams from the University Health Network and the University of Toronto recently presented a study illustrating how people can cure themselves of high blood pressure with nothing more than an Internet connection.

But it has to be done in a very specific way to be successful.

In the study 264 people with high blood pressure with an average age of 57.5 were recruited. 39 of the participants had blood pressure above 160/100 mmHg.

They divided subjects into two – one group received a comprehensive Internet-based lifestyle counselling program, and the other received a generic online program.

The lifestyle intervention program consisted of weekly emails for four months, two emails per month for the next four, and one email per month for last four.

The emails contained links to videos recorded by former hypertensive patients in which they explained the lifestyle modifications that enabled them to lower their blood pressure, tools for tracking their diets and activity levels, and other educational materials.

The first program included clear interactive activities and concise information from people in real-life counselling settings. The second online program just included information that you could obtain from any good book.

The participant’s blood pressure from both groups was checked quarterly over a period of a year. Those that received the more personalized comprehensive treatment dropped their blood pressure by 10 mmHg. The other group only experienced a 6 mmHG drop.

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Reverse Your High Blood Pressure Naturally – Trendy Exercise Lowers High Blood Pressure

What is one of the first things a good doctor recommends when you are diagnosed with high blood pressure?

Diet and exercises, right?

But which exercises?

A new study published in the American Journal of Hypertension reveals a new type of exercise, which is quite effective at lowering blood pressure.

Researchers recruited 28 obese women between the ages of 19 and 27, who had body-mass index scores of between 30 and 40 kg/m2. They all had high blood pressure, but did not have any other chronic health conditions.

They were divided into two groups – half received a 12-week course in mat Pilates and the other half was not expected to do any exercise above what they were already doing.

Mat Pilates is a series of exercises that focus specifically on the strengthening of your core muscles.

The 12-week course consisted of three sessions a week that included 10 minutes of stretching, 40 minutes of Pilates, followed by 10 minutes of cooling-down stretches.

By the end of week 12, the scientists found that the women in the mat Pilates group had 6 mmHg lower systolic blood pressure.

In addition, they had lower arterial stiffness and higher circulating levels of nitric oxide.

This proves that Pilates can help reduce your blood pressure scores, but it’s not enough to cure your condition completely.

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Reverse Your High Blood Pressure Naturally – Tasty Fruit Cures High Blood Pressure

One in three – that’s how many adults in the US suffer from chronic high blood pressure.

What’s even more startling than these stats is the cocktail of pills they have to consume on a daily basis.

Thankfully, for these people, scientists from the University of Michigan have found a solution to this ever-growing epidemic that’s sweeping the world, and the answer lies in one delicious-tasting fruit, which has even been dubbed as the “mother of all antioxidants” by some doctors.

Grapes not only lower high blood pressure considerably, they also alter your genes, putting an end to your “genetic” high blood pressure”.

The study saw scientists supplementing high amounts of grape extract powder in rat’s high fat diets.

The results were outstanding.

The grape powder prevented the rat’s hearts from becoming enlarged and the arteries from hardening, which typically happens in humans and animals that follow a high fat diet – it is also a common side effect of high blood pressure.

Researchers can now say with confidence that grapes do not only lower blood pressure, but they also contribute to the prevention of heart failure.

They then fed the grape-rich diet to rats with hypertension for 18 weeks, which resulted in the altering of the rat’s genes.

When the genes were altered, the grapes were able to provide the hearts cells with even more antioxidants, therefore preventing them from suffering from the effects of high blood pressure.

Doctors recommend that people who suffer from high blood pressure should add a handful of grapes to their daily diet to prevent heart disease and stop their high blood pressure from spiralling out of control.

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