What is the Best Way to Eliminate Psoriasis Symptoms Permanently?

Eliminate Psoriasis Symptoms Permanently – This Cosmetic Habit Causes Psoriasis

A study that has just appeared in the British Journal of Dermatology has found that one popular cosmetic habit causes psoriasis.

This is quite alarming considering many dermatologists have previously promoted this habit to ease psoriasis symptoms.

The researchers analyzed information already collected by the Nurse’s Health Study II. In total, there were 80,923 participants, all of whom were women.

They were asked about their annual use of tanning beds in high school and college, between ages 25-35, and over the last two years.

For each of these periods, they were asked how often they used tanning beds from zero to more than 24 times per year.

32.4 percent admitted to having 1-2 tanning bed sessions per year, 13.38 percent reported 3-11 annual uses, and 1.7 percent reported more than 12 sessions.

While only 2.3 percent of women reported developing psoriasis, the risk was higher for women who tanned indoors than for women who did not. There was a:

1. 16 percent greater chance for women who tanned indoors once or twice a year.

2. 23 percent greater risk for women who tanned indoors 3-11 times per year.

3. 63 percent increased risk for women who tanned indoors 12 or more times per year.

This is quite alarming, as many dermatologists even prescribe tanning beds to relieve psoriasis symptoms.

But avoiding tanning beds does nothing to eliminate psoriasis symptoms permanently. Hundreds of people have however been able to completely eliminate their psoriasis using simple diet and lifestyle changes explained here…

Eliminate Psoriasis Symptoms Permanently – This ONE Ingredient Causes Psoriasis

The traditional medical system considers psoriasis untreatable.

But a new study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology proves not only that it’s preventable, but also curable.

And all you have to do is cut out this ONE (maybe two) ingredients.

Mice were fed a high-fat high-sugar diet that mimicked the typical Western diet. This was enough to cause easily observable skin inflammation within the first four weeks, even before the mice started putting on weight.

This implies that the skin damage that later becomes psoriasis is present because of the food, and not the extra weight.

They also put other groups of mice on different diets to compare them with the Western dieters.

• One group received a normal diet without excessive fat and sugar,
• Another group received a high-fat diet without excessive sugar.
• The third group received a high-fat, high sugar diet.

The high-fat high-sugar group was the only group that exhibited skin inflammation.

A Western Diet is made up of saturated fats and simple, rather than complex, carbs. It also contains little fiber.

The researchers even managed to find a mechanism that is likely responsible for this finding – bile acids.

When you eat fat, your liver produces bile acids that travel to your intestines and help to absorb the fat.

When the mice were given a drug that removed the bile acids from their intestines, their levels of skin inflammation were lower, proving these acids play a role in the production of skin inflammation as a result of a high-fat, high-sugar diet.

We cannot recommend these drugs of course, as they can cause stomach upset, pain, constipation or diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and low levels of vitamins B and K.

The easiest solution is simply to eat less fat and fewer simple carbohydrates. Also, it is recommended to follow an anti-inflammatory diet.

A healthier diet is all well and good, but to permanently cure psoriasis, you need a little bit more to eliminate psoriasis symptoms permanently, as I’ll explain here…

Eliminate Psoriasis Symptoms Permanently -This Bad Habit Causes Psoriasis

WebMD claims no one really knows what causes psoriasis – and there are some that actually believe this.

But to cure something, we need to know where it came from in the first place.

So naturally, we welcomed new research that was published in the Journal Of The American Academy Of Dermatology, which revealed a bad habit that increases the risk of psoriasis by a whopping 300%

And here’s the thing – it isn’t even your bad habit.

New warnings have been made regarding smoking while pregnant, as this can lead to psoriasis in children.

Researchers collected and analyzed data of 25,812 children from the Danish National Birth Cohort. This information spanned across different age groups – at gestational week 12, at six months, and at 11 years, which allowed researchers to compare the child’s development.

Children who were exposed to tobacco smoke during their prenatal months were 39 percent more likely than children of non-smoking mothers to develop psoriasis.

If the mothers-to-be smoked 16 or more cigarettes per day during their pregnancies, the kids were almost three times more likely to have psoriasis in their childhood.

The study also revealed that the kids whose mothers were on nicotine replacement products while expecting were also 36 percent more likely to have psoriasis than the kids whose pregnant mothers neither smoked nor utilized nicotine replacement therapy – therefore nicotine is the culprit.

This new information doesn’t really come as such a surprise since a large study in the American Journal of Epidemiology recently stated that smokers had almost twice the psoriasis risk than non-smokers.

To find out how to eliminate psoriasis symptoms permanently, watch this video –Natural Treatments For Psoriasis | Dr. Josh Axe

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