What to Do Best When You Really Have Psoriasis?


Psoriasis is more common than you think, but a lot of people don’t know they have psoriasis. You can do some online research or get diagnosed by a dermatologist to find out for sure.


What do you do once you have psoriasis? Now, you have confirmed you have psoriasis, so what are your options now?


The first thing to do is try and find out what causes the psoriasis. There is no cure for psoriasis, but if you can determine what brings on the outbreaks you may be able to stop the frequency.


Figuring out the cause can be the problem though.  There is no one trigger of psoriasis, there are many and they vary from person to person.


Outbreaks can be caused by genetics, which is hard to prevent, stress, the food we eat, or the weather.


When you have psoriasis, it’s a good idea to start keeping a log of daily activities. It can be a time consuming process at first, but in the long run it will pay off.


Writing down your daily activities as well as when the outbreaks happen, can give you a good idea of what your main triggers are. Over time, you will discover what your triggers are and can then take steps to avoid them.


As soon as you feel an outbreak coming on, find relief fast. Relief is not scratching or picking until you bleed either. Relief can be found by lathering on fragrance free moisturizer.


Take a mineral or olive oil bath. Put together a baking powder paste and lather it on the sore areas or even a wet wrap. Rubbing Aloe Vera on the sore spots can ease the pain and inflammation.


Most importantly, you need to lotion, lotion, and then lotion again. Keeping the skin moisturized will help prevent outbreaks and help relive the dry, patches spots.


Learning you have psoriasis is the first step.  From there it is up to you to find what causes it and how to find the best relief without scratching, picking, or making the lesions worse.


You can also click on this Video HERE and Another Video HERE if you want to get more ideas on what to do if you have psoriasis.


By Kathy Wilson, a previous sufferer, who authors the The Psoriasis Free For Life program. In Psoriasis Free for Life, Katy Wilson offers a comprehensive guide to completely eliminating psoriasis.


Early on in her battle against psoriasis she understood that the best remedy was helping the defenses of the body’s immune system, as opposed to masking the physicality.


As such her work further shines the light on the problem within Western medicine, where doctors are trained to focus on drugs, as opposed to getting to the root of the problem. Click HERE to find out what you can do if you have psoriasis.


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