What is the Best Way for Curing Your Psoriasis?

Are you looking for ways for curing your psoriasis? If you do, read on to learn about Julissa Clay’s Psoriasis Program whom she offers her tips and techniques which she used while struggling with psoriasis.


Curing Your Psoriasis – Psoriasis’s Deadly Consequences


Psoriasis is no fun.


Like itchy, flared-up, sometimes bleeding skin, unsightly dried scales, red blotches, heavy dandruff and all the other horrible effects of psoriasis weren’t enough…


…now a new study published in JAMA Dermatology reveals that this skin condition also causes at least 11 types of cancer.


And we’re not talking small chances here. With one cancer the increase is 180%, with another 100%.


58 previous studies were used to calculate the increased likelihood that people with psoriasis will also develop some form of cancer.


They discovered that people with psoriasis were 18 to 22 percent more likely to develop cancer.


They also found an increased risk for a range of site-specific cancers:


  1. 18 percent higher for colon cancer,
  2.  34 percent higher for colorectal cancer,
  3. 58 percent higher for kidney cancer,
  4. 79 percent higher for laryngeal cancer,
  5.  83 percent higher for liver cancer,
  6.  40 percent higher for lymphoma,
  7.  28 percent higher for non-Hodgkin lymphoma,
  8.  71 percent higher for keratinocyte cancers,
  9.  100 percent higher for esophageal cancer,
  10.  180 percent higher for oral cavity cancers, and
  11. 41 percent higher for pancreatic cancer.


Severe cases of psoriasis increased the sufferer’s risks of getting liver, esophageal, and pancreatic cancers; it also significantly reduced their chances of being able to survive the cancer.


Why is psoriasis such a cancer risk?


One explanation is inflammation can lead to cancer. Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition. Previous studies also show that other inflammatory conditions, like Crohn’s disease, also increase the risk of developing cancer.


Another possibility is that some of the treatments used to fight against psoriasis, such as biological treatments and phototherapy, are carcinogenic.


Common drugs for psoriasis also suppress the immune systems, which could put people at greater risk.


For curing your psoriasis starting from today, without drugs, you need to tackle its underlying cause, which I will explain here


Curing Your Psoriasis – How Psoriasis Messes with Your Head


We normally think of itchiness as merely annoying, but a study that has just been published in the Journal Investigative Dermatology now suggests that psoriasis may also have psychological consequences.


Researchers obtained information on 3,530 patients with skin diseases.


They compared it to 1,094 healthy people.


All subjects were given questionnaires to complete to assess their levels of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and levels of stress via negative life events and economic difficulties.


They were also examined to confirm the presence or absence of a skin disease and were asked about the presence of itchiness, its intensity, and its frequency.


The findings were shocking…


90 percent of people with prurigo complained of itchiness, 86 percent of those with atopic dermatitis, 82 percent of those with hand eczema, 78 percent of those with other types of eczema, 76 percent of those with urticarial, and 70 percent of those of psoriasis.


14 percent of patients with itch reported depression compared to 5.7 percent of patients without itch, six percent of healthy people with itch, and three percent of healthy people without itch.


This definitely suggests that it is not only itchiness, but the specific type of itchiness that accompanies skin diseases that makes sufferers feel depressed.


Even more concerning is 15.7 percent of patients with itch even reported having suicidal thoughts.


When they crunched the numbers further, they found that patients with skin diseases were 53 percent more likely than the other participants were to have depression, 27 percent more likely to have suicidal thoughts, and 24 percent more likely to experience economic difficulties.


But why?


One possible reason is that the bodies of people with itchy skin diseases produce more neurotransmitters and neuropeptides like serotonin that are also involved in depression.


Whichever way, if you suffer from itchy psoriasis and struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts, you are not alone. It is also essential that if you do experience severe depression or thoughts, you seek medical help immediately.


BUT you can avoid all of this by curing your psoriasis starting today. Discover the underlying triggers doctors haven’t told you about and cure your psoriasis in 28 days


Curing Your Psoriasis – Psoriasis and Liver Failure Connection Discovered


Psoriasis is a skin disease (or so most people think).


Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is a liver disease (or so most people think).


So how can a new study presented at the 28th Congress of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology in Madrid prove that one leads to the other with possibly fatal consequences?


The Spanish scientists recruited 64 male subjects, all with severe psoriasis and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).


NAFLD occurs when fat builds up in your liver. Your liver is a fatty organ anyway, but if more than 10 percent of your liver is fat, usually caused by overeating (if not caused by alcohol) then you have NAFLD.


The American Liver Foundation estimates that around a third of Americans have NAFLD, including 20 percent of children.


The 64 subjects in the Spanish study were all obese with a body mass index above 30. 53 percent of them had diabetes as well.


The researchers wanted to know whether the severity of psoriasis and the severity of NDFLD were related.


To examine this, they used the Psoriasis Area and Severity Index to measure the severity of their subjects’ psoriasis and an ultrasound to rate liver stiffness.


Liver stiffness indicates that the liver contains a lot of scar tissue that can no longer function as liver tissue. It is the stage on the way to liver failure, depending on what percentage of the liver is affected.


They concluded that only those people with the highest psoriasis scores had significant liver stiffness, suggesting that the most severe psoriasis cases were also the most severe NAFLD cases.


So how can a skin disease and a liver disease be so connected?


For more ideas in curing your psoriasis, watch this video – MY PSORIASIS STORY | Psoriasis Treatment, Psoriasis Diet, Positive Affirmations – Guttate Psoriasis

Curing Your Psoriasis – Because psoriasis isn’t really a skin disease. Here is how you can eliminate psoriasis by tackling the REAL underlying cause of it…


And if you already suffer from NAFLD, here is why everything you have learned about this disease is wrong and what to do instead to permanently get rid out your fatty liver…


This post is from the Psoriasis Program created by Julissa Clay. She provides you with tips and techniques which she used while struggling with psoriasis. Julissa is a natural health researcher and has written many health program e-books and digital guides. She spent all her life to the service of all the people and helped them to recover from various health issues naturally. You can easily avoid the side effects of the medications by following her.


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