Revealing Here the 6 Warning Signs of Psoriasis

Revealing Here the 6 Warning Signs of Psoriasis - Read on here to learn all about psoriasis. Get information about the causes and warning signs of psoriasis and treatments for psoriasis.
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Have you ever wondered if your dry, patchy skin is simply dry skin or something much worse? Have people told you, you could have psoriasis and now you are curious? Is your dandruff out of control and you are worried it might be something more?


Well, there are some very basic signs and symptoms to look for if you are curious. The best diagnosis will come from a doctor, but in the meantime, below are listed some common signs of psoriasis.


Signs of Psoriasis #1


For the most part, psoriasis is red or pinkish patches of thick, raised, and/or dry skin. The most common areas affected are the scalp, elbows, and knees. Of courses, psoriasis is not picky, and it will gladly affect any area of the body it sees fit.


Signs of Psoriasis #2


Psoriasis is more likely to appear where there skin is injured. Areas of trauma, constant rubbing or scratching, and abrasions or scratches can cause flare-ups.


Signs of Psoriasis #3


Psoriasis can look different depending on each individual person. There can be small bumps or large areas of patchy, raised skin. The area can also have red patches or areas of flaky skin that is easily wiped off. If the small areas of dry skin or picked at or scratched they may start to bleed; this is another sign of psoriasis.


Psoriasis in the genital areas is common too and the area should be dealt with gently. Keep the area clean and don’t pick or scratch at the skin.


Signs of Psoriasis #4


If the psoriasis shows up in moist areas like the belly button, genitals or between the buttocks, the patches will appear to be simply flat, red patches of skin. These areas can then make the psoriasis appear to be some other infection and overlooked.


Signs of Psoriasis #5


Psoriasis can also affect the skin under or around the nails. These will appear as small, white spots on the nail or as large yellowish-brown areas in the nail bed. This type of psoriasis can cause the nails to crack or break easily and, in some cases, cause the nails to fall off.


Signs of Psoriasis #6


Psoriasis of the scalp will appear to be a severe case of dandruff with white, flaky skin stuck in the hair or falling on the shoulders. This form can be difficult to hide and can be an embarrassment when it gets out of control.


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