5 Psoriasis Triggers to Best Avoid Immediately Here

5 Psoriasis Triggers to Best Avoid Immediately Here - Suffering with psoriasis is no walk in the park. The dry, flaky skin, the embarrassing rashes and red patches; it’s all a lot to take. Learning how to avoid psoriasis triggers can keep flare-ups at bay.
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Suffering with psoriasis is no walk in the park. The dry, flaky skin, the embarrassing rashes and red patches; it’s all a lot to take.


Anyone who suffers from psoriasis knows the constant struggle of discovering what triggers flare-ups and then avoiding those situations. So what triggers flare-ups? Read on to fight out.


Psoriasis Triggers #1 – Stress


First and foremost, stress is a trigger for many illnesses and can actually cause a psoriasis outbreak. Any large amount of stress on the body attacks the immune system and weakens the body’s natural defense against disease.


With the weakened immune system, whatever was holding the flare-ups at bay is busy elsewhere and an outbreak pops up. The stress can be any type of stress from emotional stress to anxiety to outside sources of stress.


Psoriasis Triggers #2 – Skin Injuries


Skin injuries can cause serious flare-ups at the site of the injury. Any small scratch or abrasions on the skin can cause infection or psoriasis to develop. Injuries happen and can’t always be avoided.


If you are injured immediately take care of the wound, cover it and add Neosporin if it’s a small cut. Taking care of all injuries right after they happen can help prevent outbreaks.


Psoriasis Triggers #3 – Sunburn


Sunburn is also a major risk for flare-ups, partly due to the damage it can do to skin. If you acquire a sunburn, rub it with aloe so it will heal more quickly. Leaving a sunburn untreated can be cause for a painful flare-up.


Psoriasis Triggers #4 – Illness


Illness can trigger flare-ups as well. The most common illness for flare-ups is strep throat, especially if it lingers for awhile. This can cause flare-ups and red bumps all over the skin.


Often times, this type of psoriasis, guttate psoriasis, are mistaken as a rash or allergic reaction. In most cases, with antibiotics this type of psoriasis will go away.


Psoriasis Triggers #5 – Medications


Some medications are responsible for flare-ups. If you have been diagnosed with psoriasis make sure to talk about the possible reactions and side effects associated with medications.


Your doctor may be able to prescribe a different medication with lowered risks, or give a second medication to hold off an outbreak.


Learning what can trigger and outbreak, will help keep flare-ups at bay.


You can also watch this Video HERE from Dr. Ronald Prussick of the Washington D.C. area about Psoriasis Triggers and Management.


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