4 Absolutely Best Ways to Really Fight Psoriasis Naturally


If you have ever suffered with psoriasis you know the struggles of searching out relief to fight psoriasis.


There are pricy over-the-counter products or prescription medications that may offer temporary relief. There are also quite a few natural cures for dealing with psoriasis.


One natural cure for psoriasis is in learning how to bathe correctly. Proper bathing and showering are important for dealing with psoriasis and preventing future outbreaks. Showers or baths should be short and in lukewarm water.


Spending too long in the bath or in hot water will dry out and irritate the skin, which is definitely not a good way to fight psoriasis. It is also a good idea to bathe in mineral, vegetable, or olive oil to relief the itching and inflammation. After the shower or bath, be sure to lotion up and lock in the moisture.


Another natural way to fight psoriasis is to drink lots of water. Drinking water will keep the skin and body hydrated from the inside out. As important as it is to keep the skin moisturized, keeping the body hydrated will ward off outbreaks. Drinking water is easy and cheap.


The next thing you can do to fight psoriasis is to pay attention to the food you eat. The problem with changing your diet is that the foods that are good for your body may actually cause a flare-up.


Fruits can help fight aging of the skin, but they can also cause flare-ups. Adding in some fish and nuts that contain Omega-3 fatty acids is good for the skin as well. Omega-3 can help prevent future breakouts and reduce the amount of time for current flare-ups to heal.


One final thing to try is finding and using natural supplements that are said to help fight psoriasis. It may require some research to find the best treatment for you, but the all natural qualities are good for your body and skin.


Vitamin supplements are great as well, especially Vitamins E and C.   Aloe Vera and Olive oil can be taken internally or externally and both are great for the skin.


Psoriasis may not have a cure, but finding some natural ways to deal with the symptoms and controlling the outbreaks can make all the difference in the world.


You can also watch this Video HERE for more ideas in how to fight psoriasis naturally.


By Kathy Wilson, a previous sufferer, who authors the The Psoriasis Free For Life program. In Psoriasis Free for Life, Katy Wilson offers a comprehensive guide to completely eliminating psoriasis.


Early on in her battle against psoriasis she understood that the best remedy was helping the defenses of the body’s immune system, as opposed to masking the physicality.


As such her work further shines the light on the problem within Western medicine, where doctors are trained to focus on drugs, as opposed to getting to the root of the problem. Click HERE to find out more.



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