How to Clear Out All Cholesterol Build-Up in Your Arteries?

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The Best Cholesterol-Lowering Seeds to Clear Out All Cholesterol Build-Up in Your Arteries

Seeds are some of the most powerful foods you can consume. The list of their health benefits is endless.

One of these benefits is lowering cholesterol.

In today’s article, I’ll list six of the most powerful seeds to lower cholesterol levels.

1. Chia seeds. In two literature reviews, published in Nutricion Hospitalaria and the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, scientists found a lot of evidence that shows that chia seeds can lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. According to the research, it will increase the amount of omega-3 fat in your blood and improve your HDL (good) cholesterol, which are both positive effects.

2. Flaxseeds. When scientists from Iowa State University’s Nutrition and Wellness Research Center gave 150 mg of flaxseeds (three tablespoons) per day to 90 people with high cholesterol, they found an almost 10% reduction in cholesterol. They attributed this effect to its omega-3 oil and lignans, which have previously been found to lower cholesterol.

3. Sesame seeds. A Taiwanese study in the Journal of Nutrition and an Iranian study in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition have both found that these seeds and their powdered forms lead to a 10% reduction in LDL cholesterol if you take two ounces (57 grams) per day.

4. Sunflower seeds. When American scientists analyzed 27 nuts and seeds to measure their phytosterol contents, they found that sunflower and sesame seeds topped the list. Phytosterols are plant chemicals that have been proven to lower cholesterol and general heart health. They published their study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

5. Pumpkin seeds. A team of researchers showed in the journal Climacteric that pumpkin seeds, with all their nitric oxide, antioxidants, and magnesium, improved HDL cholesterol.

6. Fenugreek. Usually thought of as a spice, it is a seed when unground. According to researchers at the academic center of Michigan Medicine, these seeds slow down the absorption of cholesterol in your intestines and slow your liver’s production of excess cholesterol.

Eating seeds may not be enough to clear out all cholesterol plaque build-up in your arteries; for that, you need to cut out one ingredient, as explained here

Clear Out All Cholesterol Build-Up in Your Arteries – This Supplement Makes Cholesterol Levels Skyrocket

Nowadays, almost everyone who’s serious about working out uses supplements to aid their progress.

It can be a simple protein shake, creatine, or pure amino acids.

But one kind of supplement should be avoided at any cost.

A new study by the European Society of Cardiology, presented at the annual congress of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology, reveals the devastating effects of this supplement on your cholesterol level and heart.

Anabolic androgenic steroids increase protein in your cells (especially muscles) and are therefore popular as supplements to a weightlifting program intended to build large muscles or increase lean body tissue.

As such, they may seem healthy, but these European researchers argue that they actually are not.

These researchers recruited 51 men between the ages of 23 and 43. Of these men, twenty-one were weightlifters who had taken anabolic androgenic steroids for at least two years, 20 were weightlifters who did not use the substances, and the other 10 were sedentary but healthy.

All subjects were given a urine test to confirm steroid use.

In addition, they were given computed tomography coronary angiography tests to check for narrowing of the coronary arteries (called atherosclerosis).

Lastly, the researchers took blood samples to test the participants’ HDL (good) cholesterol levels and the ability of this HDL to remove LDL (bad) cholesterol from their bloodstreams.

While none of the non-steroid takers and sedentary subjects had atherosclerosis (serious plaque build-up in the heart arteries), 24% of the steroid users did.

In addition, the steroid users had much lower levels of HDL cholesterol, and it functioned poorly.

This study is important because it shows how steroids can bring about terrible health consequences in people who are quite young and very healthy.

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Clear Out All Cholesterol Build-Up in Your Arteries – Cholesterol: The Healthiest of the Healthiest Diet Revealed

This delicious health diet has been proven again and again to be absolutely the best diet for improving cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood sugar, and every other health metric.

So a new study published in the journal Heart decided to put it to an ultimate test.

What if you put this already healthy diet on overdrive by making it even healthier?

Results: participants had a 500% greater drop in cholesterol levels and a 30% greater drop in blood pressure than those who only followed the normally healthy version of this healthiest diet on earth.

The ability of the Mediterranean diet to bring about lower heart disease risk is primarily attributed to the higher intake of the polyphenols that are so abundant in plants, the consumption of healthier fats, increased fiber intake, and lower animal protein consumption.

This made the researchers wonder what would happen if the Mediterranean diet was put on overdrive to contain even more polyphenols, more fiber, and less animal protein than the traditional diet.

For this purpose, they divided their subjects into three groups:

1. The first received guidelines for physical exercise and basic dietary advice.

2. The second received the same advice along with help to follow the traditional Mediterranean diet—low in refined carbohydrates, with poultry and fish replacing most red meat, and including 28 grams of walnuts per day.

3. The third received the same basic advice as the first two groups along with help to follow a green Mediterranean diet, which included 28 grams of walnuts per day, completely excluded red meat and poultry, and included more plant matter in the form of three to four cups of green tea and a Mankai strain of Wolffia globosa, a high-protein aquatic plant.

Both Mediterranean diets were calorie-restricted to 1,200–1,400 daily calories for women and 1,500–1,800 for men.

The subjects were all overweight/obese with a high waist circumference.

During the six-month study period, the GreenMed diet group lost an average of 6.2 kilograms compared with 5.4 in the Mediterranean diet group and 1.5 in the basic advice-only group.

In terms of waist circumference, there was a big difference, with a loss of 8.6 centimeters in the GreenMed group compared with 6.8 and 4.3 in the Mediterranean and advice groups.

The GreenMed group lost 3.7% of LDL cholesterol compared with 0.8% in the Mediterranean group and lowered diastolic blood pressure by 7.2 mmHg compared with the 5.2 mmHg reduction in the Mediterranean group.

In addition, their insulin resistance and the inflammatory chemicals in their blood decreased more than those in the Mediterranean group. These are two of the major risk factors for heart disease.

These changes almost halved the risk of the GreenMed participants developing serious heart disease in the following 10 years, as calculated by the Framingham Risk Score model.

Therefore, take a traditional Mediterranean diet, omit the red meat and poultry, and replace them with plant proteins for the absolute best heart health.

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