What is the Best Way for Lowering Cholesterol & Improving Heart Health?

What is the Best Way for Lowering Cholesterol & Improving Heart Health? Yes, exercising, eating healthy, and maybe even taking supplements are all good – and quite possibly even– to lowering cholesterol & improving heart health. But a new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association did not focus on that. Instead, they used satellite images to figure out how you can drastically improve your cardiovascular health. Read on to find out more.

Lowering Cholesterol & Improving Heart HealthHeart Health Improved Without Diet Exercises


Yes, exercising, eating healthy, and maybe even taking supplements are all good – and quite possibly even– to lowering cholesterol & improving  heart health.


But a new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association did not focus on that.


Instead, they used satellite images to figure out how you can drastically improve your cardiovascular health.


The researchers first recruited 408 people, all of whom had cardiovascular disease or were at serious risk of cardiovascular disease.


Next, they determined the amount of green space near the participant’s homes by looking at satellite images of green density, via levels of air pollution as established by the Environmental Protection Agency, and through measurements of roadway exposure.


  1. Those living in green neighbourhoods had a lower urinary concentration of epinephrine. Epinephrine is one of the hormones your body secretes when you are stressed.
  2. Inhabitants of green areas displayed a lower urinary concentration of F2-isoprostane. This shows that they had lower levels of oxidative stress in their bodies.
  3. Those living closest to dense greenery had a better collection of angiogenic cells, cells that grow blood vessels and repair blood vessel damage.


The best part of this study is the fact that green spaces designated for healthy walks were not necessarily defined as large parks or forests.

In fact, most of their participants lived in areas with very few parks.


But most of them lived in single-family homes with lots of grass and trees in both their own and on their neighbour’s properties, and small lots with greenery and a lack of houses.


Therefore, while many previous studies have drawn our attention to the benefits of exercising in green spaces, this study may, but does not necessarily, involve exercise.


But having a garden is not quite enough to heal your cholesterol. For that, you need to cut out this one ingredient that you did not even know you were consuming…


Lowering Cholesterol & Improving Heart Health – This Free Activity Heals Cholesterol and Inflammation


You probably have heard about certain benefits related to probiotics. For example, it increases good gut-bacteria, which lowers inflammation throughout the body.


And you may have learned that cholesterol plaque buildup in your heart is mostly caused by inflammation.


Yet, probiotics are both expensive and limited.


A new study that was published in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology revealed a free, more effective method that can instantly transform bad gut bacteria, turning them into the good guys.


This would not only improve inflammation but also drastically lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels.


A team of Finnish researchers recruited 17 overweight women and asked them to adopt an endurance exercise program for six weeks, which was supervised by professional trainers.


During the three training sessions scheduled per week, the intensity of their exercise was controlled with a bicycle ergometer (to measure energy consumption) and a heart rate monitor.


The researchers collected faecal and blood samples from the participants prior to the commencement of the exercise program and after its completion, to test the participant’s intestinal bacteria, and cholesterol, along with a wide range of other chemical substances.


Their weight, fat composition, and body mass index were also measured.


They discovered the following:


  1. The subject’s intestinal proteobacteria, a bacterium known to cause inflammation, decreased.
  2. Their intestinal akkermansia, a bacterium known to promote metabolic health, increased.
  3. The fat and cholesterol in their VLDL (very low-density lipoprotein’s) particles decreased. This is important, as VLDL is converted to LDL cholesterol once it is in your arteries, and LDL cholesterol is the type that tends to become trapped in your arterial walls.
  4. Their Vascular adhesion protein-1, which promotes inflammation, was also found to have decreased.


So, exercises change our gut bacteria from pro-inflammatory to anti-inflammatory types and can therefore reduce the amount of cholesterol buildup in the heart arteries.


But there is something easier than exercising, and that is cutting this ONE ingredient responsible for almost all cholesterol plaque buildup (and inflammation) out from your diet…


And if you suffer arthritis (another inflammation disease), learn how to reverse it in 21 days…


Lowering Cholesterol & Improving Heart Health – The LDL (bad) Cholesterol Myth Busted


The fundamental truth about stroke and heart attack is that they are caused by cholesterol plaque buildup in the arteries (atherosclerosis).

This plaque either blocks blood flow through the heart (causing a heart attack), or becomes loose and shoots up into the brain (causing a stroke).


Watch this Video for lowering cholesterol & improving heart health – 15 foods that reduce your heart attack risk by 80%

Nobody argues with these facts.


What the high cholesterol traditional medical advocates, and common sense natural health researchers are looking to prove, would be whether high overall cholesterol or LDL (bad) cholesterol is actually the cause of the plaque buildup.


Now, a new review study that was published by Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology has given a 2:0 win to common sense.


In fact, they revealed that the statistics that originally supported the high cholesterol theory were weak and misleading, and that studies that reach contradictory conclusions were generally ignored.


Thus, to argue this, the researchers first proved that high levels of cholesterol do not cause plaque buildup in the arteries.


If this was the case, people with high cholesterol should have more atherosclerosis than people with lower cholesterol, right?


Yet, they cite more than a dozen studies that show that this is not the case, and that supporters of the high cholesterol theory usually ignored these studies.


Next, if high total cholesterol did cause plaque buildup, then it would be right to assume that the plaque buildup in people whose cholesterol were lower than most should be seen to have the highest decrease in plaque buildup.


But they cited a previously conducted review of 16 studies, in which 15 of them found that the extent in which their subject’s plaque buildup had declined was in no way related to the amount by which their cholesterol scores declined.


1:0 for natural health researchers and common sense!


Another popular idea in the medical profession is that it is not high total cholesterol, but rather high LDL cholesterol, that causes atherosclerosis. That is why LDL cholesterol is referred to as bad cholesterol.


But the researchers looking to disprove this were out with a vengeance, and busted that theory too.


Again, if high LDL cholesterol did cause plaque buildup, then people with high LDL should have more plaque buildup than those with low LDL, a logical assumption that follows the original premise.


But these researchers cited five studies that showed that the LDL scores of people don’t necessarily predict their level of plaque buildup.


2:0 for natural health researchers and common sense!


Many other findings also prove that LDL cholesterol is not the primary enemy.


For example, on average, people treated for cardiovascular disease have lower LDL cholesterol than people do in the healthy population. Oops.


Next, people with very low LDL are twice more likely to die of a cardiovascular event than people with a higher LDL.


Yet, another example: elderly people with high LDL live the longest.

And on the list of examples go on.


If this is all found to be right, then LDL cholesterol should not be viewed as the chief enemy. What’s worse, the traditional medical system has got this all wrong.


So, what is the real cause of plaque buildup in your arteries?


It’s all caused by ONE ingredient you didn’t even know you were consuming – and avoiding this ONE ingredient for 30 days could completely heal your heart’s arterial health…


This post is from the Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Program. It was created by Scott Davis. Because he once suffered from high cholesterol, so much so that he even had a severe heart attack. This is what essentially led him to finding healthier alternatives to conventional medication. Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy is a unique online program that provides you with all the information you need to regain control of your cholesterol levels and health, as a whole.


To find out more about this program, go to How Best to Lowering Cholesterol & Improving Heart Health

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