What You Need to Know the Ugly Truth on Cholesterol Drugs

What You Need to Know the Ugly Truth on Cholesterol Drugs - The most common cholesterol drugs prescribed by doctors to lower cholesterol is statin. These are powerful cholesterol drugs with severe, common side effects. Such as muscle pain, ED, sleep disturbance, and cognitive impairment.
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Why Honest Doctors Hide Cholesterol Drugs Side Effects


The most common cholesterol drugs prescribed by doctors to lower cholesterol is statin.


These are powerful cholesterol drugs with severe, common side effects. Such as muscle pain, ED, sleep disturbance, and cognitive impairment.


More serious are life-threatening muscle damage, liver damage, kidney failure and death.


A new study reveals that most honest, well-meaning doctors don’t inform their patients about how dangerous these cholesterol drugs are.


But their hiding is because of a different reason than you’d think.


British and Swedish scientists recently decided to examine whether people’s expectations of side effects influence their perception of the side effects.


In other words, are the side effects created by the cholesterol drugs, or by the user’s expectations that they will suffer from side effects? They published the study in the journal The Lancet.


They constructed the study with two phases:


In the first phase, more than 10,000 people at risk of high cholesterol, with an average age of 61, were divided into two groups: the first group took a statin and the second a placebo (fake treatment). Neither the patients nor the doctors knew which people were taking the drugs and which were taking the placebos.


In the second phase, 9,899 patients were given the choice of whether they preferred to take statins or not. Both doctors and patients obviously knew who took statins and who didn’t.


In the first phase, which lasted three years, similar percentages of both the statin-takers and placebo-takers complained of muscle pain and erectile dysfunction.


In the second phase, lasting two years, there were 41 percent more complaints of muscle pain among the statin-takers than among the non-takers.


What the study suggests is that it is your expectation of pain and erectile dysfunction that causes the pain and erectile dysfunction, not the drug that causes them.


That is why doctors may want to hide side effects from you. They want you to take the drugs without expecting side effects and thereby experiencing the side effects.


The main researcher suggests that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in the United Kingdom should drop its requirement that these side effects be listed on the labels, which would leave you with no information on which to base your own decisions.


I think however this shows even more clearly how flawed scientific studies can be.


The fact is that the majority of men over 55 (the same age as would take statins) experience some level of erectile dysfunction. And who hasn’t felt muscle pain from time to time.


I think the main reason people brought it up more when they took the drugs and knew about the possibilities of side effects was that they believed something could be done about it. That is “get me off those horrible drugs”.


Another thing is that people in the second phase had a choice if they would take a drug or not. Obviously it’s a different type of person who chooses to say no to a pharmaceutical than those who gulp it up and ask for more.


They tend to take life in their own hands and live a healthier lifestyle, and are therefore less likely to suffer lifestyle-based diseases such as muscle pain and erectile dysfunction.


And maybe most of all: Pfizer, the large drug manufacturer funded the study. Although the researchers insist that the company did not participate in, or interfere with, the research, we must assume they were somewhat leaning towards their funder’s views. Having side effect labels removed is obviously something that would thrill drug companies.


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