What is the Best Way to Lower Blood Pressure in Minutes?

What is the Best Way to Lower Blood Pressure in Minutes? What if one simple text could lower blood pressure in minutes by 2.2 points? I know it’s not much, but receiving a text is also not that complicated, right? This is exactly what researchers at the University of Cape Town and Oxford University did, before publishing their amazing results in the journal Circulation.


Lower Blood Pressure in Minutes – Heal High Blood Pressure With a Text Message


What if one simple text could lower your blood pressure by 2.2 points?


I know it’s not much, but receiving a text is also not that complicated, right?


This is exactly what researchers at the University of Cape Town and Oxford University did, before publishing their amazing results in the journal Circulation.


The study tested whether medication and clinic appointment reminders via text message increased people’s compliance with their blood pressure treatment and lowered their blood pressure more than just what their prescribed treatments were expected to.


They recruited almost 1,300 participants from the poorer areas of Cape Town and divided them into three groups.


1) The first group received only their blood pressure treatment.


2) The second group received their treatment together with text message reminders to take their medication, attend their scheduled doctor’s appointments, do their exercises, and eat a healthy diet.


3) And the third group received their treatments, the reminders, and the interactive ability to cancel their doctor’s appointments and change the timing of their messages.


Those who received the text messages lost 2.2 mm Hg of systolic blood pressure points more than those who received only their treatments, primarily because a higher number of them took their medication 80 percent or more of the time, 61.2 versus 49.4 percent.


The ability to interact and cancel appointments or messages made little difference.


One of the authors stated that the improvement was approximately the same as what would be expected from one-on-one behavioral counseling, which is considerably more expensive.


Now, I’m not the world’s number one fan of blood pressure medications but I’m fascinated by this study because it can just as well be used to remind us to take natural measures.


One of the problems with our blood pressure exercises, for example, is that people forget to do them.


They’re so simple and easy and only take about 9 minutes or so. And they work for almost everyone who remembers to actually do them.


But, due to our busy schedules, we often forget even the simplest things.


So how about instead of receiving text messages, you just put a reminder in your phone that beeps at the same time every day just to remind you to take 9 minutes out of your day to lower your blood pressure?


Or ask your son or daughter to send you a text daily to ask if you did your exercises?


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Lower Blood Pressure in Minutes – There is High Blood Pressure, and Then There is An Even More Dangerous Form of Blood Pressure


Everyone knows that high blood pressure puts you at risk of heart failure, stroke, and other potentially fatal conditions.


However, researchers are beginning to realize that there is a related condition, which may kill even more people.


This is disturbing, because it would mean that preventing high blood pressure is not quite enough.


An article by British researchers in the March 2010 edition of the Lancet medical journal concluded that people with systolic blood pressure, particularly those that varied from one doctor’s visit to the next, were at a much higher risk of stroke than those who simply had high blood pressure.


While the study participants all suffered from high blood pressure, those whose scores changed the most between low and high suffered the most strokes, particularly if the highest point was extremely high.


Remember that your systolic blood pressure is the higher of the two numbers on your blood pressure reading. It measures the pressure of the blood pumped from your heart into your arteries. If the normal blood pressure is 120 over 80, then systolic would be the 120.


An article published in the September 2015 edition of the Annals of Internal Medicine had a more alarming than the findings of the Lancet study. An impressive 25,814 patients with high blood pressure were subjected to repeated readings over a period of 22 months. They were subsequently monitored for almost three years, to find out who suffered the most strokes and heart attacks.


Those with the largest variations between readings had a 30% greater risk of suffering a heart attack, a 46% greater risk of suffering a stroke, and a 25% greater risk of suffering from heart failure.


And if this is not bad enough, those that had systolic readings that were higher than the 14-point variation were 58% more likely to die than those with smaller variations. In other words, if your blood pressure, for example, sometimes reads 130/90 and sometimes 150/100, you are 58% more likely to die in the next three years when compared to someone with stable high readings.


One thing that the researchers are not able to know yet is the direction of the causal relationship. Does highly variable blood pressure cause the cardiovascular conditions or are there other conditions already present that are causing the highly variable blood pressure.


This is important because, if the highly variable readings are caused by some third health condition, researchers would need to discover this deadly condition very soon.


If, on the other hand, the unpredictable levels are the cause of the heart attacks and strokes, researchers should develop a treatment that keeps blood pressure consistent, as opposed to just lowering it.


However, the bottom line is that high blood pressure needs to be managed. You need to get it down, whether it’s spiking or not.


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