What is the Best Way to Prevent High Blood Pressure and Stroke?

What is the Best Way to Prevent High Blood Pressure and Stroke? Prevent High Blood Pressure and Stroke - These 2 Oils Beat Blood Pressure Medications. If your doctor is pushing you to take blood pressure medications, you have a simple, natural, and healthier alternative. This option was recently proven to be more effective than leading medications in lower high blood pressure and improve cholesterol level.


Prevent High Blood Pressure and Stroke – Is Your Headache an Imminent Stroke Indicator?


Stroke is one of the health events that scare us the most, mainly because it seems to come out of the blue and because it can leave us badly disabled.


Recent studies have, however, revealed a few indicators of an imminent stroke. Using those indicators, you have time to address the issue in time.


In a new study published in the journal Headache, researchers wanted to find out if frequent headaches are one of those stroke indicators.


And the results were terrifying… but only for some people.


The researchers analyzed information collected by the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities study.


This study’s 11,592 subjects were interviewed to map their migraine history between 1993 and 1995. They were then observed for 20 years to see who would have ischemic strokes.


The authors of the new study compared the migraine histories with ischemic stroke incidents and made some interesting discoveries.


Firstly, strokes were very uncommon in people below the age of 50. As such, no type of migraine below the age of 50 could be linked with stroke risk. Therefore, it can be safe to say that migraines and headaches over your life do not buildup to a stroke later on, as many people believe.


But people experiencing frequent headaches after 50 were at a drastically increased risk of stroke.


And the type of headaches and migraines made all the difference:

Many people who got migraines only had headaches and possibly nausea and neck stiffness. These are called common migraines.


Others sufferers have headaches paired with sensory disturbances called auras. These are called classic migraines.


Visual disruptions were found to be the most common and often include flashing lights, blind spots, partial vision loss, and zigzag patterns. Other sensory disturbances that sometimes occur include tingling or numbness in the face or hands, auditory hallucinations, random smells, and so forth.


Migraine sufferers whose aura first started after the age of 50 had double the risk of ischemic stroke as compared to those without headaches and those with common migraines.


Of the 11,592 participants in the study, 447 had migraines with aura and 1,128 had migraines without aura.


Those whose aura started above age 50 had an 8.27 percent chance of stroke, while those without migraines or without aura had a risk of approximately 4.25 percent.


It’s therefore important to take your headaches seriously if your aura starts above age 50, and especially if you have other cardiovascular disease risks like high blood pressure, high cholesterol.


This also proofs my long-lasting claim that migraine and headaches are caused by lack of blood flow throughout the brain. Here are some simple exercises that will load your brain with oxygen and heal migraine and headaches permanently


To prevent high blood pressure and stroke, you need to clear your cholesterol plaque buildup in your heart (and prevent it from causing a stroke),cut out this one ingredient, as explained here


And to get your blood pressure below 120/80 – do this simple exercise for 9 minutes


Prevent High Blood Pressure and Stroke – These 2 Oils Beat Blood Pressure Medications


If your doctor is pushing you to take blood pressure medications, you have a simple, natural, and healthier alternative.


This option was recently proven to be more effective than leading medications in lower high blood pressure and improve cholesterol level.


It all lies in a blend of two common oils that you probably already have in your kitchen.


Indian researchers presented a research paper at the American Heart Association’s High Blood Pressure Research Scientific Sessions and revealed that sesame oil and rice bran oil had powerful blood pressure reduction properties.


Their subjects included 300 adults with moderately high-to-high blood pressure, with an average age of 57 years.


They divided these subjects into three groups. One received only nifedipine, a calcium-channel blocker, while another received an ounce of a 20% sesame/80% rice bran oil blend with their food every day. The third received both.


These are the findings:


  1. Those who took only the medication experienced a 16-point drop in systolic pressure, and 12-point drop in diastolic pressure, and unchanged cholesterol levels.


  1. Those who took only the oil blend experienced a 14-point drop in systolic pressure, and 11-point drop in diastolic pressure, a 26% drop in LDL (bad) cholesterol, and a 9.5% rise in HDL (good) cholesterol level.


  1. Those who took both the medication and the oil blend experienced a 36-point drop in systolic pressure, a 24-point drop in diastolic pressure, a 27% drop in LDL (bad) cholesterol, and a 10.9% rise in HDL (good) cholesterol.


So, you see, taking the oil alone delivered pretty much the same drop effect in blood pressure as that of blood pressure medications – but this came without suffering the side effects that medications have. Plus, people also gained benefits in improved cholesterol level.


However, it is crucial that you buy oils, which are either unrefined or refined through a process that involves no hydrogenation. Hydrogenated cooking oil is one of the leading causes of high blood pressure and high cholesterol, while unrefined oils are normally called virgin or extra-virgin oil.


When oils are used above their ideal temperature, they smoke, burn, and give off chemicals that may bring about cancer over time. To avoid this, use sesame oils only in cold salads or add it to sauces once the sauces have been made and cooled down for a while.


Rice bran oil has a high smoking point of 232°C or 450°F and is therefore appropriate for oven roasting and deep frying.


However, if you need to lower your blood pressure by more than the 15 points that the oils delivered, you will need an even more powerful natural method.


The most effective way to lower blood pressure comes from 3 easy exercises which are guaranteed to bring your blood pressure below 120/80 – starting today…


And if you want to prevent high blood pressure and stroke and if your cholesterol is too high, discover how cutting out one single ingredient that you didn’t even know you were consuming will normalize your cholesterol level in weeks…


Prevent High Blood Pressure and Stroke – Blood Pressure Drugs Turn Deadly When You Drink These Juices


You may have heard that grape juice can seriously interfere with various medications – including many blood pressure medications.


A new study, published in the Journal of Food and Drug Analysis, takes this knowledge a step further by proving that another common juice is even deadlier when used with blood pressure medications.


It has already claimed several lives.


As if that wasn’t enough, two more juices were found to completely neutralize the blood pressure medications, causing false security.


In a 2016 article that gave practical advice to clinicians in the Natural Medicine Journal, researchers explained that many drugs, upon ingestion, were first processed in your small intestine by a chemical called cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4) before they started to circulate through your body. This is true for approximately 50% of all drugs.


Under normal conditions, these chemicals ensure that these drugs are available in only small amounts, letting them do their work before your liver finally disposes of them and prepares them for excretion.


The big problem with grapefruit juice is that the furanocoumarins and flavonoids in it reduce the activity of CYP3A4. This, in turn, means that the drugs are not first processed by it, and will appear in your body in insanely high and toxic amounts.


The consequences of this could include extremely low blood pressure, dangerously irregular heartbeats, unconsciousness, and difficulty breathing.


Blood pressure and cholesterol drugs are right at the top of the list of drugs that are processed by CYP3A4, and these can be made toxic through the consumption of grapefruit juice.


A small, 200 mL glass of grapefruit juice, or even an entire grapefruit, can make these drugs toxic for anywhere between 24 hours to three days.


Since the first batch of studies, some researchers have found that pomelo, pomegranate, cranberry, and even apple and orange juice can have similar effects.


This finding prompted Chinese scientists to do a systematic review of the literature recently, in order to find out just how dangerous blood pressure and cholesterol drugs can be when taken with juice or any fruit other than grapefruit.


They analyzed 46 medical trials.


It was found that the calcium channel antagonist felodipine could become toxic when taken with seville orange juice (also called bitter or sour orange).


This popular drug for high blood pressure has even been found to have caused some deaths when taken on the same day as the consumption of this juice.


Normal orange juice, in turn, rendered most blood pressure drugs useless by causing them to be excreted before they could be able to do anything.

This was true for direct renin inhibitors, like aliskiren, and for beta-blockers, like atenolol and celiprolol.


Beta-blockers block the effects of epinephrine (adrenaline) and are often prescribed for cases such as irregular heartbeats, chest pain, and other heart conditions.


Apple juice neutralizes some beta-blockers, and pomelo juice was found to neutralize the drug for high blood pressure, (vasodilator) sildenafil, thereby rendering the drug ineffective.


What this new study tells us is that doctors really have no idea as to what interferes with the drugs you’re using.


If something as innocent as apple juice can render your drugs useless, what else could interfere with it?


That is why I always recommend to try to manage your blood pressure naturally as much as possible and to get off medications if you’re already taking them.


For more ideas to prevent high blood pressure and stroke, watch these 2 videos –


6 Warning Signs a Stroke is Coming


3 Pressure Points That’ll Instantly Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally – by Dr Sam Robbins

To prevent high blood pressure and stroke, here is the simplest, easiest, and most effective natural method to bring your blood pressure below 120/80 in as little as nine minutes


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