What is the Best Way to Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Reading?

What is the Best Way to Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Reading? For decades, you’ve been bombarded with propaganda against consuming salt and fat if you want to maintain healthy blood pressure reading and improve heart health. But new research shows that another ingredient – found in almost all processed food – is a lot more dangerous for your blood pressure than salt and fat. Read on to find out more.


Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure ReadingHigh Blood Pressure Not Caused by Salt or Fat (It’s a Third One)


For decades, you’ve been bombarded with propaganda against consuming salt and fat to improve heart health.


Cut salt, cut fat, cut salt…cut fat!!!


But new research shows that another ingredient – found in almost all processed food – is a lot more dangerous for your blood pressure than salt and fat.


Blood vessels regulate blood pressure by contracting and relaxing, and this is a natural process.


The more contracted the blood vessels are, the higher the blood pressure would be and vice versa.


Scientists at the University of Leicester have now shown how the intake of sugar disturbs this natural process.


A high level of sugar in the blood, which would already be accomplished after eating a rich, large meal, also has an effect on the heart and the cardiac muscles.


High levels of glucose in the blood at the time of a heart attack could lead to a higher risk of complication. People who don’t have diabetes could even become hyperglycemic during a heart attack because of the already elevated sugar levels in the blood.


And this is especially problematic because sugar is everywhere.


Sugar is one of the key ingredients in many processed foods. Even in products like ketchup or potato chips, which are not sweet-tasting, sugar is generally added.


In an analysis published on the online journal Open Heart, doctors noted that the added sugars in processed foods were likely to have a greater role in high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke than added salt.


So, it’s extremely difficult to cut out all sugar. However, there is something else you can do to lower your blood pressure.


To maintain healthy blood pressure reading, you can use these 3 easy exercises, found here, to drop your blood pressure below 120/80 – with results beginning from today


Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Reading – The Worst Food For High Blood Pressure


There is one ingredient we all use and need that can spike blood pressure if taken in doses that are too excessive.


In fact, it’s so dangerous that this one ingredient contributes more to high blood pressure than being obese and a majority of other risk factors.


The worst part is, most westerners consume more than twice the recommended amount.


Recently, Japanese researchers published an article in the Journal of the American Heart Association which proved that consuming a lot of salt raises blood pressure.


While medical scientists have understood for years that sodium do cause high blood pressure, this was the largest study that actually looked to comparing high sodium eaters with low sodium eaters.


The researchers followed 4,523 people with a healthy blood pressure over a period of three and a half years, during which they periodically measured their blood pressure and calculated their sodium intake via urine tests.


They also recorded details of their lifestyles, in order to ensure that some other habits did not interfere with the result.


During the study time, 22.7% of the participants developed high blood pressure (which is an alarming statistic in itself).


The blood pressure of those who consumed a lot of sodium was significantly more likely to increase than that of those who consumed less sodium.


Researchers also found that even those who were obese were not as likely to experience an increase in blood pressure as compared to who ate a large amount of sodium.


The American Heart Association recommends that we consume at most 1,500mg of sodium per day, and the average person in most developed countries consumes around 3,500mg per day.


Between 75 and 80% of our daily sodium consumption is from processed foods. This means you cannot really reduce your sodium consumption simply by reducing the amount of salt in your food at home. You must actually stop buying foods that contain it.


Unfortunately, these include almost all packaged foods, such as soup, crispy potato chips, crackers, cereal, processed deli meat, bacon, canned food, and pre-made instant meals.


The solution for minimum sodium intake is to buy primarily fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, and whole unprocessed grains.


If you already have high blood pressure, cutting down on salt may not be enough in order to maintain healthy blood pressure reading. The simplest way to lower blood pressure naturally is a set of 3 easy exercises that is guaranteed to drop your blood pressure below 120/80 – starting today – even if you binge on salt


For more ideas on how to maintain healthy blood pressure reading, watch this video – Foods rich in potassium to control Hypertension | High Blood Pressure Diet

Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Reading – Weird Electronic Device Lowers Blood Pressure


A new, interesting device is currently being tested in hospitals globally. It lowers blood pressure without the need for taking drugs or suffering the medicinal side effects of prescription.


What’s neat about this device is that it tackles the underlying cause of high blood pressure, unlike dangerous medications that force your blood pressure down and causes numerous complications.


This new blood pressure treatment is currently being tested on 100 subjects around the world.


A tiny catheter-like device that is placed within the renal artery, where it emits radio frequencies that block the secretion of norepinephrine.


Norepinephrine and epinephrine are two of your body’s fight or flight hormones. They are produced by your adrenal glands and released when you’re under stress.


When our early human ancestors experienced acute stress, it was usually because violent predators attacked them. In response, they needed to choose whether to run away or fight back.


Norepinephrine and epinephrine were particularly useful then, as they increased heart rate, blood flow, energy, strength, respiratory rate, mental alertness, and pupil size.


Unfortunately, things that stress us in the 21st century normally require us calm down and find a rational solution, rather than fight or flee.


Sadly, your body’s stress mechanisms have yet to catch up with the new environment and social norms. It secretes these hormones in bucket loads every time you are a bit stressed which, let’s face it, happens daily.


This means that most of us have way too much norepinephrine and epinephrine circulating around our bodies for our sedentary lifestyles. Due to the high level of these hormones, we are physically primed for maximum action, not for sitting around.


The new device stops our adrenal glands from secreting an excess of these fight or flight hormones, and does this by decreasing the activity of the sympathetic nerves in the renal arteries that stimulate them to secrete a high amount of hormones. This theoretically ensures that our heart rate and blood pressure drop from sky-high levels to more normalized ones.


Traditional blood pressure drugs also try to control norepinephrine and epinephrine, but not the adrenal glands. They allow the adrenal glands to secrete freely, and then try to stop the nervous system’s beta-receptors around the body from accepting them. In other words, they block its effects, rather than its production.


Interestingly, our simple blood pressure exercises target exactly the same issue as this device. They lower overall stress hormone production, and therefore lower blood pressure.


However, unlike the device being tested, there is no need for surgeries or injections. All that is needed to maintain healthy blood pressure reading, is to do the easy exercises found here for 9 minutes and just watch as your blood pressure dives…


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