What is the Best Way to Get Your Blood Pressure Down?

What is the Best Way to Get Your Blood Pressure Down? Get Your Blood Pressure Down - This Vegetable Heals High Blood Pressure In 24 Hours. Could one common vegetable possibly lower blood pressure significantly in just 24 hours? What new vegetable discovery is responsible and why have you not heard of it?


Get Your Blood Pressure Down – This Vegetable Heals High Blood Pressure In 24 Hours


Could one common vegetable possibly lower blood pressure significantly in just 24 hours?


What new vegetable discovery is responsible and why have you not heard of it?


You have. In fact, this vegetable has been around likely as long as there have been people.


Beetroot juice.


It’s been touted lately as a “super” food and practically a cure-all vegetable; however, it’s not just “lately” that this vegetable has been around.


It’s been documented that beetroot juice was used in Roman times to treat everything from fever to acne, and was also used as an aphrodisiac.


While I wouldn’t discount these properties based on all of my research into beetroot juice benefits, my focus is on its effect pertaining to blood pressure.


For some time, we’ve known that this juice could lower blood pressure, but in 2010, researchers of a British study discovered that nitrate is the ingredient in the juice that is responsible for lowering blood pressure.


In this study, participants were divided into 3 groups and given beetroot juice, nitrate pills, and a placebo, respectively.


Those on the juice and nitrate pills had a significant blood pressure reduction within less than 24 hours, as compared to the placebo group.


Given that many individuals with high blood pressure can end up on multiple medications, beetroot juice is a great option. Just be aware that beetroot juice can have a burning effect on the throat on its own. If you want to avoid that, mix it with a carrot/apple juice combination.


Unfortunately, beetroot juice is also a “love it” or “hate it” type of drink. Some people just can’t drink it, no matter how healthy it may be.


However, there is an even simpler and more effective way found in these 3 easy blood pressure exercises to get your blood pressure down – they are guaranteed to drop your blood pressure below 120/80 from as soon as today…


Get Your Blood Pressure Down – High Blood Pressure and Dementia Connection Explained


The journal Stroke has just published a study on the connection between high blood pressure and dementia, which was conducted by a team of scientists led by the UC Davis School of Medicine.


Not only does this connection give us a way to detect dementia 20-30 years before it strikes, it (more importantly) also leads us to find a solid cure for both high blood pressure and an early onset of memory loss and dementia.


To be precise, the study traced the connection from lifestyle, to high blood pressure, to atherosclerosis, to a decrease in brain matter.


For data, they used health statistics from approximately 1,900 people whose information was collected by the Framingham Heart Study.


They considered three important test scores:


– an arterial tonometry measurement of blood pressure

– a carotid femoral pulse wave velocity measurement of artery hardening (atherosclerosis)

– an MRI brain scan as a measurement of brain volume and structure.


They found that when compared to people with normal arterial structure, those with hardened arteries had higher blood pressure, less white brain matter, and structurally damaged grey brain matter.


Using this data, the researchers speculated the following connection:


  1. Lifestyle factors like high cholesterol diets and a lack of exercise caused both high blood pressure and a buildup of plaque in your arteries.


  1. This will cause your arteries to harden or stiffen.


  1. Stiff arteries further increase blood pressure, because your heart must pump a lot harder to get blood through these inflexible plaque-clogged arteries.


  1. Together, all this arterial damage restricts the blood flow to your organs, including your brain.


  1. Insufficient blood flow to the brain then causes atrophy in the white and grey matter.


This shows us that lowering blood pressure and improving cardiovascular health is essential to our cognitive function further down the road.


This gives you one more reason to do everything in your power to lower your blood pressure. The most effective method to get your blood pressure down lies in the simple blood pressure exercises that can be found here…


But an interesting aspect for me is that this is further proof of the main underlying cause of Alzheimer’s and Dementia – a cause that I’ve been preaching for years now.


I’m talking about lack of oxygen-filled blood to the brain.


And for that cause, I discovered a simple set of exercises that load your brain with oxygen and nutrition and could, therefore, reverse an early onset of memory loss, dementia – you can try these brain booster exercises for yourself here…


Get Your Blood Pressure Down – Drop Your Blood Pressure 11 Points in 3 Hours


A new research study conducted by the scientists of Queen Mary College at the University of London has recently published an article in Hypertension, the journal of the American Heart Association, which had astonishing results.


You see, there are certain types of vegetables that contain a natural chemical that lowers your blood pressure by 11 points in just 3-6 hours.


The study linking these vegetables to a decrease in blood pressure involved 15 people comprising of 8 women and 7 men; all of whom suffered from systolic high blood pressure ranging from 140 to 159mm Hg. Participants were not suffering from complications as a result of their condition, nor were they on blood pressure medications.


After drinking a glass of nitrate-containing water or beetroot juice, the participant’s blood pressure was taken, and the results were astounding – a whopping 11.2 mmHg decrease on average. The biggest drop in blood pressure was measured after 3-6 hours, but it was still significantly lower than the baseline when it was tested again after 24 hours.


Since the overall point of the study was to determine whether optimal choices in diet and lifestyle could indeed affect blood pressure levels, the hypothesis was correct as the answer was an emphatic and resounding “yes!”


The amount of nitrate used in the study was equal to consuming either two beets or a bowl of lettuce. This shows that just ONE meal that was high in nitrate is enough to lower your blood pressure throughout the day.


Remember, when it comes to high nitrate foods, you aren’t limited to beetroot; you can also add carrots, fennel, lettuce, radishes, cabbage, spinach or green beans to your meals for the same results. It seems that variety is not only the spice of life; it might actually prolong it!


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