The Easiest Blood Pressure Cure – How Can I Lower My Blood Pressure Immediately?

The Easiest Blood Pressure Cure – How Can I Lower My Blood Pressure Immediately?  The Easiest Blood Pressure Cure - These blood pressure exercises have helped thousands of people; they work immediately, and the results are permanent. Learn more and test them out online. Read on to find out more.


The Easiest Blood Pressure Cure Scientifically Proven


How about the combination easy, effective, free, and no side effects to cure high blood pressure?


How about being proven by thousands of years of practice and now scientifically proven in a new study published in Psychosomatic Medicine.

The scientists studied a group of people, with the average age of 50, who were pre-hypertensive.


Prehypertension is the phase of health where blood pressure numbers are higher than they should be (between 130 and 135 systolic), but not yet diagnosable as hypertension.


Left untreated and exposed to the same stressors that are causing the elevation in the first place, prehypertension almost always will lead to full blown high blood pressure.


In the study group, however, the participants were taught a technique called “mindfulness,” in which a person focuses intently on the present moment, pushing away all other thoughts.


Traditionally, this method has been referred to as meditation; but in mindfulness, there is no connection necessarily to any religion or cultural rules.


It is merely the practice of giving the mind a focused break from the stress and anxiety that is a constant onslaught in one form or another.


The study not only showed that blood pressure came down for the participants on average by 5 full points, knocking many of them out of the danger zone; it had other health benefits as well.


Other health benefits included a reduced sensitivity to pain, better sleeping patterns, and a diminished impact of depression.


This is of course no news to me. For years now I’ve been teaching the easiest blood pressure cure, which is a specific type of mindfulness exercises specifically focused on lowering blood pressure. And the results are way more impressive than the mere 5 points from the study.


In fact, most people using my simple exercises get their blood pressure under 120/80 within a week. Very often the very first time they do the exercises.


The Easiest Blood Pressure Cure – Learn these powerful blood pressure exercises that have helped thousands of readers to lower their blood pressure here


The Easiest Blood Pressure Cure – This Sound Lowers Blood Pressure 16 Points


You may have heard about studies showing that classical music can significantly reduce your blood pressure.


New studies, however, reveals a different type of sound that can reduce it even more. Actually, by as much as the best blood pressure drugs do, without side effects.


And it’s always around you.


Two studies revealing this non-invasive, effortless method were presented at the American Heart Association’s Council on Hypertension Scientific Sessions.


It is called high-resolution relational resonance-based electroencephalic mirroring, or more simply HIRREM, and the available studies show that it is as powerful as the best high blood pressure drugs.


Doctors place sensors on your skull that detect the electrical activity in your brain. They then convert this activity into sound waves that are fed straight back into your brain through earphones.


– Your left ear hears the sound from the left- hemispheres.
– Your right ear hears the sound from the right hemispheres.


In a well-functioning brain, the electrical activity in the two hemispheres is approximately balanced. However, this balance is sometimes disturbed with one hemisphere becoming overactive, or hyperactive aroused, as medical experts call it, while the other remains at a normal level of activity.


Previous studies have linked an imbalance in electrical activity between the hemispheres to various conditions like insomnia.


If one hemisphere is too active, the tones that are generated for that side’s ear are louder than those generated for the other ear.


For whatever reason, your brain strives to create balance in the sound you hear, and with that causes your brain to rebalance its hemispheres’ electrical activity until they are back in balance.


This is complexly effortless and unconscious. During this session, the patient can read a book, nap, or do anything else.


Dr Hossam A. Shaltout, one of the researchers, speculates that a hemispherical imbalance indicates dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system (subconscious), probably because of chronic stress.


Interestingly, the blood pressure exercises I developed years ago work in a very similar way.


They strive to balance the left and right side of the brain, and then lead it into what I call “Focused Break”.


Focused Break is, in essence, similar to rebooting a computer that isn’t working properly. By rebooting your nervous system, your blood pressure automatically reaches a healthy level and your hypertension is cured.


The Easiest Blood Pressure Cure – These blood pressure exercises have helped thousands of people; they work immediately, and the results are permanent. Learn more and test them out online, here…


The Easiest Blood Pressure Cure – To lower blood pressure – STINK!


How can bad smell possibly lower blood pressure?


A new study from John’s Hopkins University says it’s quite common, effective and dirt-cheap. Although they haven’t quite figured it out.


Who doesn’t love an easy fix for high blood pressure, especially when it makes you laugh (and we’re NOT talking about laughing therapy)?


The embarrassing nature of an accidental release of gas, or “breaking wind” is what some would describe as a stressful, anxiety-riddled accident.


However, the gas that gives flatulence its ‘stink’ factor has recently been discovered to actually be beneficial to blood vessel health.


Researchers at John’s Hopkins University, for whatever reason, studied the enzyme that produces hydrogen sulfide. This is one of several gasses that make up flatus but is the key culprit in the rotten egg smell of a ‘toot.’


The enzyme, however, was found to relax blood vessels. When it is actively doing that, the enzyme releases the hydrogen sulfide gas.


Chinese researchers “got wind of it” (had to use the pun…sorry) and decided to work on a way to harness the gas for use in a clinical application to reduce blood pressure in humans after seeing the effects hydrogen sulfide gas had on mice.


It’s not known at this time how they plan to introduce the gas into human physiology synthetically.


So, the next time you stress for ‘letting one go,’ try to remember that some healthy, relaxed blood vessels likely played a part.


Even if this is not a great scientific cure for high blood pressure, I at least hope this article brought a smile; and laughter has definitely been proven to lower blood pressure!


To get more ideas for the easiest blood pressure cure, watch this video – Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Or to get the easiest blood pressure cure, avoid the smell altogether and try our easy exercises that drop high blood pressure below 120/80 – starting today – and don’t stink at all…


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