Natural Way to Cure ED Fast – One Simple Trick to Get Longer Erection

Natural Way to Cure ED Fast – One Simple Trick to Get Stronger Erection - Natural Way to Cure ED Fast – For the best method I know to tackle erectile dysfunction naturally, try out this technique found in Erectile Dysfunction Master Program, which is created for men who are looking for the best erectile dysfunction natural remedies.


Natural Way to Cure ED Fast – To Cure ED, Increase Your “Gait Function”


Could a specific way of walking be the cause and cure for ED?

As weird as it sounds, a new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine says clearly yes.


But it’s not about exercising or walking more. It’s about HOW you walk. Or more specifically, your “gait function”.


Gait function is part of normal frailty screenings. It refers to your ability to give reasonably large steps forward without falling over.


The researchers measured the gait function of 324 men through the two-step test, a test often used for this purpose.


In this test, they had to take two large steps forwards while the researchers measured their balance, flexibility of their lower joints, and muscle strength in the lower halves of their bodies.


They also measured their level of sexual function through the standard Index of Erectile Function, and divided them into higher and lower sexual function groups.


Plus, collecting other relevant health data to ensure that no other lifestyle factor or health condition interfered with their findings.


It turned out that those with the worst ED scores also had the lowest two-step scores.


Predictably, men with the lowest testosterone and the highest age were also the most likely to have the most severe ED, but even when these were excluded from the analysis, the relationship between poor gait function and ED remained.


The relationship is not as mysterious as it may first seem, and the authors explained it in their study.


When you take large steps forward, you move your pelvic muscles a lot more than when you do when your steps are smaller.


Oddly enough, many previous studies also show that you flex your pelvic floor muscles when you move your ankle joints. Large steps forwards also engages your ankle joints more than shorter steps do.



Your pelvic floor muscles are hugely important in maintaining an erection. When you contract your pelvic muscles, you prevent blood from flowing out of your penis, which is a necessary step in maintaining an erection.


If you have strong pelvic muscles, you do this automatically without even noticing, very much like you automatically carry your heavy body on strong calf muscles without noticing.


It is when those muscles are weak that you notice things going wrong.


Natural Way to Cure ED Fast – Interestingly, for years I’ve been helping men overcome erectile dysfunction using specific exercises that strengthen the pelvic muscles. Now we have a scientific proof it works. You can learn these exercises and more methods to cure erectile dysfunction here


Natural Way to Cure ED Fast – This Irritating Night Habit is Common Among ED Sufferers


There is an irritating night habit that has been found to be closely associated with – or to even cause – ED.


If you do this, you’re much more likely to suffer ED than if you don’t do this.


The great news is that the same solution that heals ED naturally, also eliminates this night habit. So you can kill two flies with one swat.


Nocturia refers to the need to urinate during the night.


It is measured by the number of times that you need to get up to visit the bathroom and the amount of urine you pass between going to bed at night and rising in the morning.


In a 2011 edition of the Journal of Urology, for example, Japanese researchers reported on their study with 315 men, with an average age of 38.


They asked the volunteers to complete the International Index of Erectile Function, and then examined which of their other health conditions was the most likely to be present together with the ED.


The condition that appeared most often alongside the ED was nocturia.

It beat even advanced age and sleep disturbance, two other conditions that often appear together with ED.


Medical scientists categorize nocturia as a lower urinary tract symptom, or LUTS, in short. Other LUTS include weak or interrupted urinary stream, frequent dribbling, imperfect emptying, and extreme urgency to urinate even when the bladder is not full.


Throughout the years I’ve taught thousands of men simple, easy exercises that completely cure erectile dysfunction. These exercises help almost everyone.


What’s more, these exercises are extremely helpful for all types of lower urinary tract symptom as well.


Natural Way to Cure ED Fast -To learn the easy erectile dysfunction exercises and test-drive them for yourself (from the privacy of your home), click here


Natural Way to Cure ED Fast – How ED Causes Hip Fractures


I’m sure you can come up with many great problems that ED causes in your life, but hip fracture – could you ever think of that?


Yes, men suffering ED are more likely to break a hip. And it’s not because they throw themselves in the floor crying or get hit by a disappointed partner.


No, the hip fracture happens for a reason you would never think of.


In this latest study, Taiwanese researchers identified 4,636 men with ED by digging through the Taiwan National Health Insurance Research Database.


For a control group of 18,544 men over 40, they matched each ED sufferer with four non-sufferers of approximately the same age.


They established that 1.27 percent of men suffering erectile dysfunction ended up with fractured a hip, while only 0.75 percent of non-sufferers did.


This is far from the whole story, however.


When they excluded men with known hip fracture risk factors, including advanced age, corticosteroid and testosterone use, osteoporosis, hyperparathyroidism, hypertension, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease, they discovered that ED sufferers had a 3.7 times higher risk of fracturing a hip than non-sufferers.


So why does erectile dysfunction increase your likelihood of hip fracture?

ED itself probably does not, but many conditions that occur in both ED sufferers and bone breakers may contribute.


The Taiwanese research team mentioned that testosterone deficiency was both an ED risk factor and a bone weakener, meaning that people with low testosterone may be more likely to be injured from a fall.


They also speculated that the type of hormonal imbalances that lead to ED could simultaneously cause depression, dementia, and sleep disorders, all of which cause the type of fatigue and lack of attention that may make people trip and fall in the first place.


Furthermore, they referenced studies that show that a vitamin D deficiency could cause both ED and a decrease in bone density.


For more ideas to learn about the natural way to cure ED fast, watch this video – How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally in 4 Steps | A Non Surgical Natural Impotence Cure


Natural Way to Cure ED Fast – For the best method I know to tackle erectile dysfunction naturally, try out this technique found here…


This post is from the Erectile Dysfunction Master Program, which was created by Christian Goodman for men who are looking for the best erectile dysfunction natural remedies.  This is an all-natural system that utilizes the power of exercises to permanently cure erectile dysfunction. By following the techniques in this program, you will be able to get hard fast without pills and maintain stronger erections for hours so you can enjoy sex again. 


Erectile problems can be physical or emotional. If your problem is physical, you need to exercise the muscles around the genital area. If your problem is emotional, then you need to learn relaxation techniques. Erection Master will teach you steps that can help get rid of your erectile dysfunction for good. As long as you’re willing to commit 30 minutes of your time, 3 to 7 days a week for 1 to 2 months, they’ll work for you. You can practice the steps alone or with your partner. 


These techniques are far more effective than Viagra, Cialis or other drugs for erectile dysfunction. The drugs only help about 40% of men who use them and can also cause very serious side effects. 


To find out more about this program, click on Natural Way to Cure ED Fast


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