What is the Easiest and Most Effective Natural Approach to Cure ED?

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Easiest and Most Effective Natural Approach to Cure ED – ED Caused by This Entertainment (Stop It)

Almost all men indulge in this entertainment at some time. And a little bit of it is no problem.

But a study just presented at the European Association of Urology Congress reveals that doing it a lot will destroy your love life and cause ED.

It is difficult to talk about porn without sounding either like a prudish schoolmarm or a manic marketer, which shows just how necessary scientific research is on this awkward topic.

Digital technology has caused an explosion in the easy accessibility, affordability, and anonymity of porn, which makes it all the more important to discover whether porn consumption and ED are related in any way.

Researchers from Belgium, Denmark, and the UK published an anonymous online questionnaire that was mostly advertised to men in Belgium and Denmark.

A total of 3,267 men replied to the 118-question survey about their porn consumption, the frequency and enjoyment of masturbation, their sexual activity with partners, and their level of sexual function, enjoyment, and health.

The study deliberately recruited men who had had sex in the past four weeks so they could compare masturbation with “normal” sex.

Approximately 28.4 percent of the participants were single and 1.3 percent were divorced or widowed; 5.7 percent were in a new relationship and the remaining 65 percent were either in long-term relationships or married.

Being an online survey, it is unsurprising that the majority of participants were young: around 38 percent were between ages 18 and 25 and a small minority were over age 45 (10.4 percent); 29 percent were between 26 and 35, and 22.5 percent between 36 and 45.

On average, the men watched 70 minutes of porn per week, with some watching hardly at all, and others watching a spectacular 26.25 hours. 2.2 percent of them reported watching more than seven hours per week.

While the majority watched between five and 15 minutes at a time, 3.1 percent watched for more than an hour per session.

The findings were alarming.

Predictably, the occurrence of ED increased with the amount of porn consumed.

Sadly, 23 percent of men below age 35 reported some level of ED when trying to have sex with a partner. In fact, only 65 percent of the men reported feeling more satisfied after sex with a partner compared with how they feel after watching porn.

Why is this the case? The answers may lie somewhere in the findings, too.

First, 20 percent of the participants reported having to watch more extreme porn to get the same level of arousal as they did before. Second, 90 percent of the men reported fast-forwarding past the slow bits to get to the most arousing scenes.

The authors speculated that their participants’ ED while having sex with a partner resulted precisely from their lack of arousal during sex that is not as extreme or with partners that cannot keep up with that endless process of becoming more and more stimulating.

In fact, if this study had included men who had basically given up on sex, rather than those who had had sex in the past four weeks, they would probably have found a substantially higher prevalence of ED for the same reason.

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Easiest and Most Effective Natural Approach to Cure ED –  How Prostate Biopsy Leads to Weaker Erection and What to Do About It

Tens of thousands of men undergo prostate biopsy every year thinking it’s a safe, harmless procedure – only to wake up with the nightmare of severe erectile dysfunction.

But like all nightmares, when you wake up, they’re over. And so it goes for this one as well.

Yes, prostate biopsy causes worsened ED in most men, but there is something you can do about it, according to a new study recently published in BJU International.

In the largest study of its kind, a Canadian research team recently discovered that most men struggled with ED for up to 12 weeks after a prostate biopsy.

They recruited 220 volunteers who visited their hospitals for a TRUS-guided prostate biopsy. This is the test that is done to find out whether you have cancer if the doctor thinks there is a low or moderate chance that you have it.

The men completed questionnaires before the biopsy to report their level of erectile function. They were asked to complete those same questionnaires several times after the procedure: after 1 week, after four weeks, and after 12 weeks.

Most men reported worsened ED one week after the biopsy than before the operation. However, it did get better after four weeks and by the 12th week most men had regained the level of erection strength they had before.

Researchers speculated that some temporary nerve damage may occur during the biopsy, that hematomas could be responsible, and that the type of local anesthetic used can contribute. A hematoma is a solid swelling of clotted blood within body tissue, which may well be present for a few weeks after a biopsy. The procedure puts a needle into sensitive tissue, after all.

However, the ED may also be somewhat psychological. Indeed, the fear of having a needle put in such a delicate organ would cause most of us to go soft for a while.

Previous studies have shown that a majority of men report great fear of this procedure. And, ED is worse after the first biopsy than if men had undergone one in the past.

Any procedure like this does, of course, have a risk of infection and other side effects. If your risk of cancer is very low, you may want to talk to your doctor about if the procedure is absolutely needed.

Remember also that the ED following biopsy is usually not permanent. Most men gain their old stamina within 12 weeks. So usually, all you have to do is wait it out.

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Easiest and Most Effective Natural Approach to Cure ED – The Male Problem That is Resistant to Medications – An Intolerable Calamity

Academics at the University of Toledo have been battling to develop a remedy for a type of ED that does not respond to traditional medication.

These drugs work for some men with ED, but there is a common health condition that causes a type of ED that does not respond to these drugs. The number of couples that hope for a new remedy is increasing every day as the condition that causes it becomes more widespread.

Men with diabetes have a terribly difficult task to get and keep their erection throughout sexual intercourse. In a 2002 Harvard study with 31,027 males between 53 and 90, those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes were found to have a much higher rate of erectile dysfunction than those without diabetes.

In the last ten years, many academic papers have been published to examine the link between diabetes and ED. Researchers found that diabetics lacked some proteins and other substances that were required for an erection, but they just could not explain why this was the case in diabetics and not in non-diabetics.

Today, the reason for this problem is better understood than ever because of new research at the University of Toledo.

To understand why type 2 diabetes causes ED, you must remember that diabetes is a condition in which your body develops resistance to the hormones insulin and leptin.

Insulin is the hormone that removes glucose from the blood stream so that the rest of the body can use it as energy, while leptin’s main functions are to regulate the sensation of hunger and the storage of fat. If your body is resistant to both, as is the case in type 2 diabetics, it results in an excess of glucose in the bloodstream and the storage of fat that should either be burned as energy or excreted.

The connection between type 2 diabetes and ED is directly related to this resistance to insulin and leptin.

One of the chief mechanisms behind an erection works as follows:

1. Insulin and leptin stimulate proopio-melanocortin cells in the brain.

2. When stimulated, these proopio-melanocortin cells make a protein called melanocortin.

3. Melanocortins stimulate a nerve in the prostate that makes a healthy erection possible.

Accordingly, the ability to achieve and maintain an erection starts with the two hormones to which type 2 diabetics’ bodies are resistant. Their bodies are not properly responsive to insulin and leptin, and as a result, fail to produce the required proteins and nerve stimulation required for an erection.

This also explains why men with type 1 diabetes struggle with ED. Type 1 diabetics are not resistant to insulin. Instead, they completely lack insulin because their immune systems destroy the cells that release it. As they lack insulin altogether, the brain cells that set the erection pathway in motion cannot be stimulated, either.

At this stage the traditional medical system has no solution. The most obvious route would be to increase melanocortin proteins artificially by suppressing the enzymes that absorb the few available ones. Since this increases blood pressure and heart rate, however, it is not really an option. Replacing ED with cardiovascular disease solves nothing.

This is why it is so important to prevent type 2 diabetes through eating a healthy diet and adopting an exercise program. If not, it can ruin so much of the fun in relationships and in life more broadly.

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As for type 1 diabetics, let us hope that scientists come up with a remedy soon, as this condition is not preventable.

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