How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction at Home?

How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction at Home? Cure Erectile Dysfunction at Home - How can a simple brush found in all supermarkets fend off ED in men? Easily, says a new study. Because you’re brushing off something that can increase your risk of ED up to 590%.


Cure Erectile Dysfunction at Home – Brush This to Heal ED


How can a simple brush found in all supermarkets fend off ED in men?

Easily, says a new study.


Because you’re brushing off something that can increase your risk of ED up to 590%.


Periodontitis is a major bacterial infection of your gums that destroys the bone and soft tissue that anchor your teeth. A new study in the British Dental Journal shows that men with periodontitis have a raised likelihood of ED.


The authors consulted already published research on the subject and found 13 relevant studies, three of which were research reviews like their own.


These studies all concluded that people with periodontitis were more likely to have ED than the general population.


Some studies found a 53 percent increased risk, while others found that those with periodontitis were 5.9 times more likely to have ED.


The size of the risk varies widely between different studies, but they all agree that there is an increased risk.


Researchers found that the periodontitis bacteria leaks into the bloodstream and causes inflammation that blocks the blood flow to the genitals, similar to how Periodontitis can cause cardiovascular diseases.


The simplest way to fend this off is to use dental flush and then brush your teeth at least twice a day with a good antibacterial toothpaste to remove the bacterial plaque. Make sure to spit out all the debris.


But to fend off erectile dysfunction permanently, all you need are the easy home Erectile Dysfunction exercises found here. They pump blood into the genitals and prevent leaking


Cure Erectile Dysfunction at Home – This Common Drink Causes ED (men you’re drinking it)


A recent research from the University of Copenhagen and published in the American Journal of Epidemiology made lots of waves in the news.


This study was originally aimed at examining how a specific common drink affects the quality and quantity of men’s sperm. They asked 2,554 young Danish men to deliver a semen sample and to report their daily intake of this drink.


The results were shocking, not regarding the sperm count but for the men’s ED.


Researchers concluded that caffeine did not affect sperm, but that men who drank one liter of cola per day had a much lower sperm count than those who drank none of it.


In the course of their speculations, they mentioned that the high sugar content of soft drinks could possibly cause erectile dysfunction by damaging the blood vessels, through which blood flows into the penis during an erection.


Many websites and British tabloids took this to mean that the study proved that cola consumption caused erectile dysfunction. It actually didn’t prove anything of the kind; in fact, it did not measure erectile dysfunction in these Danish men at all. But it did introduce the question of whether a high sugary soft drink consumption can cause erectile dysfunction.


Unfortunately, no researchers have taken up the question since then by questioning a sample of men on their level of erectile dysfunction and their soft drink intake.


But, based on previous relevant research, Polish scientists compiled reasons in a 2011 paper to argue that sugary soft drink consumption could very likely cause erectile dysfunction.


So just to be on the save side, if you suffer erectile dysfunction, avoid sugary drinks. At least it will help you lose weight, witch definitely contributes to the quality of erection.


But that’s not going to be enough to cure erectile dysfunction at home. For that, you need to do the easy home erectile dysfunction exercises, found here…


Cure Erectile Dysfunction at Home – Suffering ED? It Could be an Indicator of this Bone Disease


What does ED have to do with your bones (yes, we know the euphemism you’re thinking of)


This is actually a very serious matter because in a study published in the June 2016 edition of the journal Medicine, Taiwanese scientists show that men with erectile dysfunction are more likely to develop a very serious bone disease than men who are ED-free.


The good news is that if you tackle the underlying cause of ED, you’ll be able to tackle both diseases at the same time.


Researchers collected the data of 4,460 men with erectile dysfunction from the Taiwan National Health Insurance Research Database. They were all 40 years or older.


They then randomly selected 17,480 men of the same age from the database to serve as their ED-free sample for comparison.


After controlling for other possible influencing factors that may have interfered with their result (diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, liver and kidney diseases, hyperthyroidism, and hyperparathyroidism), they concluded that the rate of osteoporosis in the ED group was 9.74 per 1,000 person-years while the no-ED group suffered only 2.47 cases per 1,000 person-years. Hence, men with ED were more than three times more likely to have osteoporosis than the ED-free ones.


ED-sufferers between ages 40 and 59 had a slightly bigger risk than those over the age of 60 relative to their non-ED suffering peers, probably because the rate of osteoporosis is generally slightly higher in the over-60s, making the erectile dysfunction issue less of a factor.


Strangely, the incidents of osteoporosis were similar for men with psychogenic erectile dysfunction (stress, depression, anxiety causing it) and physical erectile dysfunction (cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity causing it).


Some of the common cause of both erectile dysfunction and osteoporosis could be lack of vitamin D, low testosterone level, and high inflammation levels.


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Regardless of all that, this is just another reason to tackle your ED naturally. The best method to cure erectile dysfunction at home are the easy Erectile Dysfunction home exercises found here…


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