What is the Best Way to Tackle Erection Dysfunction Causes?

What is the Best Way to Tackle Erection Dysfunction Causes? Tackle Erection Dysfunction Causes - ED Directly Caused By These Common Drugs. If you had to choose between permanent hair loss or suffering ED, which one would you pick? Honest question because drugs commonly prescribed to help halt hair loss have now been proven to cause ED—even years after using them. But these drugs are not just prescribed for hair loss.

Tackle Erection Dysfunction Causes – Is Your ED Caused By Your Personality Type? (Study)


One of the most popular models of personality that psychologists have used for decades is the Big Five personality traits model.


This ranks people into five overarching personality categories, each with some sub-traits to flesh them out.


A new study that has just been presented at the European Association of Urology Congress has concluded that men who scored higher on one of these five categories are more likely than other men to struggle with ED.


The big five personality categories and their sub-traits are the following:


  1. Openness to experience. Imagination, artistic interests, awareness of own emotions, adventurousness, intellect, readiness to challenge authority.


  1. Conscientiousness. Self-efficacy, orderliness, dutifulness, achievement striving, self-discipline, and cautiousness.


  1. Extraversion. Friendliness, gregariousness, assertiveness, activity level, excitement-seeking, and cheerfulness.


  1. Agreeableness. Trust, non-manipulation, altruism, cooperation, modesty, and sympathy.


  1. Neuroticism. Anxiety, anger, depression, self-consciousness, immoderation, and vulnerability.


Find a Big Five Personality test (often called an IPIP-NEO test) on the internet and complete it, as it is a lot of fun.


Can you guess which personality type puts you at risk of ED?

Neuroticism is the culprit.


The researchers analyzed 761 men who had undergone prostate surgery for prostate cancer in Norway. They reported on their recovery from the surgery and also completed a personality test.


Prostate surgery often results in ED and urinary incontinence, and the scientists wanted to ascertain if there was a personality type that put men at risk of slower recovery from these problems post-surgery.


On the personality test, 22 percent of participants scored higher on neuroticism, which is around the average for men in developed countries.


These highly neurotic men scored around 20 percent worse on the problematic side effects of the surgery than the non-neurotic men. They all reported ED, urinary incontinence, and bowel problems.


This makes a useful contribution to the literature, because past studies mostly concentrated on the surgical methods and location or severity of the prostate cancer as causes of the side effects and the inability to overcome them.


Now we know that personality also plays a role.


The researchers also warned that one should not think of neuroticism as a psychological disorder. It is a personality trait.


All of us are sometimes anxious, sometimes depressed, sometimes angry, and so on. Those who experience these emotions often are the high scorers.


The good news for those who want to tackle erectile dysfunction causes, is that no matter what your personality trait is, there are easy home exercises that can eliminate your erectile dysfunction – sometimes on the very first day. Test drive these easy ED exercises here…


Tackle Erection Dysfunction Causes – ED Directly Caused By These Common Drugs


If you had to choose between permanent hair loss or suffering ED, which one would you pick?


Honest question because drugs commonly prescribed to help halt hair loss have now been proven to cause ED—even years after using them.


But these drugs are not just prescribed for hair loss.


They’re also used for another common condition (not so vain). So if you’re a man over 50, chances are you’re taking these drugs, with dim side effects of ED.


We’re talking about any of the 5-reductase inhibitor drugs like finasteride (Propecia) or dutasteride.


These drugs are mainly prescribed for two conditions:


1) male pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia)
2) and enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia).


Scientists at Northwestern University have just published a study in the journal PeerJ focused on the severe side effects of these drugs.


They used medical information from Northwestern Medicine’s electronic data repository of men who had taken 5-reductase inhibitors.


1.5% of those taking these drugs developed Erectile Dysfunction as a direct consequence. And the sexual dysfunction lasted for 3.5–6.5 years after they stopped using the drugs.


This stands in stark contrast to the promise on the drug labels that the symptoms of ED vanish the moment you stop taking the drug!


The good news for those who want to tackle erectile dysfunction causes, is that no matter what causes your Erectile Dysfunction, you can cure it using nothing but a simple set of ED exercises found here…


Tackle Erection Dysfunction Causes – How Botox Cures ED (men put on a smile)


Is it possible elite male superstars and politicians loading their faces with Botox are actually doing it for a little naughty alternative reason?


Could it be more about the little friend’s function than their mirror image?

That’s actually a long shot theory. But nevertheless, a new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has revealed how Botox may actually cure ED… if used in a specific way.


When your prostate’s cells multiply and start to take up the space of your urethra, your urine can no longer pass freely through your urethra.


As a result, the muscles in your bladder start to contract powerfully to propel the urine through your narrowed urethra, and the smooth muscles in your urethra contract equally powerfully to get the urine through.


This creates a permanent uncomfortable feeling of having to urinate and even cramps in your urinary tract.


To treat this, some doctors inject Botox to relax the smooth muscles and prevent them from contracting.


Taiwanese researchers published a study in the journal BJU International in 2006 that tested this treatment on men with enlarged prostates, finding that it could indeed relieve what are called lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS).


The Canadian researchers then thought that, since many erectile difficulties result from the contraction of smooth muscles in your penis, and since Botox has proved successful to relax smooth muscles in the urethra, wouldn’t Botox also work to relax smooth muscles in your penis to restore your erectile function?


They tested it on a few rats who experienced an improvement in their erectile function, with promising results.


However, Botox is derived from the deadly neurotoxin, botulinum. It works by paralyzing muscles, which is why it works on wrinkles caused by muscles in the face.


You probably don’t warm to the idea of having a deadly poison injected into your manhood. And you don’t have to.


For more ideas to tackle erectile dysfunction causes, watch this video – 5 Simple Ways To Cure Weak Erection (Erectile Dysfunction — Causes and Treatment)

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