What are the Best Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies?

What are the Best Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies? Is this Treatment One of the Best Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies? New Non-Medical ED Treatment for Better Than Drugs - A new, non-medical treatment for ED had a 73% success rate in a new study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research. Read on to find out more.


Is this Treatment One of the Best Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies?


New Non-Medical ED Treatment for Better Than Drugs


A new, non-medical treatment for ED had a 73% success rate in a new study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research.


The downside of it is that although this treatment seems to be completely safe and side effect free, it may not be something you want to use on your most delicate body parts.


Then again, a 73% success rate is pretty tempting. It’s even more effective than the drug treatment.


Functional electrical stimulation might not sound like anything you want to use on your private parts, but researchers are increasingly starting to back it as an effective treatment for ED.


This treatment applies small electrical charges to the targeted area, usually a muscle, that no longer functions properly.


It is often used in people who have central nervous system damage whose neurons can no longer send messages to their muscles. The treatment then helps their muscles to regenerate and helps to retrain impaired neurons to send a message to the muscles, which makes them work.


It is often used, for example, to restore bodily functions after a stroke that damaged the message pathway from the brain through the central nervous system to the muscles.


In many men with ED, the cavernous smooth muscles responsible for an erection are damaged or weak. This condition gave rise to the question whether functional electrical stimulation could help these muscles to regenerate and restore sexual function.


In this study, 22 men with ED between the ages of 40 and 65 were tested.


Researchers divided them into two groups, one that received genuine functional electrical stimulation, and another that received a fake electrical treatment.


They received their treatments twice a week for a period of 15 minutes over one month.


To find out about sexual function, they asked the participants to complete the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5), the Erection Hardness Score (EHS), and the WHOQOL quality of life questionnaire before and after the treatment.


Those given the fake treatment reported no or almost no improvement in their sexual function.


However, of the 11 who received the real treatment, three regained the ability to become spontaneously erect, while another five experienced substantial improvements in their scores on the sexual function tests.

The other three did not benefit, giving the treatment a success rate of 73%.


Now if you don’t fancy electric shock on your private parts, and want closer to a 100% success rate, then do the simple erectile dysfunction exercises found here…


Best Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies – ED Caused by Your Skin (strange study)


ED is not a simple condition and you have probably heard about many things that contribute to it.


Watch this video to get more ideas for the best erectile dysfunction natural remedies –  How to get harder erections Naturally | 10 Simple Strategies For Stronger Erections

But your skin does too. Now that’s something new.


And we’re not talking about ethnic groups or skin color as such. Nevertheless, this type of skin can increase your risk of ED by 33%.

Fortunately, it’s quite simple to correct this (that’s the ED part).


Psoriasis is a skin condition marked by red, itchy, scaly patches of skin. It is caused by an overreaction when your immune system mistakenly attacks perfectly healthy skin cells with inflammation.


A different team of scientists has now decided to follow up on this finding in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy to investigate exactly what types of sexual problems men with psoriasis have.


They recruited 76 men, between ages 20 and 66, and through physical examination, categorized them from having the least to most severe psoriasis.


They then asked the participants to complete three questionnaires: The International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5), the Beck’s Depression Inventory, and the Dermatology Life Quality Index.


They found that 43.8% of them had ED, with the elder men being unsurprisingly more at risk than their younger counterparts.


Those with the most severe symptoms were also more likely to struggle with ED than their psychologically healthy peers.


77.6% of them reported that their psoriasis at least occasionally interfered with their sex lives.


The men with the most severe psoriasis were the most likely to report that they sometimes avoided sexual contact and that they felt ashamed of their bodies in front of their sexual partners.


96.1% of the men reported feeling embarrassed during flare-ups, when lesions appeared on their uncovered skin and felt ashamed in front of their sexual partners.


More than 50% of the men stated that they avoided sexual and social activities because of their skin condition, and 44% said that they had experienced rejection at some point during their lives because of it.


With all those worries in their minds, it is clear why men with psoriasis were more likely to have ED than the general population. Researchers are probably right to state that dermatologists should take note of these findings and help men to find solutions for their problem.


This shows that ED is often more of an emotional condition than physical.


Interestingly, our simple ED exercises work wonders for men who have ED caused by emotional stress. Just as well as men whose ED is physically caused. Learn more here…


This Could Be One of the Best Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies  


This Treats ED but How Much Is Needed?


Numerous studies have shown that this activity drastically increases men’s stamina.


It makes your blood vessels more flexible and elastic, which allows them to relax enough for sufficient blood to flow to your penis.


It causes your body to produce more nitrogen oxide, which widens your blood vessels for the blood flow to your sex organs (precisely how drugs work, just without the side effects and the huge expense).


What’s more, it’s completely free and everyone can do it.


But the question remains: “How much do you need”?


Danish researchers decided to find out from previously published studies how much exercise is needed to reverse ED and published their results in the journal Sexual Medicine.


They surveyed 1,950 published studies, between 2006 and 2016, and isolated 10 of these to be of sufficiently rigorous scientific quality to be included in their analysis.


When they put the studies together, they found that at least 160 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise per week over six months is necessary to improve ED significantly. The best way to do this was 40 minutes of training four times per week.


They also found that people who lapsed, even after six months of healthy physical activity habits, experienced an immediate increase in ED symptoms. Thus, for the exercise to be effective, you have to continue to do it.


Now this may be too much work for most men and it doesn’t completely reverse ED for most.


Fortunately, there is an easier, simpler and more effective sets of exercises that work for almost everyone.


You can do these ED exercises anytime, anywhere and nobody, not even your partner needs to know you’re doing them.


What’s more they only take a few minutes per day and the results are permanent.


Learn more about these simple ED exercises and test-drive them for yourself here…


This post is from the Erectile Dysfunction Master Program, which was created by Christian Goodman for men who are looking for the best erectile dysfunction natural remedies.  This is an all-natural system that utilizes the power of exercises to permanently cure erectile dysfunction. By following the techniques in this program, you will be able to get a powerful erection and maintain it for hours so you can enjoy sex again. 


Erectile problems can be physical or emotional. If your problem is physical, you need to exercise the muscles around the genital area. If your problem is emotional, then you need to learn relaxation techniques. Erection Master will teach you steps that can help get rid of your erectile dysfunction for good. As long as you’re willing to commit 30 minutes of your time, 3 to 7 days a week for 1 to 2 months, they’ll work for you. You can practice the steps alone or with your partner. 


These techniques are far more effective than Viagra, Cialis or other drugs for erectile dysfunction. The drugs only help about 40% of men who use them and can also cause very serious side effects. 


To find out more about this program, click on Best Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies Revealed Here


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