What is the Best Way to Regain Your Stamina and Cure ED?

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Regain Your Stamina and Cure ED – ED and Stopping Smoking: Does It Help?

It’s old news that smoking causes erectile dysfunction (ED). So the advice doctors give to men suffering ED is to stop smoking.

Simple, right?

Well not quite, because a new study published in Translational Andrology and Urology reveals just how long men have to stop smoking until their love life is back on track.

And what they can do to speed things up.

The researchers obtained 40 eight-week-old male Sprague Dawley rats and divided them into four groups. Ten were exposed to room air only and served as the control group.

The remaining 30 received the same amount of smoke as passive smokers do for 12 weeks after which they were divided into the three remaining groups:

– a smoking group of 10 that immediately underwent ED testing,
– 10 that were first exposed to room air for four weeks before ED testing, and
– 10 that received room air for eight weeks before the ED testing.

They evaluated the rats’ ED by testing their intracavernous pressure (the pressure in the spongy tissue of the penis) and their mean arterial pressure (their blood pressure). For ideal sexual function, the former should be high, while the latter should be low.

The intracavernous pressure was lower, the arterial pressure was higher, and the ratio between the two was lower in the smoking group than in the groups that received only room air or room air for eight weeks after smoking cessation.

This indicates that eight weeks of room air after 12 weeks of smoking can undo much of the damage of the smoking. Four weeks of clean air is not quite enough but is preferable to continuing smoking.

So how long do you need to stop smoking before seeing this huge benefit, which is almost comparable to people who have never smoked?

If this rat study translates directly to humans, a week in a rat’s life corresponds to approximately 26.6 weeks of a human lifespan, on the assumption that a long life expectancy for a rat is three years and for a human is 80 years.

In other words, if you smoked for six years, you might need to stop smoking for at least four years to reset your sex life.

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Regain Your Stamina and Cure ED – Suffering ED? Start Eating This – Now!

While it is not the kind of thing all men are prepared to be honest about in public, more than 50 percent of men over the age of 40 now struggle with erectile dysfunction (ED). It is becoming an epidemic that is making life particularly unpleasant for many couples.

If you think you’ve been hearing about ED a lot more than ever before, it may well be related to the fact that most people are eating too little of this type of food.

An article published in the August, 2015, edition of the Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction concluded that thousands of pesticides generously sprayed on our food cause ED.

This is not the first study of its kind. In 2002, physicians at hospitals in Argentina surveyed the lifestyles and eating habits of men who sought help for ED at their hospitals. They declared that all their patients had high levels of pesticides in their bodies, and that those with the highest pesticide levels also had the worst ED.

Another research team has discovered that they can change the physical sexual characteristics and behavior of rats completely by feeding common pesticide chemicals to their mothers. Therefore, it is wrong to think of ED as only a male problem. Women can affect their offspring’s choice of sexual partners and their libido by consuming pesticides.

By relying on many related studies, the authors of the new article pointed to several mechanisms through which pesticides cause ED:

1. Pesticides lower the amount of testosterone in your body. Testosterone is not only vital to get an erection, but also to experience sexual desire. Some pesticides lower it by 35 percent.

2. They decrease the amount of acetylcholine esterase, a substance that interacts with neurotransmitters in the brain to cause an erection.

3. They reduce the amount of nitric oxide, a substance that carries the neural communication that regulates an erection.

4. They cause oxidative damage to cells which, through several mechanisms, creates tension in the sinusoidal smooth muscle tissue that is meant to relax during an erection.

5. They are endocrine disrupters. These are substances that prevent hormones from carrying out the jobs they are supposed to do.

6. They change the physical characteristics of the penis itself by destroying the tunica albuginea. This is the tough fibrous envelope of connective tissue that surrounds the penal tissue that becomes erect.

By now we know more than enough. Through numerous different pathways, pesticides make it less likely that you can get and keep an erection.

The problem is extreme. Some analysts estimate that there are tens of thousands of different pesticidal chemicals that are used on our food. Some are sprayed on the food while it is still growing, and some are used to treat it while it is kept in storage.

A long-running American survey by the Environmental Working Group that periodically tests food has tested the most pesticides on apples, cherries, grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears, red raspberries, strawberries, celery, cherry tomatoes, collard greens, cucumbers, hot peppers, imported snap peas, kale, potatoes, spinach, and sweet bell peppers. These fruits and vegetables have a low resistance to pests and are accordingly drowned in pesticides.

Many of these foods are healthy foods that health-conscious people eat specifically to ward off unnecessary ailments. It is cruel to find out that they are nowhere as healthy as we want to believe.

Luckily, there is a reasonably simple solution: buy organic fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. Organic food is grown with no or almost no pesticides. It is fertilized by animal manure instead of chemical fertilizers. It is, therefore, generally cleaner.

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Regain Your Stamina and Cure ED – Is Your ED an Indicator of This Deadly Disease? (you must check this now)

While erectile dysfunction (ED) is a highly irritating health condition on its own, it may also indicate that you have another disease that is even more serious – actually life-threatening.

This underlying disease often goes undiagnosed. So (absurdly), your ED may then be a lifesaver when it draws your attention to this deadly condition.

The good news: If you discover this underlying disease early, it can easily be reversed using a simple, natural approach.

In 2015, Canadian researchers published an article in the Annals of Family Medicine that found a connection between type 2 diabetes and ED.

They examined health statistics of 4,519 men who participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey between 2001 and 2004. They were especially interested in the cases of undiagnosed type 2 diabetes, as it can easily land you in the emergency room or worse – without warnings.

The study concluded that 10.4 percent of men between ages 40 and 59 with erectile problems had undiagnosed type 2 diabetes. This is alarming because only 2.04 percent of men without ED suffered from it.

This means: If you have ED, you’re five times more likely to have hidden type 2 diabetes than if you don’t suffer ED.

Since type 2 diabetes has been linked with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, heart failure, and many other fatal diseases, the fact that so many cases still go undetected is deeply worrying.

The research team focused on the upside, however, which may surprise men with ED. Can there really be an upside to a condition that ruins your sexual life and often leads to depression and low self-esteem?

The answer is an unambiguous yes!

If ED can serve as a sign that you may have diabetes, it may motivate you to get tested and treated for diabetes, which may ultimately save your life.

The connection between ED and type 2 diabetes is not exactly new, but previous studies on the link focused on cases of diagnosed diabetes, which are usually more severe than their undiagnosed counterparts are.

A 2002 article in Diabetes Care concluded that 34 percent of type 2 diabetics reported frequent erectile problems, 24 percent reported occasional problems, and 42 percent reported no problems. In other words, 58 percent of diagnosed type 2 diabetics claim to have mild or severe ED – ouch!

This means that the occurrence of ED increases from 10.4 percent for undiagnosed diabetics to 58 percent for diagnosed diabetics, which is what happens when the severe cases are thrown in.

Everything indicates that it is the type 2 diabetes which causes the erectile dysfunction. So by facing type 2 diabetes and healing it naturally, you can heal your ED as well.

Diabetes can obviously be controlled only if it has been diagnosed, however, so if you have ED without having been tested for diabetes, go ahead and give yourself a better chance to control that ED.

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