What is the Best Way to Get Hard and Stay Hard – Tonight

What is the Best Way to Get Hard and Stay Hard – Tonight  .What is the Best Way to Get Hard and Stay Hard – Tonight


Get Hard and Stay Hard – Tonight: ED’s Deadly Consequences


We already know that people with cardiovascular disease (such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure) are more likely to have ED and vice versa.


But according to research that has just been published in the journal Circulation, there is another condition that ED is a warning sign of.


And this one might just be the most serious of them all.


Atrial fibrillation is a condition characterized by an irregular or fluttering heartbeat. It is serious because it can result in blood clots, heart failure, and strokes.


Researchers analyzed information of 1,760 males between the ages of 59 and 77.


During the follow-up periods 3-5 years later, 94 of the men had been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Among the men with ED, 9.6 percent had developed atrial fibrillation compared to 2.9 percent that didn’t have ED.


Overweight smokers with diabetes and high blood pressure were excluded from the study, but still it was found that men with ED were 66 percent more likely to be diagnosed with this irregular heart rhythm than men without ED were.


This seems to suggest that ED can be used as a diagnostic tool for atrial fibrillation.


ED may be great at detecting serious heart conditions, BUT in order to get hard and stay hard – tonight in order to avoid both and get rid of your ED (since it’s a symptom of atrial fibrillation), you need to do these simple home exercises that take as little as 5 minutes per day


Get Hard and Stay Hard – Tonight: The Leading Cause of ED and How to Cure It


A recent study published in December 2015, the Journal of Impotence Research, proved that men were blissfully unaware of the chief cause of ED.


This is especially sad: if you know the leading cause of your ED, it’s actually quite easy to heal without drugs.


The Polish researchers started from the well-proven fact that approximately 40% of ED cases were brought about by atherosclerotic disease, or hardening of the arteries.


When your arteries harden, they are no longer flexible enough to contract and expand to let enough blood through. This reduces the blood to your organs, including your penis, which needs blood to flow into it during an erection.


If you did not know this, you are not alone. The Polish scientists recruited 502 people who were undergoing treatment for ischemic heart disease, which always includes atherosclerosis. They wanted to know whether these men understood that their condition caused ED, and that there were certain things they could do to improve the heart disease and, consequently, the ED.


Of their 502 subjects, only 31 could name all six of the main ED risk factors of smoking, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and a sedentary lifestyle. In other words, only 31 of them knew that they could improve their ED by quitting smoking, losing weight, controlling their blood sugar, lowering their cholesterol, lowering their blood pressure, and getting some exercise.


A full 189 participants could name none of these modifiable risk factors.

I think the big pharmaceutical companies are partly to blame for this.


We’re bombarded with erectile dysfunction ads day in and day out claiming that the only cure for erectile dysfunction is in a pill. Whereas lifestyle changes are much more effective.


So now that you know, what should you do about it?


First of all, if your cholesterol is too high, you should follow this step-by-step strategy to get yours under control


If your blood pressure is too high, it’s essential to lower it. Here is the best natural way I know to drop your blood pressure below 120/80 – starting today


But if you’re already suffering Erectile Dysfunction, use this simple technique to get hard and stay hard – tonight


Get Hard and Stay Hard – Tonight:9 Common Things That Cause ED (sorry about #1)


Despite what the big medical companies want you to believe, healing ED is very easy.


That is if you know what caused yours in the first place.


That’s why today, I’m listing nine common things that cause ED, which is completely reversible if you take the right action.


  1. Being too wild in bed can cause a penile “fracture,” which is when the tissue that maintains your erection tears. A study presented at the 110th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association in 2015 found that those who delayed treatment, even just for 13 hours, were at greater risk of long-term ED than those who sought immediate help.


According to an article in Advances in Urology, most men who visited hospitals with penile fractures were engaging in “woman on top” positions when they suffered the injury, probably because they weren’t in control and could not stop immediately when they first experienced the pain. Ouch!


  1. It is no longer a secret that diabetic men are more likely to struggle with ED, but pre-diabetic men must also watch out. Several studies have shown that unhealthy dieting, obesity, and metabolic syndrome all cause ED because they cause a large decrease in testosterone.


If you are overweight and your blood glucose is poorly controlled, which is usually the case if you have a diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates, your sex life could soon start suffering.


Learn the best way to reverse type 2 diabetes here


  1. Several synthetic drugs can cause ED, especially antidepressants, antipsychotics, benzodiazepines, diuretics, and other blood pressure medication.


  1. Soy may be healthy, but it does contain isoflavones that have estrogen-like properties. So, if you are vegan and are struggling with ED, cut down on that tamari, tofu, and edamame for a few weeks to see whether it makes a difference. Luckily, research in the journal Nutrition shows that it is easily reversible if this is the cause.


  1. The relationship between depression and ED is a tragic one, because it works both ways. Depressed people are more likely to have ED, and people with ED are more likely to be depressed. It’s a difficult cycle to break.


According to a large study in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine in 1998, depressed people are substantially more likely to battle ED, even if they are otherwise physically healthy.


  1. Cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure kill more than aortic tissue. According to a large German survey published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, people with high blood pressure are around twice as likely to have ED as those in the general population. In a report in the Journal of Urology, American scientists showed that this number was even higher for people treated for heart disease.


Learn the best way to lower blood pressure naturally here


  1. Researchers in Massachusetts have published a large study demonstrating cigarette smokers are at twice the risk of experiencing ED, and cigar smoking and passive smoking were not far behind.


  1. Those sportsmen and adventurous types may not like this one, but insofar as their favorite activities place them at risk of traumatic brain injury, they are setting themselves up for ED. The occurrence of ED after head injuries could be as high as 70%, according to research in the journal, Brain Injury.


To boost your brain with energy and vigor, click here


  1. People with Parkinson’s disease, stroke, or other neurological conditions are more likely than the general population to have ED. this fact has given rise to a whole medical field called neurosexology.


For more ideas to get hard and stay hard – tonight, watch this video – How To Get Harder Erections Naturally | 5 Effective Ways To Stronger Erections

Get Hard and Stay Hard – Tonight: The good news is that I’ve yet to meet a man who couldn’t completely heal his erectile dysfunction using the simple technique found here


This post is from the Erectile Dysfunction Master Program, which was created by Christian Goodman for men who are looking for the best erectile dysfunction natural remedies.  This is an all-natural system that utilizes the power of exercises to permanently cure erectile dysfunction. By following the techniques in this program, you will be able to get hard fast without pills and maintain stronger erections for hours so you can enjoy sex again. 


Erectile problems can be physical or emotional. If your problem is physical, you need to exercise the muscles around the genital area. If your problem is emotional, then you need to learn relaxation techniques. Erection Master will teach you steps that can help get rid of your erectile dysfunction for good. As long as you’re willing to commit 30 minutes of your time, 3 to 7 days a week for 1 to 2 months, they’ll work for you. You can practice the steps alone or with your partner. 


These techniques are far more effective than Viagra, Cialis or other drugs for erectile dysfunction. The drugs only help about 40% of men who use them and can also cause very serious side effects. 


To find out more about this program, click on Get Hard and Stay Hard – Tonight


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