How to Fully Regain your Sexual Stamina in time for Tonight?

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Fully Regain your Sexual Stamina in time for Tonight – Can COVID-19 Cause ED?

For someone who is in intensive care with COVID-19, worrying about ED seems like something of a luxury.

But if you had COVID-19 and managed to shake it off some time ago and you are now struggling with ED, you’re not alone, as explained in a new study in the Journal of Endocrinological Investigation.

Many doctors have reported seeing patients who complain of ED (erectile dysfunction) months after recovering from COVID-19, but most of these reports have been anecdotal and are yet to be confirmed by proper scientific studies. But while studies on the relationship between ED and COVID-19 are scarce, there is enough emerging research to make one wonder whether ED could well be a long-term consequence of the serious illness.

Researchers from the University of Rome decided to survey this literature in preparation for the time when the world can turn its attention to the long-term consequences of COVID-19 survival.

Many of the studies they surveyed provided substantial amounts of anecdotal evidence that people who were infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus complained of ED months after their recovery.

They identified some important possible causes of this relationship from the literature:

1. Vascular symptoms. Due to damage to blood vessels, heart disease causes ED. Erections are only possible if the blood vessels in your penis are flexible enough to allow for the influx and outflow of blood.

Because COVID-19 causes so much systemic inflammation, it can damage these blood vessels and thus make it difficult to achieve satisfactory erections. Many studies have linked COVID-19 to serious damage to the linings of the blood vessels (endothelial dysfunction) throughout the body.

2. Psychological damage. The pandemic has increased rates of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, especially for people who have become seriously ill as a result of the virus. Sexual performance is linked to psychological well-being, so the rise in mental health problems may partly explain the increase of ED.

3. Low testosterone. Low testosterone levels have been tested in COVID-19 patients up to weeks after recovery. Post-mortem examinations of testicular tissue have also found testicular damage. Testosterone is not only necessary for strong erections, but also helps to suppress inflammation by helping to increase anti-inflammatory chemicals in your body.

4. Underlying conditions. It is likely that the people who suffered the worst bouts of COVID-19 were those who already had pre-existing conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Since COVID-19 may have exacerbated these conditions, and since ED is a consequence of both heart disease and diabetes, COVID-19 may have pushed survivors from subclinical into detectable ED.

5. Medication. COVID-19 has worsened the status of patients’ heart disease and doctors have prescribed heart disease drugs combat this. Unfortunately, many of these drugs can cause ED. the most common culprits being β-blockers.

Putting all these factors together, it seems quite possible that COVID-19 can lead to ED, even after recovery.

The good news, though, is that no matter what caused your Erectile Dysfunction in the first place, you can use some easy home exercises—found here—to fully regain your sexual stamina in time for tonight…

Fully Regain your Sexual Stamina in time for Tonight – Weird Blue Light Heals ED In Men (and it works)

Now, throughout the years helping men (and women) with all kind of sexual dysfunctions, I’ve heard about many weird cures. Some of them worked, most didn’t.

But blue light to cure ED? That’s one of the weirdest things I’ve ever heard of. Till I read about the genetic research behind it. Then it all makes sense.

How it works is that a specific kind of gene construction that reacts to blue light is injected into the penis (oh, that must hurt). When blue light shines on it, this genetic construction changes to reduce calcium levels in the arteries of the penis.

This makes it possible for the tiny tissues in the penis to relax and let more blood flow into the penis, therefore resulting in a harder erection.

Researchers are still experimenting on rats. So far, everything is positive. But it will be awhile till human research can begin.

Now the negatives are obvious. First of all, you’ll need to inject the solution. It may or may not cause side effects. And then you’ll have to shine a blue light on the penis every time you want to have sex.

I’d rather recommend you take a safer, more permanent route!

Our simple erectile dysfunction exercises work in a similar way to strengthen and loosen up the muscles around the genitals, therefore letting more blood flow into the penis.

Unlike any other method, the results are permanent. Once your pelvic muscles are working properly, you’ll get an erection naturally, just like you did when you were 22.

Learn more about these easy erectile dysfunction exercises and try them out for yourself here to fully regain your sexual stamina in time for tonight…

Fully Regain your Sexual Stamina in time for Tonight – Suffer ED? These Herbal Remedies are Deadly! (better ones recommended)

If you are one of the millions of men who suffers ED, you’ve probably been tempted to try out over-the-counter herbal medications advertised literally everywhere.

Be warned, however, because a new chemical screening of some of these herbal pills proves deadly ingredients. And since they’re not regulated, you have no idea what is in the pills you’re taking.

The FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration) has discovered at least 25 herbal medications include “sildenafil citrate,” which is the active ingredient in Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs.

And we’re not talking traces. Most of these herbs had double the doses found in Viagra. And since these herbal medications are not regulated, there is no mention of these ingredients on the package.

Often they were even labelled “All Natural.”

Sildenafil citrate can cause serious side effects and should only be taken under strong supervision of a doctor. What’s even scarier is that you have no idea what other things are not listed on the ingredient list.

Most of these “herbal medications” are manufactured in China by the same companies that make counterfeit prescription drugs.

So what can you do if you don’t want to take dangerous medications or risk “herbal medications” that may only be prescription drugs in disguise?

I suggest easy erectile dysfunction exercises that work better than Viagra and other prescription drugs.

That’s right, Viagra helps only 40% of men, whereas these exercises have been proven to help over 90% of men gain a great erection.

And the results are permanent! No need to take a pill every time you want to have sex.

Watch this video – How to boost Libido in men and women – Doctor explains

Learn more about these easy erectile dysfunction exercises and try them out for yourself here to fully regain your sexual stamina in time for tonight…

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Erectile problems can be physical or emotional. If your problem is physical, you need to exercise the muscles around the genital area. If your problem is emotional, then you need to learn relaxation techniques. Erection Master will teach you steps that can help get rid of your erectile dysfunction for good. As long as you’re willing to commit 30 minutes of your time, 3 to 7 days a week for 1 to 2 months, they’ll work for you. You can practice the steps alone or with your partner. 

These techniques are far more effective than Viagra, Cialis or other drugs for erectile dysfunction. The drugs only help about 40% of men who use them and can also cause very serious side effects. 

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